Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Possible Solutions to Examination Malpractice

Possible Solutions to Examination Malpractice
 The students should always be enlightened through the service of guidance counselors on the consequences of examination malpractice (Oche and Achuk, 2001). According to them, there is the need for propaganda campaign on the evil effects of examination malpractices; short drama programmes could serve as a back-up to campaigns on televisions and radios. Parents should be made to understand the ability and aptitude should be the main determinant of the children’s choice of career and that persuading and enforcing children to study courses they cannot cope with leads to frustration and maladjustment.
        The home is the foundation of society. Parents should acknowledge this fact and ensure that their families make meaningful contributions towards the building of a virile education for our nation (Akpotu, 1998). In his view, like the Japanese mothers, the Nigerian parents should be seriously and genuinely committed to the education of their children. The concern of the Nigerian towards the education of their children should take the shape of the Japanese system.
        Furthermore, the students need to realize the eminent danger and problems they stand to encounter by involving in examination malpractice. They should also realize that the ideal reward for learning should be intrinsic and as future leaders of the nation, they are expected to improve upon the performance of the adults and correct the wrongful practices of the adults (Akpotu, 1998).
        Finally, there should be special committee and task force to fight against examination malpractice. Building of more classroom blocks to avoid overcrowding of pupils in classrooms especially during examination.

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