Sunday, 16 June 2013

Types of Guidance and Counselling Services

The various types of guidance and counselling services were identified by Olayinka (1993) and Idowu (1996) as:
1.  Educational Services: Educational service is aimed at assisting the students to make the best use of their educational opportunities. These opportunities include choice of the right subject combination, the educational programme where a choice is needed to help them study effectively in order to make students overcome examination anxiety and to plan a study programme effectively

Education is the greatest investment in human resources and can be appropriately delivered only by adequately qualified teachers. Since no nation can rise above the quality of its teachers, the provision of well-trained and equipped teachers in guidance and counselling is a major requisite for national development
2.  Vocational Services: Vocational services deals with problems of selecting, training and adjusting to occupations. Smith (1997) presented vocational counselling as a systematic study of each school leaver with a view to suggesting possible career or jobs. Super and Egbochukwu (2008) defined it as “the process of helping the individual to ascertain, accept, understand and apply the relevant facts about occupational world which are ascertained through incidental and planned explanatory activities”. The term vocational guidance is considered to be the process of helping a person match his personal attributes and his background with suitable jobs and employment opportunities (Idowu, 1996). Vocational service therefore, is aimed at helping students make good vocational adjustment, and to help facilitate smooth functioning economy through effective use of man-power.
3.  Personal Counselling Services: Personal services aim at dealing with interpersonal problems and problems of life adjustment with fellow students, parents and teachers. It also deals with psychological issues that tend to block academic achievements of students. According to Idowu (1996), personal service is a personalized services or interview between the counsellor and the counselee or client during which the client seeks expert assistance from the counselee regarding the solution of his problem. It is personalized in the sense that the client has a personal problem which requires privacy and confidentiality for discussion with helping experts. Such problems may include emotional problems, family problems, sexual difficulties or other psychological problems.

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