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Strategies to Improve CommunicationStrategies to Improve Communication

Effective communication is of the essence and it saves time as well as help in increasing understanding in an organization. Ogunsaju (1983) averred that for effective communication to take place it is of necessary that there must be understanding in the use of language among the sender and the receiver, as misunderstanding of words, language and signs used by either parties is bound to cause confusion and mistrust. 

It is also important that communication should be well planned ahead of time in order to get the desired message across to those concerned. He also averred that in the communication process, the responses or reactions of the receiver should be taken into consideration before a final decision is reached in order to ensure that the message is properly understood.
        According to Dittimiya as cited in Adiotomre and Avwata (2007) barriers to effective communication can be prevented if proper care is exercised and the following points are taken into consideration:
i.    Use clear and concise words.
ii.  Select proper channels to convey messages, that is, use the channel that is most appropriate for the situation.
iii.Encourage feedback.
iv. Use multiple channels of communication that will work most effectively with those you want to communicate with.
v.   Use face-to-face communication where necessary.
vi. Use repetition if the message is complicated or necessary.
vii.   Follow up important verbal discussion with a note.
viii. Be sensitive to educational or official status.
ix. Carefully cross-check by reading through letters or memos that are ready for dispatch.
x.   Establish proper communication climate by establishing mutual trust between the sender and the receiver and also maintain credibility.
xi. Regulate information flow and use the informal communication channels.
xii.   Time message properly
xiii. Develop effective communication skills, including listening skills.
xiv. Remove inter-group hostility.


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