Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Forms of Examination Malpractice

Forms of Examination Malpractice

Forms of examination malpractice are many and diverse in Nigeria from 1970s experience, in addition to more crude and sophisticated methods. There are the illegal possession and leakages of examination papers, impersonation of examination candidates (Nwafor and Onuoha, 2001), concealing of paper in private parts of the body, writing of expected answers on laps, palm and stomach (Benjamin, 1997), seeking for assistance in the hall (Chiere, 1984), growth of professional syndicates who specialize in taking examinations for others and bribing school authorities, writing on walls and desks and buying examination questions. In a study by Igbafe (1983) it was shown that the most frequent method of cheating in examination is for a student to copy what another student has written down. He also found out that as a result of this method many inadequately prepared students always want to sit close to those who have been doing their work conscientiously before the examination. This view largely agrees with Nwana (1971) when he said that students are encouraged to cheat in most examination because they are jam-packed into halls and often have to share examination materials thereby gaining opportunity to work together.
        Having a fore knowledge of questions set in an examination, some methods students adopt are possible through a number of sources and in the students of Igbafe (1983) through:
1.  The subject master
2.  Other masters in the school
3.  The office staff e.g. typist, messengers, cleaners, clerks etc.
4.  The school principal and
5.  Other people outside the school

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