Saturday, 15 August 2015

Problems Associated with Instructional Materials

i)      Since educational communication and technology is a fairly new area of importance in education, it is a lightly technical field, and to understand how it affects the instructional delivery, one first has to understand the operational functionality of the resource kits.

ii)    Teacher’s knowledge have a great impact on the effective application of teaching aids or instructional materials, this is because the teacher uses need to understand the sequential presentation of the instructional gadgets so as to suit the interests of the learners and its appropriateness with the instructional tasks.
iii)  Part of the application of teaching aids or instructional materials process is the target population for whom the materials are to be use and the setting or vicinity where the learning should take place.
iv)  Time, is also a serious problem or factor that delay the effective use of instructional materials, ineffective instructional delivery in the class, because in most cases the time that is allotted for a subject on the time table might not be enough for the teachers to present his contents alongside with effective use of the materials which will affect the wholesome delivery of the content.
v)    This factor seems to be the handicap why most educational institutions are unable to acquire relevant teaching equipments and materials. In line with this, students and teachers will lack on the opportunity to learn and use new techniques in the field.
vi)  There are sophisticated teaching aids or instructional materials that can make learning easier and faster such as computer-aided-program but lack of funds has effect on its importation and use in schools.
vii)          Materials available for the effective instructional delivery are poorly manhandled by both the teachers and some school authority.
viii)        Schools are affected by non availability of resource room for the proper keeping of both the locally manufactured and the commercially purchased teaching aids thereby limiting its use as at the time needed.

ix)  The few institutions indicates the availability of these materials but were rather in poor conditions.

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