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National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

National Health Insurance Scheme is a social security system that guarantees the provision of needed health services to persons on the payment of token contributions at regular intervals.
1.1.2. Historical Background of NHIS in Nigeria.
The bill for the introduction of a National Health Insurance scheme was first introduced to Sir. Dr. Majekodunmi the Minister of Health in 19621 but was not appr
oved. The idea re-emerged in the 80s when the National Council on Health commissioned a study on the idea in 1984. Report of the study was submitted in 1989 and the Ministry of Health was directed to start the NHIS in 1992.
Although formal launching of the scheme was done in 1997, the enabling law was not promulgated until 1999. Some sporadic activities were undertaken from 1999 to 2004. However, the attempts to launch the formal sector programme were postponed three times in 2004. The Launching of the public sector progarmme saw the light of the day in 2005 with the flag off by the former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.
The national Health Insurance Scheme is a body corporate established under Act No. 35 of 19993 essentially to provide social health Insurance in Nigeria where health care services of contributors are paid from the common pool of funds contributed by participants of the scheme. Contributions are based on ability to pay and access based on need.
The establishment of the scheme was part of Governments efforts at ensuring access to qualitative, equitable and affordable healthcare to all Nigerian. Although the concept of the scheme was targeted at the formal sector, that is the public service and organized private sector, the policy thrust later changed to include people in other sectors of the economy which include people in the rural communities, the self employed, the vulnerable groups and students of tertiary institution. This becomes necessary so as to ensure universal coverage and access to adequate and affordable healthcare for all.
1.1.3. NHIS vision
This is a strong, dynamic and responsive government parastatal (Agency) that is totally committed to securing universal coverage and access to adequate and affordable healthcare in order to improve the healthcare status of Nigerians especially for those participating in the various programmes/products of the scheme.
1.1.4. NHIS mission
The mission of NHIS is to facilitate fair financing of healthcare costs through pooling and judicious utilization of financial resources to provide financial risk protections and cost-burden-sharing for people, against high cost of healthcare, through various prepayment(s) programmes/products, prior to their falling ill. This is in addition to providing regulatory oversight on Health maintenance organizations (HMOS) and Health Care Providers (HCPS).
1.1.5. The Need for the Scheme
The establishment of the scheme was informed by the following factors:
v The general poor state of the Nation’s healthcare services.
v The excessive dependence and pressure on government provided health facilities.
v Dwindling funding of healthcare in the face of rising costs.
v Poor integration of private health facilities in the Nation’s healthcare delivery system.
1.1.6. The Objectives of the Scheme
The objectives of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) are:
To ensure that every Nigerian has access to good hea.......................................................

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