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This article addresses the most important yet least investigated issues in public Administration: values and Ethics. What difference does values and ethics make in the life and behavior of men and women in pursuit of public service careers in Nigeria?
Indeed, most of the reported and general backwardness of our
public service institutions are largely attributed to lack of proper values and ethical behaviour required to generate the desired change.  The essence of this is to investigate the roles which values and administrative ethics play in Public Administration Nigeria, the evolution of ethical consideration in public Administration and what have you. Stated differently does values and ethics pedagogy matter? And if it does, what are the key variables are influences that are brought to bear on the ethical outlooks and behavior of public administration practitioners in pursuit of public service career in this country. Conversely, what factors of influences diminish the desired outcomes of values and ethics in Nigeria? It was discovered that presently there are institutional mechanisms in place to help enforce values and ethical behaviours in Nigerian Public Administration.
We evaluated these institutions and appreciated their efforts so far, and hope that they will survive and continue to doggedly fight to enthrone enviable values and ethical behaviours as obtains in advanced democracies of Europe and America.

The concept of values and ethics has been a subject of serious scholarship in recent times and has gained popularity and great interest to public administration practitioners and governments of countries of civilized world. before this awareness, little attention was paid to administrative values and ethics. The reason for this lack of interest by Public Administrationists is not far-fetched. 
To Henry (1995) quoted by Ezean (2006) posited that prior to the abandonment of politics/administration dichotomy and the principles of administration, the public administrator needed morality no more than a hotel clerk carrying out his or her daily duties. After all, of what use was morality to a person who did no more than execute the will of the state according to certain scientific principles?
Provided that public administrators accomplished their given tasks effectively and economically, they were by definition, moral in the sense that they were responsible. Based on the foregoing, therefore, there is increasing interest and belief on the values and ethics in public administration.
In developing countries like Nigeria, that faces ethical crisis, there is urgent need for its institutionalization in our public service. That is why Rasheed (1995) also cited by Ezeaiai (2006) postulated that lack of accountability, unethical behavior and corrupt practices have become so pervasive, and even institutionalization norms of behavior in Africa may Nigeria to the extent that one may conveniently speak of a crisis of ethics in  African public services.
In Public Administration, questions of morality and ethics became captives of the Wilson legacy of neutral competency which found expression in the dominant operating philosophy of public mangers to get the job done. Getting the job done right meant for all practical purposes doing what was right or ethical. Professionals in the prostrate”, tirelessly pursued the holy trilogy of efficiency, economy and effectiveness stillman, 

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