Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Types of Indecent Dressing

Kogi State College of Education, Ankpa (2010) in her student’s Handbook and Academic Regulations stated that as a Teacher Training Institution, the Management decided not to condone indecent dressing on campus. Towards this end, a dress code has been recommended by the Academic Board and approved by Council for students’ compliance as follows:”
Female Students:
According to the Kogi State College of Education Handbook (2010), no female student is to put on any of the following attire on the campus of the college:
1.    Sleeveless tops
2.    Body hugs

3.    Short Knickers
4.    Transparent clothes
5.    Head gears e.g. Canopy head ties
6.    Bogus fashion jewelries
7.    Spaghetti tops
8.    Off shoulders
9.    Wicket Straps
10.    Mono Straps
11.    Mini Skirts
12.    Dress and Skirt with slit above the knees
13.    Tight trousers and dresses
14.    T-Shirts and jean which carry immoral messages
15.    Rosy Chicks
16.    Eye Shadow
17.    Excessive Lipsticks
18.    Rastafarian hairstyles
19.    Nail attachments

Male Students:
Furthermore, the Kogi State College of Education Handbook (2010) stated that male students are not to wear the under-listed on campus:
1.    Shirts or any wear revealing the armpit
2.    Short Knickers above the when not required
3.    Head ties
4.    Earrings
5.    T-Shirts and jeans which carry immoral messages
6.    Kaftans without trousers
7.    Long and busy hairs and beards
8.    Braiding
9.    Permed hairs
10.    Jerry curls
11.    Plaited hairs
12.    Dreadlocks
The lists of prohibited attires above on this campus reveal what was earlier pointed out that the concept of indecency is relativistic. There is nothing immoral with the use of head gear especially the canopy type, but everything is wrong with it if students come with it to lectures or examination halls. Jewels, long beard and long hairs may not be provocative or stimulating, but the school environment is not to promote and patronize their usages. In addition, it is not yet seen that students in this college dress decently as a result of the introduction of dress code and nothing punitive is seen to be done to defaulters. It seems as if students dress more indecently now than when the dress code was yet to be introduced (Egwim, 2010).

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