Thursday, 25 July 2013

Importance of Mathematics

The role of mathematics in any society cannot be overemphasized. Infact, mathematics has influenced civilization throughout the years because of its significance. it has acted as a big factor in affecting the culture of almost every group, bringing to life hidden facts about the sensibility of reality. As noted by Okonta (2007), every occupation (nursing, carpentry, trading) in life is full of the opportunities and needs to apply mathematical knowledge and skills. According to him, it is due to this important role played by mathematics that the subject has continued to be one of the core and compulsory subjects at the secondary levels of the nation’s educational system.

        At present, the revolutionary force of the computer is felt in almost every society because of the significance of mathematics in science and technology. Also, linear programming is used in business, industry, government and education computers now make decision. In the supermarket, there exist real situations which are subjected to useful mathematization.
        In affirming the importance of mathematics, Obodo and Harbor-Peters as cited in Okonta (2009) stated that the attainment of technological development would be impossible without mathematics. They also asserted that mathematics encouraged the cultivation and practice of science virtues such as prudence, diligence, justice, patience, perseverance, co-operation, patriotism, objectivity and honesty among others. Thus, considering the importance of mathematics in our everyday life, one can conclude that without mathematics, there will be no scientific and technological development in Nigeria (Okonta, 2009).

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