Tuesday, 30 July 2013

ICT Resources for Effective Teaching and Learning

To achieve the above initiatives and need of ICT in teaching and learning, the following are the ICT resources available to teachers and students to effect the integration of ICT into the teaching and learning process (Adegbamigbe, Kayode-Ishola and Lesi, 2009:86):

1.  Computer Aided Instruction (CAI): Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) is an individualized method of instruction in which a computer is employed and a student is required to interact with the computer in a teaching and learning environment. According to Eshiet (1991), one basic fact about CAI is that it recognizes individual differences and as a result treats them differently.
2.  Multimedia: The ability of computer to combine sound, images, graphics, video and text in a single presentation is regarded as multimedia. Multimedia has given educators a tool in creating educational materials, which may include cartoons and animation sequences cheaply and easily. Okundaye (1998) opined that multimedia is creating room for ingenuity and genuity of ability.
3.  Distance Learning: Distance learning is not a new concept. This is experiencing learning outside the structured classroom setting through television, correspondence courses, radio, and so on. It is any form of teaching and learning in which the teacher and students are not in the same place at the same time. Components of distance learning in today’s ICT such as e-mails and interactive software have also been useful in additions to the educational settings.
4.  E-Learning: E-Learning most often means an approach to facilitate and enhance learning through the use of device based on computer and communication technology, such devices would include personal computers, CD-Roms, Digital television, cameras and mobile phones. Communication technology enables the use of the internet, e-mail, discussion forums and collaborative software.
5.  Web-Based Instruction: The web-based instruction uses the internet and the worldwide web (www) as the main proponents to deliver the materials and resources for one course. Course information is gathered from the internet through browsing and the materials gathered are used for the course.

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