Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Concept of Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology is a term used to describe technologies which receive, record, process, transmits and retrieves information (Ebisine, 2011). According to him, ICT is the combination of networks, hardware and software; as well as the means of communication, collaboration and engagement that enable the processing, management and exchange of data,
information and knowledge. ICT also stand for the various ways the computer works together with other telecommunication equipment which are needed in data processing and information transmission to solve different aspects of human endeavor (Eze, 2007). This is probably why it is referred to handling and processing of information using electronic devices (Adeoja, 2002) and as the range of products and systems, which handles, process and produce information using computers and/or telecommunication technologies. In one sense, Eguridu (2008) presented ICT as a technology that merges computer with high speed communication links carrying data sounds and videos. ICT he emphasized is an umbrella term that refers to all technology for communication of information. According to him, it includes any medium to record information that is paper, magnetic disk flash.
        ICT is a process of networking – connecting any part of the world by mere touching a combination of keyboard buttons on electronic device like radio, television, telephone, computer and so on with this innovation in our ever changing society, it is crystal clear that more pressure will be on the young people mostly students. Thus, the need to fully inculcate ICT into the Nigerian education system in order to gradually bring them to the reality of the universal phenomenon comes to play (Orukokan, Olaleye, Odumosu and Akinneye, 2009).
        Adedoja (2002) contended that ICT is concerned with handling and processing of information using electronic devices. Agboola (2001) presented ICT as the range of products and systems, which handle process and produce information using computers, and/or telecommunication technologies. In effect, ICT is a process of networking – connecting any part of the world by mere touching a combination of keyboard buttons on electronic devices like radio, television, telephone, and computer and so on. This is in line with Ayannuga (2006) that ICTs are information handling tools. They include the old ICTs of radio, television and telephone and the new ICTs of computer, satellite and wireless technology and the internet. According to him, information and communication technology is a general term sometimes used to refer to a variety of tools, all of which make it possible to improve dialogue between individuals and groups.
        ICT according to Bamikole (2000) is the creation, collection, storage, processing, transmission, displaying and use of information by people and machine. It encompasses so many a concept among which is the internet. Abimbade (2006) observed that development in computer technology and telecommunication networks had given rise to the internet and intranet, thus information and communication are interwoven and one is dependent of the other. ICT is the fusion of Information Technology (IT) and Communication Technology (CT).

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