Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Challenges of Information and Communication Technology

Some of the challenges of information and communication technology according to Kanno and Onyechu (2009) are:
1.  Lack of Expertise Knowledge on the Use of ICT: Majority of the teachers in Nigerian schools are computer illiterates. This is a very big problem militating against the use of ICT in commerce teaching.

2.  Lack of Computers in Nigerian Schools: In most schools there are no computers for learners use, in some where they are available, and they are inadequate. A situation where there is only one computer donated by a philanthropist in a school makes one to wonder how the entire students can learn with only one computer. In a situation where there is none, it means that none will be used in the school for all round development of the child. Lamenting on the damages done by lack of access to computer, Tuoyo (2007) stressed that inability to access computers mean creating more social illiteracy and economic denial of the right of children especially the exceptional children to fully participate in the school system and in the society at large.
3.  Lack of Awareness of Instructional Values of ICT Facilities: Teachers are not aware of the instructional value of ICT facilities. This prevents them for using them.
4.  Teachers Unwillingness to Integrate ICT in their Teaching: Most teachers are unwilling to integrate ICT in teaching. Even if they are computer literates, many prefer to use that knowledge of computer in making business instead of using them in teaching.
5.  Problem of Electricity: Lack of electricity is another constraint militating against the use of ICT in teaching. Since ICT facilities require electricity for them to be functional, where there is no electricity computers will be kept unused.
6.  Inadequate Fund: Fund refers to money needed for executing a project. Computers and other ICT facilities are very expensive, when enough money is not available in the school, ICT facilities will be seen as less important project.
7.  Lack of Personnel for Maintaining ICT Facilities: This is another problem affecting the use of ICT in teaching. In Nigeria, few people are available for maintaining ICT facilities. As a consequence, when any of the accessories break down, the system will be packed waiting for repair, which may take a very long time. On this ground, Mkpa (2007) laments that the required personnel or manpower to maintain the system are very much in short supply.

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