Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Ways To Have a Good Time at a Night Party

Night Club
You will meet different kinds of people at the club including the good, the bad and the ugly. This especially applies to women. They should wear comfortable in order for them not be harassed or prevent any wardrobe malfunction.

Simple way to Make your Home ECO-Friendly

Simple way to Make your Home ECO-Friendly
The dilemma of developing countries like Nigeria are facing right now is whether to ignore warnings on climate change and go ahead with industrialization or cut back on development at the detriment of the environment. Deciding is not helped by the fact the already advanced nations are pressuring these emerging nations to reduce carbon emissions.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Beauty Makeups That Make You Look Older Than Your Age

Women always want to look ravishing and beautiful. Hence, some women dress down to appear super attractive. While some of them are able to pull this off, others don’t. This because in a bid to look good, they make some beauty mistakes that may make them appear older than their age.

Of course, you know that beauty is very subjective and we all have

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Effect of Vetiver on refuse-dump leachates

When refuse-dump leachates were treated with C. zizanioides, the following changes were recorded: pH was slightly changed but increased by 15 % in day 4. BOD and COD decreased continuously from day 2 to day 6 by an average of 62 %. NO3- and PO43- decreased continuously from day 2 to day 6 with an average of 58 % and 51 % respectively (Figure 7). The highest reduction of CN-, Fe, and Co occurred in day 4 (84 %, 94 % and 100 % respectively).  Zn and Co were below detectable limits in day 6.
When treated with C. nigritanus, refuse dump leachates were mineralised as follows: pH relatively unchanged. BOD, COD, NO3-, and PO43- showed continuous decrease from day 2 to day 6. CN-, Fe and Co showed slight changes in day 2

Effect of Vetiver on Quarry Effluent

The treatment of quarry effluent with C. zizanioides resulted in the following observations: pH slightly reduced in day 2, day 4 and day 6 (3 %, 36 % and 44 % respectively). There was a continuous reduction in BOD from day 2 to 6, while COD was reduced by 53 % in day 2 (Figure 3), but relatively stable in day 4 and 6. Pb was slowly reduced (13 %) in day 2, but faster in day 4 and 6 at 79 and 96 % respectively. Zn, Fe, Co and As were reduced below detection in day 6.

Tips For Connecting With The Right Target Audience on Social Media

Social media is a big deal today especially if you are using it to market your business and get potential customers. Regardless, you will want to ensure that your social media marketing efforts get to the right audience. This will no doubt make it very effective.

Read: 5 Tech Trends To Watch In 2017

Expectedly, since you are not paying to sponsor or promote your business,

Effect of Vetiver on Fertilizer Plant Effluent.

The use of C. zizanioides to treat fertilizer plant effluent resulted in the following changes: Sharp fall in pH from day 2 to day 4, with a 12 % increase in day 6. There was a continuous reduction in BOD from day 2, with a 10 % reduction from day 4 to day 6. There was no change in COD in day 2, but 56 % reduction in day 4 and 8 % reduction in day 6 were observed. Fe and Co showed a slight decrease in day 2 (25 % and 33 % respectively), but rapid reduction in day 4. Fe, Co and Cd were also below detectable limits in day 6 (Table 4).

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Result of Field Performance of C. zizanioides and C. nigritanus

4.1.1    Growth on Land

Results of field performances showed that growth parameters varied in both species. The highest leaf length and width observed in C. nigritanus was 84 cm and 1.1 cm respectively, while, those in C. zizanioides were 66.5 cm and 0.9 cm respectively (Table 1).
Table 1: Growth parameters of C. zizanioides and C. nigritanus after 12 weeks in the field.
No. of fresh leaves
Number of tillers
No. of dead leaves
Area of fresh leaves

C. zizanioides
C. nigritanus
C. zizanioides
C. nigritanus
C. zizanioides
C. nigritanus
C. zizanioides
C. nigritanus
Week 2

Role of Microorganisms in Reducing Phytotoxicity to Plants

Evidence has suggested that for certain contaminants to be degraded, a specific consortium of microorganisms must be present within the root zone (Anderson and Walton, 1995). Microorganisms have been known to reduce the phytotoxicity of contaminants to the point where plants can grow in adverse soil conditions without showing toxicity symptoms (Raskin and Ensley, 2000). As a result, other non – phytotoxic contaminants are also degraded. Anderson and Walton (1995) have suggested that the external degradation of contaminants by microorganisms in the rhizosphere is a major factor which

Metal Threshold Level of Vetiver and Adaptive potential

Metal Threshold Level of Vetiver

The tolerance level of plants to various contaminants is a major factor that affects phytoremediation. The threshold level of C. zizanioides has been demonstrated by Truong (1999) and found to be as follows: Arsenic 0.02 – 7.5mg/L, Cadmium 0.2 – 9.0mg/L, Copper 0.5 – 8.0mg/L, Chromium 0.5 – 10.0mg/L, and Nickel 0.5 – 2.0mg/L. The removal rates for Copper ranges from 4.1 % to 36.7 %, 6.9 to 15.3 % for Zn, and 6.9 to 57 % for Pb (Chen, Shiyab, Han, Monts, and Waggoner, 2009).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Phytoremediation

Advantages of Phytoremediation

The advantages of phytoremediation cannot be overemphasized. The cost of planting and maintenance is relatively low when compared to other cleanup options. The establishment of self - sustainable ecosystems and the improvement of aquatic and terrestrial habitats are some of the benefits (Dwyer, 1997). The extracted contaminant can be a resource (phytomining) for example, Bañuelos, Ajwa, Terry, and Downey (1997) reported that plant biomass containing essential nutrients such as Selenium may be used as feed for livestock. Contaminants could be transformed to less - toxic forms,

Effect of Vetiver on Crude oil Polluted Water

The following results were obtained when 5 % crude oil water was treated with C. zizanioides: pH was relatively unchanged in day 2 but slightly reduced (12 %) in day 6. BOD, COD, PO43-, CN-, Pb, Fe and Mn were continuously reduced from day 2 (Figure 12) until day 6, with an average of 77 %, 79 %, 70 %, 83 %, 76 %, 83 % and 55 % respectively. Fe was below detectable limits in day 4 and 6.
When treated with C. nigritanus, the following observations

5 Things Employees Do That Expose Your Network To Hackers

Hackers are having a field day in this present digital era because many organizations are moving their businesses from offline to online. This automatically makes them susceptible to hackers especially if their security is weak. Regardless, before hackers have access to your network, there must be a loophole which they will take advantage of. Oftentimes, than not, it is the online activities of some employees that allow hackers easy access to your network. we have identified 5 things employees do that expose your network to hackers. You can put checks in place to streamline the online

Taxonomy and Description of Vetiver

Vetiver (Chrysopogon spp) belongs to the family Poaceae, subfamily Panicoideae, tribe Andropogonae and subtribe Sorghinae (APG, 2003; Marcacci, 2004). The genus Chrysopogon is related to Sorghum (Hengchaovanich, 1999). The African indigenous Vetiver (C. nigritanus) is a tall tufted perennial grass, about 150 – 300 cm in length. Its inflorescence is a large panicle, (up to 40 cm long) with 8 – 10 whorls made up of 15 slender branches and sessile linear-lanceolate spikelets. It grows on river banks, occasionally on roadsides with flowers arranged in panicles (Goudiaby and Diatt, 2003).

The use of Vetiver in the clean-up of major wastewater sources


Background of Study

Wastewater has been a major source of contamination since the beginning of the industrial age. Globally, two million tons of sewage, industrial and agricultural toxic waste is discharged into the world’s waterways and at least 1.8 million children under five years die every year, or one in every 20 seconds from water related

How to get your Bank Approve your Loan one Time

An important and viable avenue for businesses to generate capital/funds is via bank loans. Today in Nigeria, the measures for granting loans have been tightened due to the recession. So, it is naturally difficult to get loans from banks if you are not as big as  Dangote or Otedola.

This doesn’t mean banks don’t grant loans at all. You just need to satisfy their requirements. Besides this, there are other reasons why your bank loan application may be denied.

Don't have too many debts

Monday, 16 January 2017


The need to erase your may be triggered for various reasons especially if you lose your passcode. If you enter the wrong passcode in to an iOS device six times in a row, you'll be locked out and a message will say that your device is disabled.

How to upgrade Ipad/iPhone to IOS 10

How to upgrade Ipad/iPhone to IOS 10

You might have tried to update your applications or install a new application and you are being requested to upgrade to IOS 10. Upgrading to a higher version an operating system is a normal thing. This is simply to replace the software or firmware with a newer or better version, in order to bring the system up to date or to improve its characteristics.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Good News: MMM is Back in Nigeria

Good News: MMM is Back in Nigeria
Good News: MMM is Back in Nigeria
MMM has unfreeze Nigerian accounts. Participants can now view their Balance and place order for Withdrawal. Its exactly one Month that Nigerians

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

5 Tech Trends To Watch In 2017

207 Techs
Technology is one of the most dynamic industries in the world. It keeps changing and improving at a geometric sequence. So, expect groundbreaking innovation and changes in technology this year. So, which trends should you pay attention to this new year?

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Ways To Successfully Manage a Business With Your Spouse

Business Management

Ways To Successfully Manage a Business With Your Spouse

Your spouse being your business partner is not something some entrepreneurs look forward to. This is because managing a business is very demanding and requires sacrifice and compromise. But what happens if either spouse doesn't budge? You may have to fold up the business?

Specification of Nokia Lumia 6

Specification of Nokia Lumia 6

After a bad romance with Microsoft that ended in disaster, Nokia is back in business with the launch of a mid-range Android phone, Nokia Lumia 6. Made by HMD Global who now has license to the Nokia brand, Nokia Lumia 6 is an average mid-range smartphone with decent specifications available exclusively in China.
Specification of Nokia Lumia 6

Monday, 9 January 2017

Specification of LG G6

Specification of LG G6

LG G6 SpecificationLG wasn't left out in the competition, Just as other companies are bringing out different specs of phones and other gadgets, there are set to lunch LG G6. The good news being that the specification is already know before the release date.
Lovers of LG Product eagerly awaits.

The specification of LG G6 are:

Specification of HTC 11

Specification of HTC 11

Specification of HTC 11

The maker of HTC phone are set to release their latest product come April 2017 with these specifications as enumerated bellow. Many eyes are on them to unavailing this product with great expectations. Its expected to be mind blowing with great features.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Biafran Agitators Set to Attack Nigeria if Nnamdi Kanu is Not Released Within One Month

Biafran Agitators Set to Attack Nigeria if Nnamdi Kanu is Not Released Within One Month

The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) also known as the Biafrans has issued a one-month ultimatum to the Federal Government to release leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu and other pro –
Biafra agitators in detention. BNG warned that failure to release Kanu and others will result in an offensive attack against the government. This was contained in a statement signed by the group’s Public Relations Officer, Ruben Okoro.

BNG also announced the launched of “Operation Python Cry” as a parody of the Operation Python Dance launched by the Nigerian Army last year.

How to prepare your phone before selling it

How to prepare your phone before selling it

How to prepare your phone before selling it

It is a New Year and you may probably want to replace your smartphone you have been using for several years. Beside this, you may need money to deal with an emergency. You may decide to get rid of your phone. Whatever the case maybe, you have to prepare your phone for sale so as to get the best deal from the sale. Some tips to prepare your smartphone for sale includes.

Backup your smartphone

Phones can automatically back up your data as far as they are connected to the internet. However, you should still check to ensure that you backup all your pictures, videos, and other important files before you sell your phone. With the backup, you can access your data whenever you want. In addition, don’t forget to remove your SD card.

Delete personal information

After backing up your device, do not forget to delete your personal information from your phone. Sensitive information like your ATM card details, contact numbers and emails should be removed. This will prevent whoever is buying your smartphone from using the information against you or to defraud Friends and family.

Find out the value

The street value for different phones depends on the brand. So, before you sell it, you should find out the street value so that you don’t sell it at a giveaway price. This is very important if you want to get the best price.

Where do you want to sell your phone?

Do you want to sell your phone online or offline? The most likely offline platform to sell your phone is computer village in Ikeja where you will never get a good bargain. There are also quite a number of online platforms where you can also sell it. So, you have to weigh your options.

Clean the device

A clean and neat smartphone is likely to be bought quicker than an ugly looking one. You can use white spirit to softly clean or wipe the phone.

Decide what to do with the accessories

In Nigeria, fairly used phones are never sold with accessories. But if you want more money, you may include chargers, earphones, and cases. So, decide on what to do with the accessories.

Things to Watch out on Business Website

Organisational Website

Things to Watch out on Business Website

Businesses today now consider owning a website a necessity rather than a luxury. This is because they recognize the impact an effective website will have, not only, on their businesses but also publicity. This said, there are some business websites that never attract traffic let alone customers. This may be due to some avoidable mistakes. What are these mistakes?

It is not mobile friendly

What is the essence of a website if it is not mobile friendly? Mobile phones that are internet savvy are widely used now. It is, therefore, highly possible that mobile users will spend more time on their phones. In addition to this, mobile friendly websites are responsive and the conversion rate is very high. In order to ensure that your website is mobile friendly, use a responsive design, keep your layout simple and test it using tools like Google’s Search Console Mobile-Friendly Test.

Lacks basic information

Your website should contain important and valuable information or content that will help your customers when they have issues. It should have a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that provides practical solutions to some of the problems your customers are likely to have. Also, contact numbers on the website must be available. If it lacks this basic information, no one will visit your website.

Takes forever to load

Customers always want to perform an online transaction as fast as possible. If your website is too slow, you will lose customers. This is because there are other online platforms they can patronize. So, ensure that your website is fast. You can test the speed of your website with tools like Pingdom and GTmetrix.

No clear call-to-action

The secondary reason for owning a website is to convert customer visits to sales. This is why your website must have a clear call-to-action. Give your website visitors clear instructions by creating a conspicuous call-to-action. For example, sign up for free and get a certain % off your first hotel booking in Lagos.

You do not guide users to different pages

Many businesses restrict their traffic to their website’s homepage rather than sending the customer to the actual page they want. This may be due to the fact that they don’t consider it relevant. But, the fact is that the homepage is not as important to overall web traffic as the other pages besides the homepage.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Breaking News!!! Federal Government Commence Payment of Npower Program

Breaking News!!! Federal Government Commence Payment of Npower Program

 The federal government have started payment of the shortlisted candidates of the Npower program

Weeks ago, there were asked to update their account information and secure their accounts to avoid hack.

Like a joke, payment commenced on the 30th of December, 2016. Many are smiling to the bank, many are awaiting their. If you have filled your account information correctly, don't worry. you will soon get an alert.

For more information, please leave a comment.

NPower Shortlisted Candidate for Ebonyi State:

Npower Shortlisted Candidates for Enugu State: 

Npower Shortlisted Candidates for Lagos State

N-Power List of Shortlisted Candidates in Various States 2016


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