Thursday, 28 July 2016

Best Phone Application for adults - Aged people

The use of technology is not the exclusive preserve of young people because seniors are now showing interest in it. The reason for this is not farfetched due to the countless advantages it has. Understandably, it is not every elder who knows how to use a smartphone, oftentimes; they are put through by their children. No matter the divide you belong, there are important and helpful apps that must be present in the device of all elders. These apps will ease many of the tasks they do especially when the children are not around to assist them.


A major difficulty that seniors face is reading. As they advance in age, vision changes and the eyes become less effective compared to when they were young. The EyeReader App makes it possible to read despite their age. The app converts an iPhone into a glass with light that you can zoom.


For seniors who are always alone at home, this is the perfect app to remind you to take your drugs. Of course, adults will always be forgiven if they forget to take their drugs. But the effect of this may be dire. It is easy to use because it allows you to effectively manage your meds.


Seniors are lonely today because they have few people to interact with. And they love to talk. Since no one is available and they can walk around like in the past, CogniFit app can easily fit in. The app has puzzles, trivia, number games and brainteasers that will task the brain as well as keep their mind in good shape.


Talking to anyone in any part of the world is very essential. With Skype, seniors can make cheap and affordable calls. The video call option where they can see whoever they are talking to is also available.


This is for elders who find it difficult to view the names and numbers in their contact list because of their failing eyes. BigNames enlarge the text for you to see clearly.

How to Enjoy Instant Messaging - Instant Messaging Tips

6 Tips to Have an Interesting Conversation on Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging applications like Facebook messenger, BBM, Skype, and WhatsApp have made conversation easier. Thus, forcing people to make and send less calls and text messages. In addition,
instant messaging is cheaper and affordable. You only have to pay the data charges. This said, a problem some have is having an interesting conversation when using IMs. They find it difficult to have a conversation beyond hello? How are you?  What’s up? This makes dialogue very boring. If you find it difficult to have an exciting conversation on IMs, Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal roll out six helpful tips.

Have a fun and casual opening

There is no need to be overly serious on IMs. Since they are not with you, you are spared of any form of panic. So, in breaking the ice, you should start the conversation on the right foot by saying hello? or what’s up? You can even start an interesting story of what happened to you. This will catch her interest.

Tease you buddy

 If she is obsessed with a particular hobby, you can make fun of her. It can be music, dance, singing, watching movies and even sports. However, make you do not take it too far.


Exchanging compliment is important for a prolong conversation on IMs. Women love compliments. This can also help the chat. A compliment is not about telling her she’s beautiful. If she says something interesting, you can respond by telling her she is very smart! She will send you a smiling emoticon!

Show interest in their affairs

The small talks are important so also are the serious ones. Do not focus too much on the small talks. You should ask about their affairs. It will show that you care about them and you will get to know them better.

Sign off when things are interesting

 It is essential to sign off at the right time. The best time to end or wrap up a conversation is when things are still interesting. This will leave her with the desire to talk to you more.

Don’t restrict your conversation to IMs

IM conversations are faceless. Sometimes, you need a face-to-face interaction to fuel the passion of your relationship. So, it is important to go out as often as possible. With this, you will find a bond and you can transmit it to your IM chats. This is very important.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The importance of playing Game - Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go fever is catching almost everyone including Nigerians. Even though the game is yet to be released in Nigeria, tech geeks have found ways to download the game using APK.

Currently, the game has over 40 million downloads worldwide! Let’s leave this for the tech enthusiasts. 

A bit about this game:

According to Wikipedia, it is a free-to-play location-based augmented reality game. The game allows players to capture, battle, and train virtual creatures called Pokémon, that appear on the device screens as though in the real world. To capture these Pokémon, you are forced to visit hotels, resorts, airports, and other interesting landmarks
There are reasons why you should download Pokémon Go. we points you to some of them. Enjoy the game but ensure that you are conscious of your safety.

You will explore your destination better

This game forces the traveller to walk around to catch Pokémons especially at places  designated as Pokestops. Some of these Pokestops include restaurants, cultural landmarks, and destinations. With this, you will be more in tune with your immediate environment.

You will make new discoveries

Whether you are addicted to travelling or not, the game will help you make new and exciting discoveries. You must have visited a spot several times but unknown to you there is a resort or waterfall where you can relax and have fun.

Find new restaurants, hotels to check out

Many restaurants and hotels are using Pokémon Go to market their businesses especially if they are Pokestops. Since you must physically visit these locations; you can add the hotel and restaurant to your list of hubs where you sleep and eat.

It is an awesome conversation starter

Perhaps you are a single travelling and at the same time lover of Pokémon, you can easily strike a conversation with others. You can ask what they are tracking, or what they have caught so far. Beyond the tété a tété about Pokémon, you can also talk about your destinations. 

Gives you a learning experience as you explore

Playing Pokémon Go gives you an entirely different experience. With the game, you can have fun and learn something new especially the story behind the story. This is why it is important to check out your new found landmark after catching the Pokémon!

Sunday, 24 July 2016

How to Use Zenith Bank USSD Banking Platform

Banking according to Oxford Learners Lexicon, is the business conducted or services offered by the bank. The service could be:
  • Transferring of Money to other persons account
  • Depositing of money into personal account
  • Paying for DSTV Subscription
  • Paying for water/Electricity Bill
  • Or whatsoever business you carry out in the bank.
The above is now simplified. It started with Mobile app which can only be installed on GPS enabled phones or devices. Greater percentage of Nigerians are used to the app conducting one business to another. But internet connectivity is an issue, a Big constraint that must be dealt with.

To make thing more easier and to also bridge the divide between the status levels. Those that can afford the GPS Enabled smart phone and those that cannot, USSD Banking Platform is now introduces by many Banks.

This not only removes the crowd in the Banking hall, it also makes banking more easier as many people now cherish you transfer the money into their personal account instead of accepting Cash.

This saves you from spending the money when you have it cash on unnecessary things.

I want to introduce to you the Zenith Bank USSD code and some of the basic operation that you can conduct with it no matter the type of phone you are using.

Check your account balance anywhere, anytime.

To check for balances on any of your accounts, all you need to do is simply dial; *966*00# on your mobile phone and follow the on-screen prompts.

Load airtime and data for self and others.

Simply dial *966*Amount*Mobile Number# on your phone (e.g. *966*1000*0803456789#) to buy airtime.

Transfer funds conveniently.

Dial *966*Amount*Account Number# (e.g. *966*1000*1234567890#) from the phone number you registered with Zenith Bank, then follow the on-screen prompts.

I hope this is informative, Share your experience using the comment box below.

Thanks for sharing

Things you Should Never Say to Solo Female Travelers

When Nigerians see lone female travelers, all sorts of thoughts flood into their mind. The most obvious question they ask themselves is why she is travelling alone? Oftentimes, than not, they frown at solo female travelers. This disposition is often hinged on either ethnicity or religion. The advantages of travelling alone as a female either from Olumirin waterfalls in Osun or the Lekki Leisure Lake in Lagos cannot be overemphasized. In fact, there are now many women travelling alone.  It is important for you to know the things to  say to these women. We are here to points to you some of these things.

You are travelling alone. What about your  friends or boyfriend?

It doesn’t necessarily mean that because a woman is travelling alone she has no friends, family or even a boyfriend. It is always wonderful to have a travel mate while travelling. But, some women may just want an alone time, hence they hit the road for a thrilling vacation on their own. Besides, there is no written rule where her significant other should always travel with her.

Are you not scared?

There are lots of things that happen on the road that can freak out travelers including the female travelling alone. Of course, you will be terrified, but it doesn’t stop her from journeying solo. The fact is that men can't be asked this question. She is aware of the risk before deciding to travel under her own steam. You don’t need to say anything to her.

Be safe

Typical Nigerians don’t hesitate to offer unsolicited advice. Although you may be genuinely concerned about her safety. Every traveler knows that their safety is paramount and not to wander aimlessly. Hence, it is not in your place to tell them.

Are you married?

For single women who are not travelling, they are always asked, are you married? This question pop up from time to time even  if they observe that you are not wearing a wedding band. So, when next you see a female traveler alone, don’t ask if she is married. Women feel uncomfortable with this question.  

Don’t you ever get lonely?

It is awesome to always have a travel mate or companion that you can chat or share memorable moments with. It will definitely make you feel better. But since she is on her own, you don't need to worry about being lonely. She will simply enmesh herself in the thrills and frills of the destination thus forgetting that you are alone.

You are so brave!

Yes! Women who travel alone are brave. You may consider it a compliment but women don’t find this statement funny at all. It is like you are eroding their independence, drive to travel and resourcefulness. Only brave women travel but you don’t have to say it to their faces!

Things you Should Never Say to Solo Female Travelers

When Nigerians see lone female travelers, all sorts of thoughts flood into their mind. The most obvious question they ask themselves is why she is travelling alone? Oftentimes, than not, they frown at solo female travelers. This disposition is often hinged on either ethnicity or religion. The advantages of travelling alone as a female either from Olumirin waterfalls in Osun or the Lekki Leisure Lake in Lagos cannot be overemphasized. In fact, there are now many women travelling alone.  It is important for you to know the things to  say to these women. We are here to points to you some of these things.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

5 Ways to be Safe When Using Mobile Banking

In today’s world, you do not need a computer to do any bank transactions. You can easily do such transactions via your smartphone. Mobile banking is now trending because of the increased use of smartphones and internet. But, one major concern is the safety of mobile banking. To ensure the safety of your mobile transactions, we provide to you this 5 tips.

Never leave your device unlocked

Passwords are essential to mobile banking. Hence,
if you often use your phone for mobile banking, you should always lock your phone. This will prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your phone. If you do not lock your phone, you may lose your money.

Keep your mobile banking apps updated

Banks regularly update their apps to accommodate new additions. For users of these apps, you should always update your applications because it is safe and secured. Also, you have to be careful with counterfeit apps.

Avoid unsecured Wi-Fi

In as much as you get a free Wi-Fi, you should not use when doing your mobile transactions especially if it is a public one. Alternatively, it is better to use your mobile data. Using an unsecured Wi-Fi may allow hackers to intercept your money or steal your account information.

Be careful when downloading apps

There are many fake apps Google Play store or Apple play store. When downloading you have to check several times to be certain that it is the original apps you are downloading.

Encrypt your phone

Encrypting your phone will store your phone’s data in an unreadable seemingly scrambled form. On an encrypted device, your personal data including emails, texts, contacts, Google accounts data, apps, photos, media, and downloads. This will make it difficult for anyone to steal your data.

Monday, 18 July 2016

How to Stop People from Sending you Friend Request on Facebook

Facebook, being the most popular social network in the world in this 20th century has not only been misused, it has drastically been abused. People have been wandering how do i stop others from sending me an unnecessary friend request. People you don't. No relationship of any kind.

But for the fact that the Facebook is being violated for the sole purpose that it was created, Its importance cannot be overlooked = = Social life
, Bringing lost friends together, Reuniting families, Source of information and many more.

For the above mentioned reasons and beyond, it is pertinent that we know how to move freely with facebook to avoid avoidable embarrassment.

Often at times you receive friend request from someone you don't now. This could be embarrassing when you have up to 20 request a day. Imagine leaving your account for one week without visiting it.

Enumerated below are the simple guides in order to stop people from sending you an unnecessary friend request.

 Step 1

Click the downward arrow located in the upper right corner of your Facebook home page next to "Home."
Step 2

Click "Privacy Settings" in the drop-down menu.

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Step 3

Click "Edit Settings" next to "How You Connect."
Step 4

Select "Friends of Friends" next to "Who can send you friend requests?" Facebook does not allow you to completely block friend requests, but limiting them to friends of friends blocks most strangers from sending them.
Step 5

Click "Done" to save your changes.

How to Traansfer Money with Mobile Phone - Nokia Touch

Mobile Banking in Nigeria so far has greatly improved. This is the use of Mobile Phone or other cellular devices to perform banking operation ranging from monitoring your Account Balance, Transferring Money to another persons Bank Account of the same or other Bank, paying of bills (Utility Bills), Recharging of your phone and many more.

Obviously this has a very great impact in our technology today. This has greatly reduced crowd in the banking hall as about 70% on Nigerians are engaged presently in mobile Banking.

Here is another Good News.

There was a very big divide that has just been bridged. Before now, Mobile banking are only being used on phones that has internet connectivity.

But here is the good news. With your Nokia phone now which we all no doesn't have an internet facility can now be used for Mobile Banking. 

I'm going to outline the steps to get your phone ready for Mobile Banking for all the Banks in Nigeria. The steps also applied for GPS enabled phone. You don't have to install the app on your Android phones or Apple phones or even with your blackberry phone to use mobile Banking.

The technology has advanced to the extend that you just have to use USSD code to perform your banking operations just like the way you recharge your phones with recharge card. 

Now below are the step by step guide on how to perform Mobile Banking Operation with USSD Code by Bank

  1. Guarantee Trust Bank (GtBank).  *737*6#

    Account balances  = *737*6*1# 
        Loan balances  = *737*6*2#

        Card status  = *737*6*3#

        Cheque book status  = *737*6*4#

        Internet banking login details  = *737*6*5#

    Transfer to GTBank account
        Dial *737*1*Amount*NUBAN Account Number# (e.g. *737*1*1000*1234567890#) from the phone number you registered with GTBank, then follow the on-screen prompts.

    Transfer to other banks
        Dial *737*2*Amount*NUBAN Account Number# (e.g. *737*2*1000*1234567890#) from your phone, then authenticate the transfer with the last four digits of your GTBank debit card. N/B =  Daily transaction limit of N200,000

    Self top-up airtime  =  *737*amount# on your phone (e.g. *737*1000#) to buy airtime.

    Buying for a friend = To send airtime to a third party or to a friend, simply dial *737*Amount*Recipient’s number# (e.g. *737*1000*08023456789#)

    Self top-up data
        Simply dial *737*4# on your phone and follow the on-screen prompt.


    The phone number where the purchase is made from MUST be a number registered with GTBank.
    •     The service is available to Glo, MTN, Airtel and Etisalat subscribers
    •     The money is deducted directly from your GTBank account
    •     Daily recharge limit is N10,000
  2.  Other banks will be included shortly as we compile them.

    If you  know any of other Banks, pls share it using the comment session. Thanks

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Why Kids Don’t Need Smartphones

Nearly everyone uses a smartphone now including kids. Yes, kids. Kids are smarter and brighter now, that they have little or no difficulty navigating handheld devices. Even parents will be surprised by their knowledge. Of course, you cannot prevent this because we are in the digital age. However, few people fail to consider the side effects smartphones have on these kids. Remember, unlike in the past, children of today grow up early and are exposed to all sorts of things. W therefore share with you 6 things you should consider before buying a smartphone for kids.

Facebooking instead of reading books

For many kids who own smartphones, their new book is
Facebook. They spend so much time on social media that they barely read their books. This will no doubt affect their output and performance in school. This can be clearly reflected in the recent failures recorded in national exams. 

Early exposure to nude images

With a smartphone, children get unhindered access to nude images and watch inappropriate content online. You will not be aware of this except you check their online activities. But this will be difficult because they know how to hide these contents.


Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, BBM and Facebook messengers amongst others have made it easy for sexting to happen. Sexting means chatting about sex on the aforementioned instant messaging platforms. A handful of kids engaged in sexting.

Digital dementia

Many kids are now suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). They can only concentrate on their phones. Children can’t learn if they cannot pay attention.

Early addiction

If your child is having ADD, it is time to take away that phone from them. This will help them break the addiction before it becomes uncontrollable. According to a recent study, one in 11 children aged 8-18 years are addicted to technology. You don’t want this for your child.


Sleep deprivation

A child who is addicted to a smartphone will deprive himself sleep. The consequences of sleep denied is dire because it will affect their overall life cycle.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Best App for Busy Nigerian Mothers

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Today’s Nigerian mothers no longer want to sit at home. They also want to contribute economically to their families. Hence, they have so much on their plate from meeting targets at work, taking care of their babies and families. Mothers can only do their best. But with mobile apps, they can achieve more. There are tons of helpful apps for busy Nigerian mothers. 


This is an app for everything related to health. It is possible for you to store appointments, medical records, medical questions and providing up-to-date information of ongoing treatment of you and your family. It is available on iTunes and Google play store.


The app allows every member of your family do their chores as at when due. You can also earn points for completed task. This fun app encourages them to do their chores.

Happy Kids Timer

If you are in haste or out of town, your kids do not have to miss their routine. With the Happy Kids timer, children can establish a morning routine that doesn’t require your direct supervision. This app teaches them everything they have to know from brushing their teeth and making their beds. You see, you don’t have to be there!

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Uses of Palmaris Longus in the Treatment of Dupuytrens Contracture

The Palmaris longus may be strained with loaded wrist flexion, the associated Palmaris fascia may be injured with the use of hand tool that can inflict trauma, such as when pounding on an ice pick, sculpting fool or kitchen chopper when twisting with pressure while using trowels in gardening or when applying pressure with hand held tools in massage therapy, associated trauma can result in shortening of the connective tissue of the palm, similar to that seen in dupuytrens contracture (Madson, 1947).

Role of Palmaris Longus in Climbing

Major Effect of Fuel Subsidy Removal

A research study was conducted to look into the presence of a muscle and tendon group known as Palmaris longus it is located in the wrist and is absent in roughly 16% of the UK population, it is also found in mammals, particularly those whose forearm is often utilized in climbing such as the orangutan, this suggests that Palmaris longus may potentially be of benefit in climbing and now not found in all humans through the forces of evolution and natural selection,

Variation of the Palmaris Longus Muscle

Major Effect of Fuel Subsidy Removal

The Palmaris longus muscle exhibits significant anatomical variance compared with other muscles of the upper extremity. The most frequent variation is the complete absence of the muscle, but a number of other variations exist, these variations include reversed duplicated bifid or hypertrophied Palmaris longus muscles, many authors have reported the variations in case reports and described them using their own terms.

Gross Anatomy of the Palmaris Longus

Gross Anatomy of the Palmaris Longus

Palmaris longus is seen as a small tendon between the flexor carpi radialis and the flexor carpi ulnaris, although it is not always present. The muscle is absent in about 14% of the population, however this number varies greatly in Africa, Asia and Native American.

Twitter Deactivates Niger Delta Avengers’ Account

The Twitter account of the Niger Delta Avengers, whose activities in Nigeria in the last few months is negatively affecting the country’s crude oil production was suspended earlier today. The militant group with the handle, @NDAvengers have used their account to update the public on claims of attack and as an avenue to find fault with the government.

Niger Delta Avengers
Image: Vanguard
Tweets were posted on Sunday, indicating that it had carried out five attacks in the last few days.
A spokesman for Twitter when asked about the reasons for suspending the account commented:
This account has been suspended, we do not comment on individual accounts for privacy and security reasons.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016



The aim of this study was to measure the thickness of the Palmaris longus tendon using ultrasound among young adult male-south eastern population of Nigeria. And to correlate the thickness of the Palmaris longus tendon with other anthropometric parameters such as weight, height, age, body mass index (BM1) and body surface area (BSA). The brightness mode

Importance of Dihydrochaclone

Major Effect of Fuel Subsidy Removal

(1) They have close relationship with flavones, aurones, tetralones and aziridines.
(2) Chalcones and their derivatives find application as artificial sweeteners, scintillator, polymerization catalyst, fluorescent whitening agent, organic brightening agent, stabilizer against heat, visible light, ultraviolet light and aging.
(3) 3,2’,4’,6’-tetrahydroxy-4-propoxy-dihydrochalcone-4-β'-neohesperdosidehas been used as synthetic sweetener and is 2200 times sweeter than glucose (Zhang et al., 2006).

World Production and Economic Importance of Rice

World production of rice has risen steadily from about 200 million tons of paddy rice in 1960 to 600 million tons in 2004. Milled rice is about 68% of paddy rice by weight (Wu and Tanksley, 2009). In the year 2004, the top three producers were


Major Effect of Fuel Subsidy Removal

1.0                          INTRODUCTION
Rice consumption in Nigeriais higher than the others commodities, and making Nigeria as the largest producer in Africa(Moldenhaueret al., 2003).Rice has been recognized as an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, but has been under-utilized as human food. Research conducted in the last two decades has shown that it contains a unique complex of naturally occurring antioxidant compounds (Moldenhaueret al., 2003).



Abakaliki rice is a very good species of rice grown in Abakaliki which is astonishingly sweet when cooked. The aim of the study is to determine the dihydrochaclone content in some selected rice varieties from Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, southeastern, Nigeria. Thirty five varieties of rice sample used in this study were collected from Abakaiki. The dihydrochaclone content were estimated using Folin-

Friday, 1 July 2016

5 Ultimate Tech Packing Checklist For Travellers

1 (1) 
5 Ultimate Tech Packing Checklist For Travellers
Technology can also ease travelling especially when you pack the right gadgets. It is important for you to pack the correct tech gadgets so that you do not spend money on buying them. This is one-way budget travellers can save money.
Power bank
For persons who cannot do without their phone, a power bank will always come in handy. On a long distance trip, you may run out of battery but with
your power bank, you can charge your battery on the go. This is very important for business people.
Headphone are important for music lovers. When you are bored, you can easily pull it out to entertain yourself. Besides you can also use it to stay up to date by listening to news with your phone. All these may not be possible if you forget your headphone.
Your phone charger is another essential tech accessory to pack, especially if you don’t want to borrow chargers from strangers. In addition, if your phone runs out of power in an area with limited access to technology, this can keep you connected to the internet and the world.
Wifi Hotspots
Wifi Hotspots are for individuals who are always online. With your Wifi, you can connect to the World Wide Web without breaking the bank, particularly when you cannot rely on your phone data to access the internet. In line with this, you should not leave your Wi-Fi at home. Just simply keep it in a place where you can easily access it.


The only way that one knows that an antigen-antibody reaction has occurred is to have some means of directly or indirectly detecting the complexes formed between the antigen and antibody. The ease with which one can detect antigen-antibody reactions will depend on a number of factors. Many factors influence antigen-antibody reactions. They can be conveniently classified in two groups, according to whether they act on the equilibrium constant or not.


The higher the affinity of the antibody


Lock and Key Concept 

The combining site of an antibody is located in the Fab portion of the molecule and is constructed from the hypervariable regions of the heavy and light chains. X-Ray crystallography studies of antigen-antibody interactions show that the antigenic determinant nestles in a cleft formed by the combining site of the antibody. Thus, our concept of antigen-antibody reactions is one of a key (i.e. the antigen) which fits into a lock (i.e. the antibody).

Non-covalent Bonds 

The bonds that hold the antigen

Definition of Immunogen

An Immunogen is a substance (or adduct) that is able to trigger a humoral and/or cell-mediated immune response.(Parham, Peter, 2009). It first initiates an innate immune response, which then causes the activation of the adaptive immune response. 

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An antigen binds the highly variable immunoreceptor products (B-cell receptor or T-cell receptor)

Antigen-antibody interaction

Antigen-antibody interaction, or antigen-antibody reaction, is a specific chemical interaction between antibodies produced by B cells of the white blood cells and antigens during immune reaction. It is the fundamental reaction in the body by which the body is protected from complex foreign molecules, such as pathogens and their chemical toxins.

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In the blood, the antigens are specifically and with high affinity bound by


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