Saturday, 21 March 2015

Forms of Examination Malpractices

Examination malpractice is a major phenomenon that adversely affects students in secondary schools:

The following can be regarded as some of the causes of examination malpractice in senior secondary schools.
1.     Test Preparation:  Can be a malpractice if the students have access to the items or questions before taking the paper.  It involves staff, members of examination authorities, messengers’ personnel employed to develop the papers.
2.     Impersonation:  An individual who is not registered as a candidate but took the place of one that is registered.  This is one of the biggest examination malpractices.  It involves collision between school teachers and the examination supervisors.
3.     External Assistance:  Individuals who are not examination candidates, giving authorized assistance to candidates.  It  involves invigilators dictating answers, writing on blackboard, circulating sheets of worked answers during the course of examination or acting as couriers of materials into the examination centre.
4.     Copying:  Reproduction of another candidates work with or without permission.  It usually involves only the candidate but can be facilitated by inadequate spacing desk and laxity in supervision.
5.     Bribery:  Some female students go beyond sexual gratification to buy gifts, like ties, shirt and writs-watches, etc. for their teachers.  Some malpractices timer purchases gifts for supervisor and invigilators who become well disposed and turn their eyes or look the other way allowing cheating to go on.

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