Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Infrequent and Inefficient Biology Practical Classes

Infrequent and Inefficient Biology Practical Classes
Biology as a science subject requires an integration of both theoretical and practical work to make it easily understood by the students. But a large proportion of biology teachers only concentrate on the theoretical aspect of the subject leaving the essential practical work unattended to.
          The degree to which the teacher is conversant with a chosen topic facilitates the attainment of the instructional objectives. Further more, it is assumed that under the guidance of teacher, students can develop the understanding and skill of biology.
          Omosowo (2003), assessing science laboratory management patterns in selected secondary schools of Moro Local Government Area of Kwara State, found that the highest frequency of laboratory practicals for SS3 students was once in a week in only a fifth of the schools, a few others was once in a while, whereas a whole lot of other schools he sampled never did laboratory praticals. He reported that students did not perform experiments as they should in all the sampled schools, again, he found that only a fifth of all the schools he sampled had a laboratory for each of the science subjects, while others had multipurpose laboratories for all science subjects and others had no laboratories at all.
          This situation is a true representation of what is obtained elsewhere, even in the area this study scopes and is an insignia of impoverishment on biology in particular and science as a whole.
          Some of the methods that can be used to achieve frequent and efficient biology practical classes include discovery methods and laboratory approach. In line with Clough (1968) discovery method leaves the students to using their own initiative to come up with tests and results in biology practicals. He further suggested that laboratory demonstrations should be frequent and efficient to carry along both the fast and the slow learners.

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