Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Inadequate Provision of Infrastructural Facilities in Secondary Schools

Inadequate Provision of Infrastructural Facilities in Secondary Schools  
Infrastructural facilities such as good class rooms, classroom furniture, staff offices, office equipment, well equipped laboratories, portable water supply, electricity, libraries and library books and gadgets, housing and accommodation, transportation means and accessible routes are vital to teachers and students as they provide them with improved teaching and learning conditions. In addition, a qualified and motivated biology teacher may be often demoralized by the short supply or breach in the provision of these facilities and mainly teaching materials and aids which may lead to the frustration of his efforts.

          Adah (2009) reported that the minister of education, Sam Egwu admitted that the mass failure of students in WASSCE is a testimony of the many years of neglect of the education sector by the government. He promised to introduce measures that would redress the situation. He also revealed that a class teacher at Ojota secondary school, Lagos who spoke to news watch on condition of anonymity also attributed the poor performance of students in public exams to poor facilities in schools.
          Odia and Omofonmwan (2007) opined that instructional materials and living conditions have deteriorated in many of the schools. Classrooms, libraries and laboratories are nothing to write home about, all leading to decline in academic standards.
          Imoh (2006) suggested that for students to perform better academically, the government should provide enough teaching materials for schools. These materials can be in form of chats, tapes, books, laboratory apparatuses and materials etc.
          Nwokenna (2006) stated that the introduction of information communication technology (ICT) is very important and should be provided in schools so that Nigerians and Ebonyians in particular should be trained in their use to be able to follow the global ICT trends. The computer, internet, e-mail, conferencing, electronic white boards, tapes and videos and all that are valuable to the teaching of science. With all this, it is clear that there is inadequate provision of infrastructural facilities to our schools, and their provision will improve the teaching and learning of sciences.
          The provision of basic amenities and infrastructural facilities such as portable water to ease off the stress of seeking for water and the risks of outbreak of water borne diseases, electricity for steady use of light for gadgets, good road net work and automobiles for easy transportation, well furnished accommodation for comfort and improved studies, good libraries and gadgets for researches and up-dating of knowledge, teaching materials and aids for easy instructions, well equipped laboratories for experiments and demonstrations, and so on, pre-orient teachers to teach better and students to learn more.

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