Monday, 27 May 2013

Online Magazine (E-Zine)

Online Magazine (E-Zine)

            E-zine is a magazine that is distributed partially or solely on electronic network like the internet. Your website can also be promoted by placing an advertisement using online magazine or e-zine. There are several e-zines in the internet which are seen on newspapers, but in an electronic form
on the internet, although it is possible to advertise free in many instance but serious minded online business man pay money for advertisement on those e-zines that will catch the most attention from target population.


            The uses of an autoresponder for online supermarket maximize profit for online business man due to the promptness of its response to queries and online form submission. There are several automations which promote online business; one of the categories of this is the autoresponder. As internet user(customer) request for some information or services in your online business, an autoresponder (if installed) sends an automatic reply to tell the visitor that he or she has been received and he or she is receiving urgent attention and he will be communicated within a due course. But because the visitor that make the uniform resource locator request might not be aware that it was a computer programmed that is responding, he becomes impressed that he was able to retain a relevant instantaneous response from your website

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