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Bank: First Bank of Nigeria Plc.
Candidates should note that offers not accepted by Monday 26th November would lapse as Matriclation holds on November 27th, 2012.
G. O. Chukwu


I'm happy to announce to you that MTN have modified their internet browsing plan to a minimal rate Equivalent to Free Browsing. They are working round the clock to be the Giant of all networks, They have started deploying 3.5G Network all over the country. Not only that, they have splashed their Internet data plan as low as MTN Super-saver.
  1. Get an MTN Sim card
  2. Put it on your Phone or modem
  3. Recharge your Line with N2500
  4. Send 102 to 131
  5. And you will be activate for an UNLIMITED Download for one Month to be used on your phone or system and say Bye Bye to Cyber cafe. You will enjoy this offer mostly if you are within 3G coverage area.
  6. Your Line will be Activated with 4.5G of data to browse with.
  7. If you don't have a Modem, don't worry, just follow this simple step that i'm going to show you and connect your phone to your system without Installing any software like PC Suite and browse even faster.(more faster than using a modem)
  8. In this case you will be enjoying this package with your phone and laptop at the same time.
  9. Click on the start Menu
  10. Click on printer and devices
  11. Click add new Device
  12. Make sure you turn your system and phone's Bluetooth ON.
  13. Select your phone and pair them together
  14. Right click on your phone after paring completed
  15. click on create a dial-up and make sure it is configured as on the screen shot bellow

For you to connect subsequently, Click on  connect /disconnect Network close to your battery meter. you will see the dial up u just created, Click on it and connect to browse.

Enjoy. For any Question, Call me on 07034538881 or place a comment.

    Boko Haram member sends letter offering dialogue

    Gunmen, yesterday, launched an attack on the headquarters of the  Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS, Abuja believed to be holding suspected Islamist extremists, killing two officers and leading to the escape of 30 detainees.
    Police authorities, however, claimed to have re-arrested 25 of the 30 escapees and said no one being held on “terror-related charges” was freed.
    The attack on the Special Anti-Robbery Squad compound in the pre-dawn hours resulted in a gun battle, with police claiming to have repelled the assailants and arrested two of them.
    It was not immediately clear who was behind the attack. The raid was similar to others carried out by Islamist extremist group, Boko Haram.
    However, a statement signed by Force Spokesman, CSP Frank Mba reads: “In the early hours of today, November 26, 2012, at about 2am, unknown gunmen in large numbers attacked the premises of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Federal Territory Police Command.

    Policemen on duty responded swiftly and engaged the gunmen in a gun battle that lasted for some minutes, at the end of which the gunmen were successfully repelled.
    “However, in the confusion that ensued, about 30 suspects in the detention facilities of SARS broke out of the cells and attempted to escape.  Tactical and coordinated efforts to re-arrest the fleeing suspects yielded instant result.
    So far, 25 of the suspects have been re-arrested, while five suspects originally being held in relation to robbery related offences are currently at large.  Two Policemen died during the operation while two of the attackers have been arrested.
    “It needs to be emphasized here that no suspect held for terror related charges, escaped from SARS detention facilities.  No explosive or IED-related materials were used in the botched attack”.
    Meanwhile, the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar, has personally visited the scene of the incident to assess the situation. He has equally ordered a high-powered investigative panel headed by a Senior Police Officer to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident.
    Members of Boko Haram have carried out scores of attacks in northern and centralNigeria, including police stations and sometimes with the intent of freeing jailed members.
    A visit to the scene, revealed that the main gate outside the police unit was heavily guarded. There were two armoured vehicles, six police trucks and more than a dozen armed policemen.
    It was not immediately possible to determine whether the complex had suffered damage.
    On Friday, the military offered hundreds of thousands of dollars in reward for information leading to the capture of leaders of Boko Haram in a statement that listed 19 alleged senior members of the group.
    The rewards ranged from N50 million ($317,000, 245,000 euros) for the suspected leader, Abubakar Shekau, to N10 million for various Boko Haram “commanders”.

    Wednesday, 21 November 2012

    Gaza Rockets From Iran's Technology, Iranian General Says

    Iran has supplied Hamas in Gaza with the technology to "quickly" produce longer-range missiles on their own without needing direct shipments, said a report Wednesday that quoted the head of Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard. The comments by Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari offer some of the clearest insights on Iran's weapons support for Hamas, whose Iranian-engineered Fajr-5 missiles have struck near Tel Aviv and Jerusalem during weeklong battles with Israel.
    "Gaza is under siege, so we cannot help them. The Fajr-5 missiles have not been shipped from Iran. Its technology has been transferred and (the missiles are) being produced quickly," Jafari was quoted as saying by the semiofficial ISNA news agency.

    Iran has repeatedly denied it directly supplied Hamas with the Fajr-5. The ISNA report gave no further details on the level of missile know-how sent to Gaza or the channels used.
    Israel charges that Iran sends weapons, including rockets, to Gaza through a network of smuggling tunnels under the 15-kilometer (9-mile) border between Gaza and Egypt.
    Iran also backs the anti-Israel faction Hezbollah in Lebanon, which fired thousands of rockets into Israel during a monthlong 2006 war.
    Iran's parliament speaker, Ali Larijani, meanwhile, said his country was "honored" that Iran could help Palestinians with "material and military aspects." He did not elaborate.
    He criticized Arab countries for failing to help arm Hamas and other Palestinian group. "The Palestinian nation does not need speeches and meetings. Arab countries should send military aid," he was quoted as saying by the semiofficial Fars news agency.
    Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei also chided other Muslim nations for not rallying behind Gaza in the latest showdown with Israel.

    "Some of them sufficed with words, and some others did not condemn" Israel, Khamenei said, according to the official Islamic Republic News Agency.
    Israel has carried out hundreds of airstrikes in Gaza over the past week in an operation it says is meant to stop daily rocket salvos by Gaza militants at Israel.
    Iran and Israel are bitter enemies, and the two nations are locked in a deepening dispute over Iran's nuclear program. The West and others fear Iran could eventually produce nuclear weapons, and Israel has left open the option of staging a military strike at its nuclear facilities.
    Iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes such as power generation and cancer treatment.

    Furore, as NigComSat bill splits telecom community

    Barely two weeks after telecom industry stakeholders sharply disagreed with the management of NIGCOMSAT over the relevance of a bill designed to make the government-owned satellite company a corporation, more reactions and questions have continued to greet the bill which keen observers argued is antithetical to telecom deregulation.

    Meanwhile, the Presidential Panel on Rationalisation and Restructuring of Federal Government Parastatals, headed by former head of the
    Cuvil Service of the Federation, Mr Steve Oronsaye submitted its report to the President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, saying that the proposed enabling law for NigComSat should not be passed, rather, it should now be fully privatized because if its enabling law were to be passed it would be in conflict with the Act setting up the parent body, NARSDA (National Space Research and Development Agency).
    Passage of the bill, the stakeholders noted at the forum sponsored by NIGCOMSAT and hosted by the IT Publishers Alliance amounts to creation of a parallel space agency that will compromise the National Space Programme of the Federal Government.
    The discussion on the bill at the forum which began with a note of controversy was rejected by key invited speakers like President of Association of Lincensed Telecom Operators, Engr. Lanre Ajayi, President of Nigerian Internet Group, NIG, Engr. Bayo Banjo, former President of AlTON, Engr. Emmanuel Ekuwen, Dr. among others.
    Without mincing words, the forum while rejecting the bill advised NIGCOMSAT management to spare the industry of an unnecessary bill another white elephant project like the failed Nigerian Telecommunication Limited.
    Not aware of NigComSat bill
    Already, the Ministry of Communications Technology, the ministry supervising Nigeria Communications Satellite Limited, (NigComSat) had said in a report it was not aware of any bill seeking to grant NigComSat autonomy. The ministry said that its first intention was to privatize Nigeria Communications Satellite Limited for better performance.
    The ministry was reacting to against the backdrop of the clamor for autonomy by the Company through NigComSat Corporation bill that seeks to free the company from government control. The special assistant on Information Technology to Minister of Communications Technology, Mr. Ola Ogunleye, had disclosed that the ministry was only interested in making NigComSat play its role in making internet truly ubiquitous, affordable and accessible in the country.
    Mixed reactions with opposition
    It would be recalled that NigComSat’s bill to make the state satellite operator an independent corporation has stirred mixed reactions with huge opposition.
    Meanwhile, critics have  urged the national assembly to exercise caution to prevent the company from going the the way of Nitel.
    Meanwhile, former President of Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria, ATCON, Dr. Emmanuel Ekuwem, had at the forum fired the first salvo when he told the gathering that government has no business doing business.
    White elephant?
    He cautioned that the bill, if passed, might give NigComSat the autonomy to operate as a business venture and as a regulator. This will go the way of NITEL, he said.
    He noted that government has no business in doing business, but to create enabling environment for businesses to thrive. He was supported by the President of the Nigerian Internet Group, NIG, Engr. Bayo Banjo who  did not hide his feelins by saying that  granting NigComSat autonomy will lead to the creation of another NITEL.
    He argued that the bill will transform NigComSat to a fully-owned government company. “ Why do we need the bill? I do not see a reason for this bill because the company is already a limited liability. The bill is not in the interest of Nigeria. It will not serve the purpose of Nigerians.” he said.
    He further said that rather than having the NigComSat bill passed, it should be jettisoned with the best option to have it privatised. For the President of ALTON, Engr. Lanre Ajayi, NigComSat might go the way of Nigerian Telecommunications Limited but warned that with the Act, it appears we are now putting it in the hands of the law makers.
    “Satellite technology is a very desirable technology in Nigeria, noting however, that this was not to say that other terrestrial technologies are not very relevant but they are complementary. The major advantage of satellite is its ubiquity. In a country like ours, where we have many rural communities, satellite becomes an option. If we must progress, we cannot run away from developing satellite technology and government must support this.” he explained.
    Need for accountability in the bill
    In the submission of Dr. Jimson Olufuye, former Information Technology Association of Nigeria, (ITAN), Satellite project is a big budget project any where in the world that requires nurture and maturity before it is taken over by the business community.
    “I think what matters the most is to ensure that there exists clear cut accountability mechanism in the bill for Performance Assurance. NASA in US got the US space transport business to a point before the industry could take over. Government funding is necessary to get a major business sector to develop. At the same time, the concern of wastage of public fund through such venture is a legitimate concern” he added. Hence, the critical question, according to Olufuye is: what measures are in the bill for performance assurance over a given period of time?
    Satellite is critical national infrastructure
    While supporting the bill, Yele Okeremi , member, Executive Committee of Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria (Ispon) told the gathering that , “We must perceive satellite communication as critical national infrastructure which requires everything to protect including legislation and we must sit down to see that we do everything to see that this bill become a law.” He said that technology, social perception and legislation were the key things that must be present before a revolution can happen.
    Supporting the bill also was Victor Nwakesi , representative of Olisa Agbakoba & Associates, the law firm responsible for the drafting of the NigComSat bill. He explained that the bill was much desired, adding that the passage would aid Nigeria’s emerging development issue.
    “The contents of the NigComSat bill have been developed to align with what the laws allow. “NigComsat should be protected in the best interest of the citizens,” he added.
    But the Managing Director of NIGCOMSAT, Engr. Ahmed Rufai, who was completely amazed and disappointed by the submissions of the stakeholders said the stakeholders may have misunderstood the Bill,, and vowed to continue to pursue the passage of the Bill by the National Assembly. Rufai said that the bill will allow NigComSat to raise additional financing and pursue strategic partnerships. Meanwhile, the House of Representatives is said to have already passed the bill after three readings while the bill is yet to be discussed at the Senate.

    Ex-staff challenge Nokia with new Finnish smartphone

    A group of ex-Nokia employees who quit over the company’s decision to abandon the planned MeeGo operating system in favour of Windows plan to launch their own smartphone next year, their start-up said on Wednesday.
    The company Jolla, which counts four former Nokia engineers and directors among its five founders, presented its new operating system Sailfish in Helsinki and co-founder and chairman of the board Antti Saarnio promised to deliver “the world’s best smartphone” by mid-2013.
    “Jolla’s own phone will be a high-end premium product,” Saarnio told AFP.
    In addition, the company will offer Sailfish products to retailer and operator partners for the medium-price range.

    Jolla’s target and key market is China “because this is the most
    dynamic market at the moment in the smartphone industry and the industry there is looking for different alternatives to make smartphones.”
    The US market is not part of Jolla’s business plan, but Europe and North Africa are, Saarnio said.
    Jolla — which in Finnish means both a small sailboat and a life boat — was started a little over a year ago, shortly after Nokia decided to go with the Windows OS.
    “Most of our team was at that time working in the MeeGo unit and we were so passionate about MeeGo and felt it was so competitive that we wanted to continue the development and start a company,” Saarnio explained.
    Today the company employs 50 people and is hiring each month.
    Jolla has already received financing of more than 10 million euros ($12.8 million) from private Finnish and international investors and Finnish state funding.
    “This is enough for developing and commercialising the product, both hardware and software,” said Saarnio, who himself still uses a Nokia N9 mobile phone.
    “In the spring we intend to raise about 20 million euros for growth financing,” he said.
    Two distribution deals are already in place, with the largest smartphone retailer in China, D.Phone, and the Finnish operator DNA.
    The phone’s physical design will be revealed early next year.
    Saarnio said the Jolla phones would offer “multi-tasking and true user interface differentiation … freeing people from opening and closing applications, making the use of the smartphones much more efficient and letting them tailor their screens much more than others.”
    The Sailfish OS will also run on tablets, he said.

    president Goodluck Jonathan Turns 55 Today

    Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, GCFR, (born 20 November 1957) is the 14th Head of State and current Nigerian President. Prior to his role as President, he served as Governor of Bayelsa State and Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
    Jonathan, an Ijaw, was born in what is now Bayelsa State to a family of canoe makers. He holds a B.Sc degree in Zoology in which he attained Second Class Honours. He holds an M.Sc degree in Hydrobiology and Fisheries biology, and a Ph.D degree in Zoology from the University of Port Harcourt.
    He worked as an education inspector, lecturer, and environmental-protection officer. He joined politics in 1998.
    Here’s wishing the President of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, a very Happy Birthday. May God continue to bestow him with wisdom, strength and the moral courage to lead this country on the path to greatness for which it is destined.
    Mobile Solution Gateway.

    Blackberry Bold Six Realeased and on sale

    The new blackberry 9790,otherwise known as Bold 6 was released in brilliant white by RIM
    in Asia 4 weeks ago. Mobile Gateway
    is proud to present this beautiful smartphone to Nigerian. this feature has awesome feature that you cant afford to miss. call or comment now to get the phone at a very cheap price.  

    Nollywood Actress, Mercy Johnson Flaunts BIG Baby Bump In Latest Photos

    Expecting her first child with hubby, Nollywood Actress Mercy Johnson recently flaunts her grown Baby Bump in a lovely Azure blue dress.

    According to reports, the mom-to-be and hubby are currently in Maryland, USA apparently to give birth to their first child...

     Wishing you guys safe delivery…

    BELOW: Heavily Pregnant Mercy Johnson Acting The Role In A Movie – SPOT THE DIFF!

    University of Abuja Shut Down Following Violent on Students Protest

    For the second time this year, authorities of the University of Abuja have shut down the institution following students’ protest.

    Despite the fact that second semester
    examination was already underway, the students’ protest which led to major roads and huge traffic congestion resulted in the institution being shut down
    According to Sahara Reporters, the students went on a rampage to protest the non-accreditation of some of their courses.

    The accreditation panel of the National University Commission had recently refused to certify some of the courses being run by the university.

    Some of the courses are in the Faculty of Engineering, Agriculture and Sciences. The protest, which commenced at 6:00 AM, was started by students from the Faculty of Engineering.

    Many students soon joined in blocking the main gate of the school to protest harsh conditions of education and general mismanagement of the university by officials the students regard as incompetent and irresponsible.

    Some students said the university is in poor condition as inhabitants of the girls hostel lack of water supply which forces them to fetch water from the boys hostel.

    Student leaders of the protest said the school is also bedeviled with overpopulated classes, cancelled lectures, lack of library facilities and lecture halls as well as the refusal of the school authorities to allow for independent student union elections.

    The protests quickly spread as several students took to the street just as some of their colleagues began sitting for their first semester examinations, which ought to start on Monday.

    The protest led to the cancellation of examination in various classes slated for the day as lecturers and invigilators abandoned the two campuses to safety.

    It would be recalled that in April, the management of the institution closed the University after a violent protest by students resulted in a breakdown of law and order in the school community.

    BREAKING! President Goodluck Jonathan's Younger Brother Dies Inside Aso Rock

    The younger brother of Nigeria president Goodluck Jonathan is dead. Sahareporters, an online news agency that broke the story said Meni Jonathan is the president’s half brother and he died at the Aso Rock clinic
    The incident happened just as President Jonathan was receiving
    congratulatory messages today from all over the world as he celebrates yet another birthday.

    Meni was taken to Aso Rock clinic when his health condition deteriorated in Bayelsa. Just as many thought that he was going to survive it, the man died. The cause of the death is not yet known,editors of saharareporters stated.

    Tuesday, 20 November 2012


    It is relatively easy to unlock ZTE Modems from network providers (MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and Glo) in Nigeria these days. When all these network providers started employing the use of ZTE modems, various modem unlockers that we used to depend on failed us as most of these new ZTE Internet modems proved difficult to unlock. Those who have Huawei Modem Unlocker are still  making use of it to unlock existing Huawei modems.
    For those of us who don’t know what to unlock a modem means, here it is. When you buy a modem from a network provider like Glo, the make it in such a way that you can only use Glo SIM on it. When you unlock, you can use any other SIM from other network providers and switch whenever there is need to. I unlocked my first MTN Modem when I discovered How To Get Airtel 1GB Data  For Just N1200. I had to take that opportunity with both hands.
    With DC Crap or DC Unlocker as some people would call it, you can easily unlock your Glo, MTN, Airtel and Etisalat 3G Internet modems. I have observed that it’s easier to unlock Glo 3G modems. That’s my own observation anyway.
    To get started, download DC Crap Internet Modem Unlocker. It is really effective in unlocking internet modems.
    Now install the
    software. Launch it and you are on your way to unlocking your ZTE internet modem.
    Plug-in the ZTE Internet modem you want to unlock after the completion of your DC Crap installation.
    Next check the list of Manufacturers in DC Crap, select the make of your modem and the model
    You can also use of the Auto-select option.
    Tick ‘Read Unlock Code & Auto enter to Modem’
    Lastly, Click ‘Do Job’.
    Your unlock code will now be generated and your ZTE Internet Modem unlocked.
    If you are having problem with this you can easily use the comment box to let me know.
    You can also check video tutorial from DC UNLOCKER TUTORIAL PAGE for more.
    Next you should create new profile for the network you want to use if it is not there already. I have written on how to configure all Nigerian networks for internet manually.  If you don’t want to miss my next post, follow the the blog bellow.

    Monday, 19 November 2012

    First bank launches mobile money service

    Committed to excellent customer service and reduction of high percentage population of unbanked adults in across the country, First Bank of Nigeria Plc. In partnership with Computer Warehouse Group (CWG) have introduced Firstmonie Mobile Money Service, an innovative product that enables customers to access financial and other value added services offered by the bank through their mobile phones.
    Firstmonie mobile money service was birthed as part of First Bank’s dynamic innovative drive to drastically reduce the rate of unbanked adults in Nigeria while providing “convenient and safe banking” for the “under banked “and the “banked” to access their bank account through their wallet and transfer fund from their bank account to wallet and vice versa using their mobile phone.
    Aware of the value this financial solution will add to the individuals and the economy at large, FirstBank and CWG team have successfully deployed the Firstmonie Mobile Services in order to provide cost effective and excellent services to FirstBank customers.

    CWG has worked with FirstBank right from the pre-approval stage through to the approval in principle stage to the final stage of license approval from CBN up to this moment in the capacity of mobile technology solution provider and hosting partner.
    According to ChumaEzirim, Group Head, E-business, First Bank of Nigeria Plc, “We are excited at being at the forefront of supporting CBN initiatives for financial inclusion and confident that this solution will add value not only to our operations but to our existing customers and prospective customers as it is our custom to put our customers first.”
    He said that this is a movement from the traditional bank account opening where the customer has to visit the bank to open an account and carry out other banking transaction to a technology trend that provides cost-effective and convenience of self-service to the customer with mobile phone as the only infrastructure to be provided by the customer.
    TO fast-track IT penetration in the country, the Ministry of Communications Technology has perfected a three-pronged strategy through the Student PC ownership scheme launched last week by the Minister, Mrs Omobola Johnson. The student PC ownership scheme is the first leg of the strategy, the other two being reversal of poor acceptance of local computer brands and poor capacity utilisation of indigenous PC assembly plants. It is hoped that the student PC ownership scheme will trigger action in the desired direction.
    Speaking at the launching of the scheme last Thursday in Abuja, Mrs Johnson noted that “we have a fairly well established device assembly industry. Some of the companies  that you see represented here today are over 20 years old and have operations in countries other than Nigeria.
    Unfortunately, our preference of international or global brands who have much better marketing, research and production capacity has led to the poor capacity utilisation of these assembly plants. Federal and state governments have been their biggest customers which means that they are dependent on the most uncertain world of government supply contracts.”
    As a result, she said her ministry and the implementing agency, NITDA, “saw a very clear window to literally kill the two birds of  poor PC ownership by students and poor acceptance of local brands and poor capacity utilisation of our PC  assembly plants with one stone. As you well know, our youth tend to be most critical, vocal and demanding of  goods and services they

     Once they are sold however they will be the greatest advocates of the brand and  will demonstrate loyalty well beyond their student years. Providing them with computers that are built to  exacting world class standards, designed with Nigeria in mind and aesthetically pleasing will go a long way to earning  this loyalty.”
    To actualise this desire, the Ministry and NITDA, in partnership with  original equipment manufacturers, OEMs, Intel Corporation and Microsoft launched a students PC ownership scheme for students in 12 selected universities in the country.
    The scheme hopes to deepen PC ownership penetration in Nigeria, empower local brands by creating an active market for them and aid Nigerian students to achieve better certificates through integration into the digital and information community. The scheme was aimed at creating a brand loyalty and patronage for local computer assemblers through a minimum non government subsidy but with quality assurance from Intel and Microsoft as active partners to sustain the programme.
    The minister added that the current three percent PC penetration in Nigeria is very disgraceful and should not be allowed to continue if Nigeria must move ahead in realization of  its goal of becoming a digital and knowledge based economy by year 2020. Her words:
    “What is happening here is a collaboration in a way that President Jonathan’s administration is structured and operates. We do not work in isolation. We have been working with other stakeholders to birth a programme that will benefit our students. The objective of this programme is about PC penetration. The three percent PC penetration for Nigeria is disgraceful. That is  not acceptable to us and  we need to address it.
    “We want our students to participate meaningfully in the digital economy and graduate students that use PC to learn and interact and contribute well in the global community. Again, we want to increase local capacities and create jobs. For every local original equipment manufacturer, OEMs, so that any young person can start up his own company and compete with the rest of the world; building capacity and creating jobs for young Nigerians is our goal,” she said.
    On sustainability, she said “the sustainability we brought into this scheme makes it different from previous and similar schemes that failed. What you see here is a chain and any of these links that grows weak is going to affect this project. That is why we are not leaving any link behind at ensuring that we succeed.”
    She then charged all the partners not be the weak link in the chain, so that the scheme would surpass the set target towards building a digital economy.
    “This programme will transcend us and everybody that has contributed to it. We will make sure that government play the role it should play as a gardener and enabler and a catalyst and not contracting anything, she added. What we done is that we are the enabler and this project will take a life of its own. The ecosystem will work for the sustainability of it. It will take a life of its own and sustainability will no longer be an issue,” she added.
    She also called on parents, guardians to support the scheme by sponsoring young Nigerian students whose parents may not be able to buy them computer and to fast track PC penetration in the country.
    In his remarks, the Director General of NITDA, Prof. Cleopas Angaye said the student PC ownership scheme was born out of the dire need to increase PC penetration among the students of higher learning especially in Nigerian universities.
    He said that the scheme was designed to ensure that students have access to learning resources, promote local content and develop competencies and capacities among the young people. The twelve universities were selected from each geo political zone at a random.
    The NITDA boss also said the scheme was also a means of challenging the licensed OEMs to boost their productive capacities, which is expected to have a multiplier effect in job creation, poverty reduction and increase their market share in the global competitive economy.
    “What we are witnessing today is just the beginning of some of the government policies targeted towards ensuring increased access to information technology resources and youth empowerment,” he said.
    He challenged OEMs to develop, train and employ middle level manpower to ensure that the systems are adequately maintained for after sales services that are competitive with international standards and urged them to collaborate with the computer science/information technology departments in the tertiary institutions for the management and maintenance of the PCs, this according to him, will assist in building the necessary capacity  and experiences in the institutions to create the needed synergy between the higher learning and the industry.
    The selected universities from the six geo political zones of the country were selected at random. The scheme has three entry levels agreed by the stakeholders so that students can have an option to choose based on the capability of their sponsors. The first entry level is from N48,500; the second level is at the price of  N70,500 and the third level goes at the price of N85,000 to N100,000.
    NITDA would be the programme manager through quality assurance and managing sustainability while Intel would supply processors and Microsoft will supply software. Other programme facilitators are banks, university administrators, insurance companies and ministry of Communication Technology sponsoring and monitor success. OEMs will champion local brands and while telcos will provide aggregate bandwidth.
    Benefitting universities will play the role of validating and authenticating the students, support the programme across all the institutions, provide academic studies of the students and include up to date payment as part of the procedure. Universities will also ensure that students coming into this are regular students and genuine.
    The whole process will be managed by a porter, as it is going to be technology driven and information driven. The consortium assured that the prices were negotiated with OEMs and that the products will be comparable with those in the market and payment will made over a period of 15 to 18 months.
    Also speaking at the event, the Executive Secretary of Nigerian University Commission, NUC, Prof. Julius Okojie described the scheme as a laudable project said pledged the willingness of NUC to partner with the stakeholders to ensure the success of the scheme.
    He however, called for the expansion of the scheme to other tertiary institutions in the country to boost the PC penetration and enhance learning process.
    “This is a good project, the NUC buys into it. NUC will ensure quality education in Nigeria and would not hesitate to support anyone working in this direction. The CT ministry is a worthy partner.
    This project would help to address the challenge of poor access to information and technology.  I lend my voice in saying that this should not be limited to the 12 universities alone. It will be useful and meaningful if the project is expanded to capture the entire university system. This should be the drive because what is good for these pilot universities will be good for others. You have done the university system a lot of good,” he added.
    Speaking on behalf of  the OEMs, Managing Director of VEDA Computers, Bode Pedro said the OEMs were glad for the opportunity given them to showcase their capacity and boost their market share in the country. He assured their readiness to work within the given guidelines and specifications.

    No negotiations with Boko Haram – Jonathan

    President Goodluck Jonathan, yesterday, dismissed insinuations of  a secret dialogue between the administration and the Boko Haram just as he declared former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s invasion of Odi in Bayelsa State in 1999 as a failure that did not help to curb militancy in the Niger Delta region.
    Speaking on nationwide television media chat, the president also gave a robust defence of the administration’s fight against corruption as he set a 2014 date on the decision whether he would contest the next presidential election or not.
    In the two-hour broadcast session on television and radio network, President Jonathan also pledged to align himself with Nigerians if the citizens choose to retain the two-term tenure system for executive office holders.

    The Media Chat programme anchored
    by the Nigeria Television Authority, NTA’s, Kudu Abubakar had the Chairman of the Editorial Board of Vanguard, Mr. Ikeddy Isiguzo, Editor of The Guardian Mr. Martins Oloja and Gbemi Olujobi, Editor Saturday Mirror, as panelists.
    The President denied insinuations of the declining dominance of his party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the country following consecutive election losses in Edo and Ondo states.
    He also rebuffed reports of the cancellation of the contract between the administration and Manitoba Hydro Limited for the management of the transmission lines of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN.
    Questions were also drawn from Nigerians through text messages and twitter. In one of such questions where the sender said the president would go down in history as the best president if he fixes the Benin-Ore Road and solves the power problem, Dr Jonathan responded that he would be the best president.
    Asked to respond to claims of backroom dialogue with Boko Haram following the group’s offer for dialogue, President Jonathan said:
    “Presently, government is not dialoguing with any group. There is no dialogue between the Boko Haram and government. Though there was a news item talking about dialogue, but the Boko Haram group is yet to come out. So there is nobody to dialogue with.”
    Against the claims by former President Obasanjo that more force as was used in Odi would have helped to dislodge the Boko Haram insurgents, President Jonathan said:
    “I can give you the narrative of what led to the Odi crisis. The peak of the militancy was when 12 police officers were killed, that was cold blooded murder and that made the Federal government to now invade Odi. After that invasion, myself and the governor entered Odi, ordinarily, the governor and his deputy are not supposed to move under such situation, but we entered and saw some dead people. Most of the people that died in Odi were mostly old men, women and children, none of the militants was killed.

    Gunmen kill retired Pastor and a Police Officer

    Yesterday morning, in Bauchi and Maiduguri an unidentified gunmen killed a Police Inspector attached to the Government House in Bauchi as well as a retired Pastor of COCIN Church in Maiduguri, Rev. Ilaisha Kabura.
    Mobile-gateway gathered that the late police inspector identified as Babangida Danbaba was trailed by his assailants on his way from the mosque along Nasarawa Road in the state capital after early morning prayer.
    Some residents along Nasarawa Road confirmed to Mobile-gateway that they heard gunshots, but were not sure exactly where the shots came from and who was the target.
    Confirming the incident, the Bauchi State Commissioner of Police, Mohammed Ladan said a police inspector attached to the Government House was shot by unknown gunmen.
    The Commissioner of Police who said that no arrest had been made in connection with the killing said the police were still investigating the case.
    , in Maiduguri, gunmen invaded the residence of a retired Pastor of COCIN Church in Polo ward, Rev. Ilaisha Kabura and shot him dead in the presence of members of his family as they were preparing to go to church
    An eyewitness told our correspondent that he saw the two gunmen in front of the Reverend’s family house before they fired several shots at him and fled without being arrested.
    He said that when he saw the gunmen, he thought they were visitors of the reverend, until he started hearing gun shots some minutes later.

    champions league updates

    FT Fulham 1 - 3 Sunderland
    England - Championship November 18
    FT Millwall 1 - 0 Leeds
    Italy - Serie A November 18
    FT Bologna 3 - 0 Palermo
    FT Catania 2 - 1 Chievo
    FT Fiorentina 4 - 1 Atalanta
    FT Inter 2 - 2 Cagliari
    FT Siena 1 - 0 Pescara
    FT Udinese 2 - 2 Parma
    FT Sampdoria 3 - 1 Genoa
    Italy - Serie B November 18
    FT Brescia 1 - 1 Sassuolo
    Spain - Liga BBVA November 18
    FT Deportivo La Coruna 0 - 2 Levante
    FT Celta Vigo 1 - 1 Mallorca
    FT Getafe 2 - 1 Valladolid
    FT Granada 0 - 1 Atletico Madrid
    FT Sevilla 5 - 1 Betis
    Spain - Liga Adelante November 18
    FT Cordoba 1 - 2 Hercules
    FT Elche 1 - 0 Alcorcon
    FT Huelva 2 - 5 Sabadell
    FT Huesca 2 - 1 Guadalajara
    FT Mirandes 0 - 0 Real Madrid Castilla
    FT Numancia 0 - 0 Almeria
    Germany - Bundesliga November 18
    FT Werder Bremen 2 - 1 Fortuna Dusseldorf
    FT Hoffenheim 1 - 3 Wolfsburg
    Germany - 2. Bundesliga November 18
    FT Bochum 5 - 2 Sandhausen
    FT Duisburg 2 - 1 Aue
    FT Regensburg 3 - 3 Union Berlin
    France - Ligue 1 November 18
    FT Lyon 3 - 0 Reims
    FT Nice 1 - 0 Toulouse
    FT Bordeaux 1 - 0 Marseille
    Holland - Eredivisie November 18
    FT Vitesse 4 - 1 NEC Nijmegen
    FT Feyenoord 3 - 0 Willem II
    FT Utrecht 1 - 1 Twente
    FT Heracles 5 - 1 Roda
    Belgium - Jupiler Pro League November 18
    FT Zulte-Waregem 0 - 0 Standard Liege
    FT Anderlecht 1 - 0 Kortrijk
    FT Lokeren 1 - 0 Beerschot AC
    Belgium - EXQI League November 18
    FT CS Vise 2 - 1 Dessel
    FT Eupen 1 - 0 Oostende
    FT RBD Borinage 2 - 0 WS Woluwe
    Portugal - Liga de Honra November 18
    FT Leixoes 3 - 1 Portimonense
    FT Maritimo B 2 - 3 Naval
    FT Penafiel 0 - 1 Aves
    FT Freamunde 0 - 3 FC Porto B
    Scotland - Premier League November 18
    FT Inverness 1 - 5 Motherwell
    Serbia - Super Liga November 18
    FT FK Radnicki 1923 0 - 2 FK Sloboda Point Sevojno
    China - Cup November 18
    FT Guangzhou 4 - 2 Guizhou Renhe
    South Africa - Telkom Cup November 18
    AET Free State Stars 2 - 2 Bloemfontein Celtic
    08:02 (GMT+00:00) | 19 Nov 2012
    Premier League GD PTS
    1 Manchester City 15 28
    2 Manchester United 12 27
    3 Chelsea 11 24
    4 West Bromwich Albion 6 23
    5 Everton 6 20
    6 Arsenal 10 19
    7 West Ham 3 18
    8 Tottenham -1 17
    9 Fulham 3 16
    10 Swansea 2 16
    11 Liverpool 1 15
    12 Newcastle United -4 14
    13 Norwich -9 14
    14 Stoke -1 12
    15 Sunderland -2 12
    16 Wigan -9 11
    17 Reading -5 9
    18 Aston Villa -12 9
    19 Southampton -12 8
    20 Queens Park Rangers -14 4

    Sunday, 18 November 2012

    Middle East in 'serious international crisis'

    As Israel calls up 75,000 reservists and there is talk of it invading Gaza, our Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen reflects on just how unpredictable the region has become.
    "This crisis is especially dangerous because the Middle East is more turbulent and less stable than at any time since the 1950s," he warns.

    LIVE UPDATES: President Jonathan’s fourth media chat

    The challenges confronting the country – insecurity, economy, corruption, fuel subsidy, dearth of infrastructural, among others – are still largely the same since his last media chat. The president’s handling of the flooding which ravaged parts of the country and its aftermath was an additional issue discussed.
    During the two-hour programme which was broadcasted live in major government media between 7p.m. to 9p.m, “a representative selection of the most significant questions received was presented to President Jonathan for response
    Crude oil theft vs Subsidy: ”Crude oil stealing is different from subsidy,” President Jonathan said. He added that one could find a correlation where if crude oil is not stolen, government will make more money and pay for subsidy easily.
    “We want to bring experts… to sit down and analyse what is the problem with the aviation sector,” Jonathan said. ”There will be a retreat on the Aviation sector in January 2013.”
    The First Lady: “She is fine, she was with us in service today,” the president said. “She is fine.”
    “If he(Obama) did not secure a second term, the conclusion would have been that a black man is not good enough,” President Jonathan said on Obama’s victory.
    Oops! The anchor just announced they still had more time. Discussion now moving into Foreign affairs.
    “The idea (of the media chat) is not for the president to come and defend the action or inaction of the government,” President Jonathan said as his closing remarks.
    The anchor announces the end of the media chat.
    The president said he will soon take a final decision on Lagos-Ibadan express-way concessioned to Bicourtney. The company does not appear to be in a position to execute the project, the president said. He added he will not allow Nigerians suffer for a concession that was not properly entered into.
    Fourth Twitter question is on power and roads. “I will be the best president,” he said, reaction to the question which was asked with a caveat that any president that fixes Nigeria’s power and road issues becomes the best.
    “I even eat two times a day, breakfast and dinner; and the food I eat is not very expensive,” President Jonathan.
    Discussion moves on to the expenditure of the State House on feeding and ancillary services. The presidents defends the expenditure citing what is spent on dinners in other countries like Ethiopia.
    “There is a lot of misconception about the State House,” he said but he did not offer more clarification for the misconception.
    Dialogue with Boko Haram: “So far, no dialogue is going on with the government and Boko Haram.” – President Jonathan
    “Before we get to May 29 2015, Nigerians will now the President Jonathan and his team meant well for this nation.” - President Jonathan
    The President, called back to answer question about enforcement of laws on corruption. “It is better to be slow and do the right thing than hurry and do the wrong thing,” the president replied, avoiding reasons why indicted corrupt patrons are not prosecuted.
    The discussion moves back to corruption cases and Nigeria’s willingness to enforce laws with questions from Martins Oloja.
    “The effort this government has put in in fighting corruption, I don’t think any other person has done that,” President Jonathan said.
    “If you keep money on a table where there are so many people and the money is disappearing, why not keep it in a shelve?” President Jonathan’s idiom in defence of total deregulation of the oil industry in Nigeria.
    He said free and fair election is a prerequisite for fight against corruption and his government is focused on getting that done. He cited Ondo and Edo elections as examples.
    Third question from Twitter is about corruption and low trial frequency. “I can assure Nigerians and the global community that this government is fighting corruption frontally,” the president replied.
    The president sees a growing trend in the private sector. He said more companies have registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and Manufacturers Association of Nigeria.
    “Even the capacity utilisation (in industries) has increased a little, not significantly…,” he said. “I never promised to reduce poverty. I promised to create wealth.”
    “We are commercializing farming. We are encouraging young people to go in (to farming),” President Jonathan.
    The second Twitter question is about jobs and the president said “we are working on it.” He argued that job creation take some time.
    “For now, Mr. President does not know who owns the (disputed) oil well’” president Jonathan said.
    The anchor runs through some questions sent through Twitter for the president’s reaction. First question is about the ownership of oil well claimed by Kogi, Anambra and Enugu state.
    “They (Manitoba) did not follow the law strictly,” President Jonathan explaining the controversy surrounding the Manitoba contract.
    Discussion moves on to power generation: “Manitoba contract has not been revoked,” the president said.
    The presidents said by the time he concludes with “the issue of sanitizing the oil sector,” the issue of queues in fuel stations will be over.
    “As we are talking today, there is no fuel queue in Benin Republic, and all the fuel are from Nigeria, yet there is fuel queue in Lagos,” he said blaming the human factor for the current scarcity of fuel in Nigeria.
    Fuel queues: The president returns the question to the journalist – “I should be asking you why (licences for building of refineries are not used by owners)?” he said. “You are a journalist, you should investigate.”
    Discussion moves on to fuel subsidy issues. The president said he was misquoted in some instances. The president said he has made provisions for subsidy on petrol in 2013 budget, allaying fears that subsidy might be withdrawn next year.
    The president is asking for more time for himself and cabinet to work before he is faced with the question of whether he will run for elections in 2015 or not.
    The president argues that in all the states where his party have lost, the contestants where all from the “PDP family”.
    “PDP is doing wonderfully well. It is dangerous for this country if PDP should win all the states,” President Jonathan said in reply to Mr Oloja’s question.
    Discussion returns to politics as Martins Oloja, one of the panellists asks if the president is worried that his party have lost elections recently. “PDP (the president’s party) is doing very well,” the president replied.
    The presidency and the National Assembly currently disagrees on the best oil benchmark for the 2013 budget. While the presidency wants 75 USD, the lawmakers wants it higher, at 85 USD.
    Discussion moves on to oil benchmark. The president said its is not just an arithmetic but tied to other parameters, not just the oil price.
    “Mr President will not influence anything to favour Bayelsa or any other state” President Jonathan said.
    The president now speaking about the boarder dispute between Bayelsa, his home state, and neighbouring River state. He said he has directed all relevant agencies to resolve the dispute.
    The President said he cannot teach the National Assembly their job on constitution review even if he supports a referendum. ”It will not be proper for me now to begin to impose my ideas,” President Jonathan on ongoing constitution review by lawmakers.
    President Jonathan said he will speak last on the components of the current amendment to the constitution. “It is too early to make comments,” he said.
    The first question is about the current amendment of the constitution by the National Assembly. The president said the National Assembly review process is the right thing to do. President Jonathan advised proponents of Sovereign National Conference to partner with the National Assembly on constitution review.
    Presidential media chats begins. Mohammed Kudu Abubakar, NTA TV personality is the anchor.
    Highlights of last Presidential media chat: The eight attempt to call into the “live program” from Victor in Markurdi got through as the first successful call in for the day.
    Highlights of last Presidential media chat: Asset Declaration: The president said its a matter of principle and whether he is criticised from “head to toe” he will not declare his assets. “I don’t give a damn,” he said.
    Highlights of last Presidential media chat: The president said he is a calm person and gives people the latitude to do their job in reaction to question bothering on his perceived weak body language on the fight against corruption. “A lot of people misunderstand me,” he said.
    Highlights of last Presidential media chat: President Jonathan said he has not visited Borno state, the center of Boko Haram attacks, because the Maiduguri airport was not functional at the time he planned to visit.
    Highlights of last Presidential media chat: President Joinathan said he is willing to dialogue with the Boko Haram sect, if they have a “face.” He said the sect’s members are Nigerians and he will like to transform their lives just like the Niger Delta militants.

    Israel has carried out airstrikes on nearly 150 targets overnight

    On Friday 16th November, Israel carried out airstrikes on nearly 150 targets overnight in an attempt to stop more missile attacks by Hamas militants. The first police and crime commissioner elections in England and Wales have been marked by low turnout and near-deserted polling stations.
    And also on the programme how the East German secret police set their prisoners to work for Ikea.

    A 27 Year Old Nigerian Student Gladys Ebube wins MTN’s Ultimate Wonder “Win an Aeroplane” Promo | Opts for 64 Million Naira Cash Prize

    In the just concluded MTN ultimate wonder promo, Just a few hours after the NCC announced that all lotteries by Nigerian Telecommunication Networks should be suspended with immediate effect; MTN announced the winner of its Ultimate Wonder “Win an Aeroplane” promo. The promotion which launched in August 2012 and closed in October 2012 was unaffected by the ban as it concluded before the NCC directive.

    The winner of the MTN Utimate Wonder Promo was chosen amidst pomp and pageantry during an event in Lagos today. With executives of MTN and media present, Gladys Ebube Essien-Garricks, a 27 year old student based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State emerged winner of the brand new Cessna 182T Aeroplace. According to the statement on the official MTN Facebook page “When contacted on the phone, Ebube said she would prefer the cash equivalent of N64 million.”

    Congratulations Ebube. Very many people now would like to identify themselves with you now that you are a millionaire. Handle your matter with care. 


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