Thursday, 25 February 2016

Another Means For PC Users To Enjoy MTN Unlimited Surfing With N0.0kobo

OpenVPN is still working very well for MTN Unlimited Surfing With N0.0kobo, but here is another alternative for the PC users to enjoy this tweak to the fullest.

For The PC Users To Browse With MTN Unlimited Free Surfing Via SimpleServer

» Download and extract this customized SS-for-Mtn-N0.0kobo Surfing to a new folder on your desktop background.

Connect Your Modem With:
» APN:
» Proxy: leave it empty
» Port: leave it empty

» Open the file you extracted, double-click "SimpleServer.exe"and make sure is always on open.
Open the file you extracted, double-click "SimpleServer.exe"and make sure is always on open. - See more Here
» Configure your Browsers and IDM to Port 8080
» Remember to tick: "Use this proxy server for all protocols" if you want it to open all secured sites.

Keep flexing with MTN without paying dine.

Unblock Your Airtel Sim and Get N25,000 Free Airtime

Airtel is currently giving out whooping N25,000 worth Airtime to call all network and browse when you register your Airtel SIM that needs re-registration which was barred for 30 days.

If you have old or new Airtel SIMs that have been abandoned for long, I advise you to take it out and go to any nearest Airtel registration center to re-register your SIM card, and your Sim will be credited with N25,000 airtime to call all network within 24 hours after the registration of the SIM card, if your sim card blessed with good luck, your free airtime will be accompany with free megabytes data plan.

To verify if your Airtel SIM is barred, dial 111 and listen to the instruction, you will know if your SIM is barred or not. If it is barred, then count yourself lucky as your Airtel SIM is blocked and re-registration would be needed to re-activate it.

I don't know if to call it a competition between Nigeria network providers, MTN did theirs and most of their network subscribers got N10,000, N5,000 and N2,000 respectively, after they re-registered their sim. Don't be left out in this Airtel Awoof.

Working Proxy Servers For Etisalat Social Me and ChatPak Unlimited Surfing

No good news yet about Magic IP's and the Etisalat Social Me/ChatPak that we are managing, most the proxy servers that we are using for it are currently down.
Etisalat is here to stay, they keep proving to be the best in firewall protection, but they will surely continue to fall well in our hand. Just stay glued to we are working tirelessly to bring you best of the best.
Proxy Servers like,, are currently down, but we still have two active proxy servers, which can be use to surf via Etisalat Social Me/ChatPak tweak without out using any host address (IP). When active IP's are scarce, Sypon Shield, Psiphon, ProNET are still available for you to surf the web without any host address or port, all you need is working Proxy server.
Below are the available current working proxy servers for Etisalat Social Me/ChatPak
» or
» or

 Real Proxy Type: You can change it to Inject, if HTTP not respond.

In More Option, unmarked " Use the following settings:" as it's show in the screenshot below.  

Save and Connect 

Airtel Free Browsing - Unlimimted with PD-Proxy

Hi lovely viewers and welcome to this post, few months ago Airtel Nigeria ran system upgrade which affected their BIS users with other Phone/PC, lot of people has decided to dump Airtel Sim due to the excessive charges applied to their bb plans recently and they refused to spending a dime on Airtel data plan till the plan is back to normal. Is like things are getting normal with our old beloved Airtel Bis but that is not our today's business.

Am happy to tell you that there is still a way to surf with Airtel Sim for free, no subscription required and no bis wahala. What you need is to follow steps below accordingly and you are good to enjoying free Airtel browsing on your PC or Android phone.

  • Download PD-Proxy zip file from here, then register for free username and password from here 
  • Unzip and install it. Then allow installation the Tap driver that prompted to install.
  • Once the installation is completed, then select Server (i.e Texas), and select UDP as the Protocol.
  •  Insert your username and password 
  • Then go to Settings » Advance Settings » Proto Option, then insert 53 as UDP Port
  • Click on Parent Proxy, tick on the "Enable Parent Proxy" box and enter as the IP and 80 as the port.
  • Save and go back to the Main Menu to connect.

Connect your Modem Using

    Start the software and wait for it to write Successfully connected to server!

Remember that you don't need any subscription for this, it works with #0.0.
Note that PD-Proxy only allows 100MB per day for free users. You need to upgrade to premium plan if you want to enjoy unlimited. It is just #650 per month.

Hope this information helps?
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2016 GLO 3GB BIS Subscription Code and New Price

Don't be surprised when you are trying to renew your Glo Conmonth plan and you received a message that you do not have enough credit to perform the operation. Glo Comonth of 3GB for 1k has been
the cheapest plan ever and it has been a lifesaver plan for Android device users.

With deep regret in our heart to tell you that Glo has recently increased the Comonth plan of 3GB from N1000 to N1400. The reason for this increment remained unknown and Glo has not officially issued any official statement to this development.

If you still want to continue using this same Glo bis plan on your Android device, load your Glo sim with N1400 or N1500, then dial *777# and follow the instruction on the screen.

MTN Daily Unlimited Data Plan for Just N100

Globacom gained the highest number of internet users in September 2015 with over a million new internet users on its network and as a result of that, NCC Declares GLO As Best Network In New Internet Subscription, it seems MTN Nigeria are jealous
this and want to start work toward winning the 2016 award In New Internet Subscription. MTN has decided to offer something interesting. For those who really want to download heavy files, movie lovers, games addicted, smartphone and system updating, apps, music, etc. MTN now secretly unleashed two different 24hrs unlimited data plan, one goes for N100 and the second one goes for N150, but I don't no different between the two plans yet, because I haven't give any of them trial.

If the plan works as expected, it should among of the best plan ever, but the worst part of it, not all MTN SIMs supported. It is for those who are eligible.

To Know If Your Sim is Eligible

For N100, dial *567*58# and reply with 1 to activate it if you are eligible.
For N150, dial *567*59# and reply with 1 to activate it if you are eligible.

I wish you the best of luck with your MTN Sim for this cheapest plan. Make sure you first of all dial the code before you load the money to know if your sim is eligible or not. Try it and tell us your experience via the comment box.

Mother And 4 Children Killed In Kebbi - Very Graphic Photos

This world has come to an end. On the 22nd Night of this Month, people of Birnin kebbi woke up with terrible tragedy in which five people were brutally massacred
. All of them were females. Which include: the mother, her two twin daughters and two other girls of ages 17 and 5 from their neighboring house who came to stay with them. All of them were massacred only the four month old baby that was at the back of her mother was left.

In Summary

A mother, 35 and four children were murdered in their home in Bayan Kara Area of Birnin Kebbi, three female and a male, including 3 years old twins and leaving behind a baby of less than three months old.

The incidence was suspected to have occurred in the night of Sunday, but observed on Monday morning.

Gov. Abubakar Atiku Bagudu of Kebbi State personally visited the site of the incident. He expressed his disgust and agony over the heinous tragedy, which he described as a tragic incidence.

While praying for Allah to forgive the victims, he thanked the team of security experts for their swift response and also directed them not to relent until they get the perpetrators of the crime

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Upon completion of the registration process for 2015/2016 UTME (JAMB), Your center of
Examination will not be made known to you until few weeks or days to the exam day. This is to forestall you from making plans towards rigging the process or liaising with the center director for a dubious act. Interesting I guess.
To check your center of examination, you must have Completed the registration process and you have your Registration number. LOGON to Jamb Portal Here and Put your Registration number.

Having Problem checking your center, Kindly use the comment section and we will be right there to help you out.

If you are interested in our "ONE TIME JAMB SOLUTION" a platform that delivers to you the best tips to scoring at-least 250 in this forth-coming Jamb. I don't want to call this EXPO. This is for real. We can show you how to walk your way into the computer based exam with the answers that we are going to give to you and you will come out smiling.

Book for the offer now by typing your E-mail and Phone number on the comment section of this page.


Thursday, 18 February 2016

Airtel 3G for N1,000

Airtel now has a New 3GB Data plan that cost Only N1000.
At the moment, Glo has a leading offer in terms of cheap Data Plan as announced by NCC recently.

MTN also lunched an Unlimited Daily Data Plan that cost Only N150.

Airtel Not being left out now lunches a 3GB data plan for N1,000
Although this is a blackberry plan, it isn't the same as the popular Glo 3GB blackberry plan that requires you to change your device's IMEI to that of a blackberry phone. you won't have to change your device's before it works.


To subscribe, simple dial *431#. To check your data plan balance, you need to dial *140#


As far as i Know, Airtel has a relatively good network coverage in my area though not to be compared to ETIISALAT but its far better than MTN and not to be mentioned GLO in my area. Depending on your location, you might have a different story.

N/B: The regular subscription Code for 3GB on Airtel still remains *435# for N1500 or *440*16#

Thursday, 11 February 2016

How to Know your caller's Exact Location Using Truecallelr Innstead of PankShin.

These days, Telemarketers and an unknown callers has been constantly creating a nuisance . Sometimes you will be waiting patiently for an important call and as soon as your phone rings, you will rush to pick it up, only to find out that its either MTN or Airtel calling you, asking you to press 1 to subscribe for one rubbish or the other.
a times you break your leg or hit your foot on something on the process.

That Problem has long been solved by TrueCaller. With this app, You stay away from:
  1. Telemarketers,
  2. Private Numbers 
  3. unimportant SMS from your network providers
And many other marketers that would want you to subscribe to one rubbish or the other. Before now, I use to get atleast 25 nonsense messages from Telemarketers, but today.......Thanks to True Caller.So i Advice, If you don't have TrueCaller installed in your phone, Kindly do that cos it helps. 
With Truecaller, you get to know the name of your caller whether the person is in your contact or not. As soon as you have internet on your phone, the person's name will show except for hidden numbers though this can be taken care of by blocking all unknown callers to your phone. So if you have someone that might want to trick you, Say bye bye to him.
But that is not all. There are limitations to what we commonly use truecaller for.  Exact Location of Caller.
 How to know the exact location of your caller.
Many of your callers or your contacts if you are using Truecaller will be found to be in Pankshin (A local government in Plateau State). Before now i use to wonder if this location actually exist in Nigeria.
 You can know the exact location of your caller but there is a condition. I want to say that its a not a mistake that all your callers location is showing Pankshin, The truth still remains that the caller still have the right to hide his/her location for security reasons and there is no application that can give you a callers location with authorization (License). 
So to this is not available for the public use, only for security operatives. Other applications like internet4mobile can also offer you the oportunity to view callers location but non, i say non can give you the callers exact location. even if you call MTN, my dear, there won't give you.
Truecaller can only release a caller location to you if you are a security operative so i advice you if you are not to stop looking for how to get your callers location if its not for security reason.

For more inquiries or complains, Please use the comment section.

New Glo Data Bundles and Subscription Plans For Android Phones in Nigeria

Glo Nigeria offers a variety of internet data plans you can subscribe to using your Android smartphone or j2ME phone. The bundles are categorized based on their validity periods which means their expiry time length. There are plans for 24 hours (1 day), plans for 7 days
(1 week), and plans for 30 days (1 month). See the tables below to find the subscription plan that best suit your needs.
'Validity' means how long the subscription will last.
'SMS to 127' describes the code you would send to 127 to activate the plan.
'USSD Code' is the alternative method to activate the plan by dialing a code.

Update (Nov 14 2015): Glo increases data capacity of monthly plans. The 'Always Micro' data plan has been increased to 1.2GB for N1000. other affected plans include My Phone, So Special, Always Min and Always Max which were all increased to match the change.

Glo     Daily     Plans

Plan     NamePrice     (N)Data     CapacityValiditySMS     to     127USSD     Code
Always     Day500195MB1     Day10*127*3#
Instant     Surf10020MB1     Day51*127*51#
Smallie20050MB3     Days56*127*56#

Glo     Weekly     Data     Plans

Plan     NamePrice     (N)Data     CapacityValiditySMS     to     127USSD     Code
One     Week40065MB7     Days52*127*52#
Big     Week500150MB7     Days57*127*57#

Glo     Monthly     Data     Subscription

Plan     NamePrice     (N)Data     CapacityValiditySMS     to     127USSD     Code
Always     Micro1,0001.2GB30     Days53*127*53#
My     Phone2,0002.5GB30     Days55*127*55#
So     Special2,5004.5GB30     Days58*127*58#
Always     Min5,00012GB30     Days11*127*2#
Always     Max8,00024GB30     Days12*127*1#
Silver10,00011GB30     Days15*127*11#
Gold15,00017GB30     Days16*127*12#
Platinum18,00021GB30     Days17*127*13#

Glo     Flexi     Bundles

A little bit of clarification here. The Glo Flexi plans are better enjoyed with modems for use with a computer. The plans with double validity triggers (e.g 100 hours or 30 days) means that the bundle will expire when one of those two time frames is reached. Note though that the first time frame (100 hours) is only counted during internet use while the other is counted as normal, this means that if you use the internet for only 1 hour in one whole week , your count would be 1 hour / 7 days.
100 hours (internet) or 30 days, whichever time frame is hit first, the bundle will expire.

Plan     NamePrice     (N)Data     CapacityValiditySMS     to     127USSD     Code
G     1006,0004GB100     Hrs     or     30     days20*127*5#
G     30015,00012GB300     Hrs     or     3     Months21*127*4#
G-Leisure5,0004GB8     AM     to     9     PM      daily     +     All     day     on     Weekends30*127*7#
G-Work6,0004GB8     AM     to     9     PM31*127*6#

To check your data balance on Glo, text INFO to 127.
To deactivate your plan at any time, SMS CANCEL to 127.

Monday, 8 February 2016


Are you having Issues completing your online registration into the Nigerian youth service corp portal, listed bellow are some of the issues that is commonly noticed and how to go about it.

I have not received E-mail from NYSC to complete my Registration?.

To Signup with the NYSC portal for the online registration, you need to receive an e-mail from them with which you follow the link in the mail to complete your registration (Step two), You have to make sure that the email you use is a functional email. Make sure you can login to the e-mail before using the email to sign up else, create another email fast. Either G-mail or YahooMail.
If you are sure that the E-mail you used to signup is correct and you still haven't gotten a mail from them, i advise you to be patient and keep checking on your mail, You will soon get.

Why are there not accepting my passport?

For your passport to be accepted, 
  1. It must be on a white background
  2. your face must be showing very well. Not side ways. make sure its portrait.
  3. Your passport must not be more than 15kb. Use Microsoft Picture manager to re-size your passport or paint if you know your way around it.

How many document should i upload as a married woman?

If your choose Mrs as the tittle for your name i.e if you are married, you are requested to upload documents that will indicate truly that you are married (Evidence). The include:
  1. Marriage Certificate
  2. Newspaper Change of Name
  3. Husbands Driver's Licence
  4. Husbands Utility Bill (NEPA BILL)

How do i Append Signature 

To deal with this, you need to options,
  1. Upload your signed signature. If you are choosing this option, make sure the size is not more than 7kb, else it will not be accepted. (Recommended option)
  2. Using a digital Sign. This allows you to sign your signature with the mouse. Only very few will get this correctly signing with the mouse.
I highly recommend that you sign your signature, scan it and upload.

I hope this have been very informative. For complains or equiry, please use the comment session or call us on:
 07034538881 or e-mail


Sunday, 7 February 2016


If you are reading this post, I want to say congratulations cos i believe your stress is over both in the academics and in finding a lasting solution on how to go about registering for your NYSC online.
To achieve an easy registration, these are some of the important things that you must take note of.
  1. Your name must be shortlisted in the senate list before you can register.

  2. You can only register with you correct registration Number

  3. Internet connection is a must and on a very good speed. Find the Required speed here

  4. It doesn't matter whether you are using laptop or desktop provided you have all the requirements needed to run the process.

  5. You must have Java Script installed in your system from version 7 and above.

  6. Only Digital Persona Fingerprint scanner is allowed.

  7. Determine the architecture of your system in order to find the driver compatible with the fingerprint scanner. eg. 32bit or 64bit.

  8.  Download the 32bit driver HERE and 64bit Driver HERE

  9.  Download Java here (JAVA 7) | (JAVA 8) . Ensure you upgrade JAVA 8 (jre 1.8 or jdk 1.8) to update 60 if it is installed on your machine

  10.  Take Note of the picture size as without which, you cannot submit and the picture must be on white background.

  11. If you encounter error(s) after following the instruction above, please check if your browser has java enabled. Follow links below for instructions on how to enable Java in your browser

    Link 1 | Link 2 



For all Potential Corp Members,

a). One of the major things which all the Prospective Corps members should do, is that they must have valid and functional e-mail addresses which they can easily access any time and also an active Nigerian (GSM) telephone numbers with which to register.
b). All Corps member, are expected to use their correct JAMB Registration and your university Matriculation number to register for NYSC online registration.

c). For the locally-trained graduates, only those whose names appear in the Senate/Academic Board Approved Result lists submitted by their Institutions that will have access to the NYSC 2016 online registration portal in order to register.

d). For the Foreign-trained graduates should ensure that their Institutions are very much accredited. Where in doubt, it is their responsibility to approach Federal Ministry of Education for verification. The letter of verification must be uploaded during registration.

e). But for those who are foreign-trained graduates from Ghana and Benin Republic, they must obtain letters of verification and upload same for mobilization to be effective. All the foreign-trained graduates are to visit the NYSC portal, register and upload the following documents online:

West African School Certificate(WASC) (with not less than 5 Credits at 2 sittings) or its equivalent,
General Certificate of Education (GCE O’ Level) (with not less than 5 Credits at 2 sittings) or its equivalent,
NECO (with not less than 5 Credits at 2 sittings) or its equivalent
High School Diploma or its equivalent.

First Degree or Higher National Diploma (HND) Certificate (Second Degree or Ph.D not necessary). Letter of attestation will not be accepted, Please.
Transcript of the first Degree or HND.
International travelling Passport showing data page and date of departure for the course of study. 

(Please note that you must present the originals of the above during verification at the Orientation camp).

Letters of verification for graduates of Institutions in Ghana, Benin Republic and any other Institution whose accreditation is in doubt.
NYSC Online Registration 2016 Mobilization Guidelines
Register for NYSC Online Mobilization Registration 2016

f). All the prospective corps members who graduated from non-English speaking countries are to get their certificate and transcripts and translate it to English themselves before uploading it online for NYSC.

I hope this have been informative, we will keep updating this as we discover new features. For more information and complains, please use the comment section bellow and we will reply you immediately or call us for guide on :

07034538881. e-mail



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