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Wealth creation involves the building of asset by mans of careful investment into asset based investment, usually over a long period of time. Wealth creation empowers youth to know their potentials in creating wealth and nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship it also increases income generation among the youth sustainable development in the country.
As a result of the economic, political and social influences of the global economic meltdown, nations have decided to look inward of their


Business Education is a course that offers knowledge and competencies required for  entry into business occupation of all sorts and prospering in them.  It is a  means by which someone not formally educated in business concepts and  practices  ca n learn how

Business Education as a Panacea for wealth creation among youths with specific reference to 21st Century skills.

In a knowledge-based economy, learning to collaborate with others and connect through technology are essential skills that are required.
Some researchers have grouped 21st century skills into four (4) broad categories. These include:
a.    Ways of Thinking: This has to do with creativity, critical thinking, problems solving, decision-making and learning.
b.    Ways of Working: How communication and collaboration are key.
c.    Tools for working: This includes information and communications technology (ICT) and information literacy.


1.    JOB CREATION: Entrepreneurship businesses create more new jobs than also larger business. In united state of America, one study suggested that entrepreneurship businesses may account for as much as 66 percent of all new employment each year Ijaiya (2007).
These types of businesses created new jobs at much faster rate than did large older businesses. For instance when new eatery or dry cleaning outlet is opening in Nigeria, it created, some ten or more new jobs because so many new business are created each year, the cumulative effect of new jobs being created is large or significant. Enterprises play a key role in creating productive and decent work that helps meet the economic and social aspirations people and their communities whether small, medium or large enterprises, including co-operatives, they are a major source of growth and employment in all countries. Enterprises and the entrepreneurs who run them play a crucial role in creating job and reducing poverty.


Nigeria as a growing economy is not exempted from the challenges peculiar with growing economies and nations. Entrepreneurs or small scale business are normally faced with daunting but surmountable challenges which at times are too much for many of them to succeed.

Entrepreneurial ventures are saddled with lots of challenges which include:-

Friday, 26 September 2014


1.1 Liberal scholars see the state as a product of social contract, an outcome of the escape from the state of nature in which life was said by Thomas Hobbes to be “nasty, brutish and short.” In order to escape from anarchy of the state of nature according to these liberal theorists, men surrendered their power to a single sovereign, hence the social contract and emergence of the State. On the other hand, the Marxian school sees the State as a logical aspect of the emergence of class struggle in society. Thus the State is a product of indigenous social classes in classical capitalist state and not imposition from without like the colonial State According to Hamza


This study assessed the impact of poverty reduction programmes as a development strategy in Nigeria from 1970 to date. The study first of all examined issues of poverty and underdevelopment in Nigeria, attributing it to lack of employment, high rate of illiteracy among the citizenry, poor infrastructure, inadequate access to micro credit facilities, mismanagement of public funds, bad governance, instability of the governments and its policies. The study also examined the efforts made by different governments in poverty alleviation within this period.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

List Of Top 9 Best Laptop In The World

Here Are The Brand List Of Top 9 Best Laptop In The World[/hr]

1. Apple:
Apple laptops are built-in
with a good sound system
along with other premium
features. When judged by
compatibility parameters,
Apple laptops get knocked down. Apple is known for
style and quality and today it has launched a large number of products that are highly acclaimed by consumers.

2. Dell:

Dell is one of the best and
most popular laptop brands ruling the market. It's well-known for its longevity,durability and robustness. Dell
laptops are reliable and give high performance. The trendy looks of Dell laptops and the cost affordable prices further make Dell an excellent product.

3. HP:
Hewlitt Packard (HP) is very
user-friendly and has a good support system. HP has different note-book models with different screen sizes.
The first laptop manufactured by HP was HP Multimedia PC, model numbers 6100, 6140S,
and 6170S. Today HP
manufactures eight notebook models that are customizable in the U.S. only.

4. Compaq:
Compaq was founded in 1982 and it marketed portable computers. It merged with HP
in 2011. Today most Compaq products are branded as HP.
Some computer oriented products still remained in the name of Compaq Presario. The
budget models are priced
according to the
configuration. The prices are affordable for beginners.

5. Lenovo:
Lenovo Group Limited, a
Chinese based multinational company manufactured and
marketed laptops in the brand name Lenovo. In 2009, Lenovo was the fourth largest vendor of personal computers in the
world. Lenovo is undoubtedly a quality product.

6. Sony Vaio:
Vaio is a sub-brand of Sony's computer products,
manufacturing and marketing laptops. Vaio is the acronym for Visual Audio Intelligence
Organizer. It is known to have premium features and
components. The price is high as compared to other laptop brands.

7. Samsung:
Samsung owns a good market reputation. They have high- end models with impressive features. The price also increases with high-end features and configurations.

8. Acer:
Acer is improving constantly and can be included in the list
of good laptop brands. It has a very decent budget model and is economically priced.
Since it's a new brand, it still needs solid marketing to compete with other brands.

9. Asus:
Asus is also gaining
momentum in the market. It's improving the quality of products and making a good reputation in the market.
They are capitalizing mainly on netbook market which is experiencing impressive sales and profits.
Other good laptop brands
include LG - Xnote, MSI (Micro-
Star International), Panasonic, Toshiba, HCL, and TG Sambo. I
hope in this article we have
covered almost all good
laptop brands in the market.
Check the features like
warranty period, memory, back up, and after sales
service before investing.

How To Increase Your 2g, 3g And Wifi Internet Speed By 200% In Android

o get your
Internet speed increased,
go to the Play Store and
download Internet Speed
Once downloaded, launch
and click on 'OK.' Finally
click on Patch if your
device is rooted or click

on Improve Internet
Connection if your device
is not rooted.
Once you have done this,
try browsing the Internet
and see how significant
your Internet speed would
have boosted.
TO DownLoaD
Internet-Speed-master,copy and paste the below url in your browser:
Drop comment if you

Monday, 22 September 2014

A Few Steps To Recover Deleted Contacts On Iphone

Have you ever deleted your iPhone text messages by mistake? Are you puzzled on how to retrieve the deleted messages? Read this post to figure out how to retrieve your deleted text messages from iTunes backup.

Text messages of your iPhone is a quite significant part of your life, which may includes your sweet memories with your friends or the important info of your working schedule. It happens that the text messages can get lost for many reasons such as mistaken deletion, device damage, or even worse the device got stolen. iTunes makes it easy to backup your iPhone data includes your text messages. So, once you lost your text messages in some dreadful day, you can retrieve them from iTunes backup.

iPhone Data Recovery Free is your best helper to retrieve deleted text messages from iTunes backup. It is also applied to retrieve other types of iPhone data.This post provides you step-by-step instructions to help you retrieve deleted text messages from iTunes backup.
Free iPhone Data Recovery software Highlights

- Capable of retrieving SMS, iMessages, MMS which may contain info that really counts much.
- Saves messages to HTML format or simply copies them to the clipboard.
- Retrieves 19 types of iOS content including messages, contacts, photos, music, video.
- Selectively scan the files before you recover which greatly saves your time and efforts.

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from iTunes Backup

1. Download and install it on your computer.
2. Launch it, and select "Recover from iTunes Backup".
3. Choose a backup file and click "Next" button to retrieve it.
4. Select Messages in all recovery file types and click "Start Scan".
5. Preview the messages in thumbnails, and choose the messages you want to retrieve, click "Recover" button to retrieve them on your computer.

How To Use Your Glo Bis On Pc And Other Devices Via Tether Mode

A GLOBIS SUBSCRIBED SIM CARD, then load 1000naira and subscribe by sending comonth to 777,you will be given 3GB DATA .

Then you must be in a 3G area to enable fast speed,if the 3G is stable in your area,just set your bb to 3G only so that it wont switch to EDGE during network fluctuation. if 3G is not stable in your area,you can set it to 3G and 2G.pdanet in action

To use your Glo Bis on PC all you have to do is
1:Go to your blackberry TCP IP option on your phone .Follow this step to locate tcp ip on your blackberry (options-device-advance system settings-TCP IP ),or search through,

then enable APN and punch in as APN
flat as username and password.

2:download this zip file by clicking, note-to download the zip file,once you get to the download link page,scroll down and click on free,wait for the seconds to count,enter the code on the page and click on create download link,the download link will be generated immediately.scroll down and click on the first download you saw,save the file on your computer.thats all.

the file contains both pdanet for pc and bb,extract and install the one for pc named bbnetbb230 ,then copy the one named pdanet.jad into your bb and launch to install

or simply

Visit to download PDAnet for your blackberry directly,just copy it to your bb browser and install, and the other for your PC then follow the on screen instruction for installation.

once you install pdanet on your pc,go to your system control panel,system,device manager,modems,
click on modems,then scroll to pdanet and rightclick on properties,a window will pop up,click on advance,in the extra initialization command box
,copy and paste .....

Thursday, 18 September 2014


Airtel have just set a new race for other network, this is part of what i have been expecting from all Nigerian network, now Airtel have just set the race..Airtel has just upgraded their internet service. You can now transfer mb from one sim to another airtel sim...You can send mb to your Loved ones, friends and families. To do that,                           
 Follow the steps below *141*712*11*recipientnumber#
To transfer 25mb-dial *141*712*9*recipientnumber#
To transfer 60mb-dial *141*712*4*recipientnumber#
if you are having any problem feel free to leave your comment below or dial *141*1# follow the voice prompt
N/B 100 will be deducted for every MB sent.

Friday, 12 September 2014


The  post  war data  imply that prices  of  long term  discount  bonds  are more variable than those of short term discount bonds and that long term interest

rates, measured by yield-to-maturity, are less volatile than short term rate. In addition, we find that short-term interest rate are procyclical, while lay-term interest rates vary little with current output. What economic factors influence interest rate variability? If we can isolate some economic determinants of the levels of interest rates, and bond prices, we will b e well on our way to funding determinants of this variability.


About interest Rate 

We will measure interest rate volatility using a statistic called the standard deviation.  The  standard  deviation.  The  standard  deviation  measure  how dispersed a variable is around its average valve, If the standard deviation is high, observations on a variable tend to be for away from the variable tend to be clustered around the average valve. Therefore, as the standard deviation increases, there is a greater chance that will see large changes in the valve of the variables.

Thursday, 11 September 2014


The Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) was adopted in July 1986 against the cash in the international oil market and the resultant deteriorating economic conditions in the country. It was designed to achieve fiscal balance and balance of payment viability by altering and restricting the production and consumption



There is a very close connection between bond prices and interest rates. We will focus on interest rate calculated from prices of traded US government securities

and show how the interest rate on a particularly simple type of security can be derived solely from it price. We focus on yields derived solely from it price. We focus on yields derived from US government securities because these assets are backed by the full faith and credit of the government and, therefore, have virtually no default risk.



The variability of interest rates affects decision about how to save and invest. Investors differ in their willingness to hold risky assets such as stocks and bound. When the returns to holding stocks and bonds are highly volatile, investors who rely on these assets to provide for their consumption face a relatively large chance of having low consumption at any given time. For example, before retirement, people receive a steady stream of income that helps to buffer the changes in wealth associated with changes in the returns on their investment portfolios.



The variability short-term and long-term interest rate is a prominent feature of the economy. Interest rates change in response to a variety of economic events, such as changes in federal policy, crises in domestic and international financial markets, and changes in the prospects for long term economics growth and inflation. However, economic events such as these tend to be irregular. There is a more regular variability of interest rate associated with the business cycle, the expansions  and  contractions  that  the  economy  experience  overtime.


Region and country economic factor such as factor and interest rate policy, contribute  to  the  directional  changes  of  the  market  and  thus  volatility.  For example in many countries, the central bank sets the short-term interest rates for overnight borrowing by banks. When they change the overnight rate can cause stock markets to react, sometimes violently.


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