Saturday, 14 July 2018

Ways of measuring students' academic performance

Ways of measuring students' academic performance:
Academic performance is commonly measured by examinations or continuous assessment but there is no general agreement on how it is best tested or which aspects are most important, procedure knowledge
such as skills or declarative knowledge such as fact. According to Longe (2011) specifically in schools, colleges and university, academic performance is measured mostly by the extent of achieving cognitive goals that either apply across multiple subject areas (e.g. critical thinking or include the acquisition of knowledge and understanding in a specific intellectual domain e.g. numeracy, literacy, science, history).
Ezezue (2013) states that, among the many criteria that indicate academic achievements, there are very general indicators such as procedural and declarative knowledge acquired in an educational system, more curricular- based criteria as grade or performance on an education system, more curricular- based criteria such as grades or performance on an educational achievement test, and cumulative indicators of academic achievement such as educational degree and certificates.
In support of the above,  Uduigwomen (2013) opines that, academic performance should be measured in multiple means and, methods such as teachers observation, benchmark assessment, students portfolios, rubrics, progress monitoring tools, standardized assessments and other local assessments. Igbafen (2012) adds that, over the past century, the educational community and the public have become familiar with the tools of the educational achievements test and measurement tests. Almost every adult in our society has personal experience with standardized achievement" testing. In most standardized achievement testing booklets, there are test items in a variety of formats, for example, multiple- choice, item and true or false, short answer or essay items. By the time the test booklets and bubble sheet are in the hands of the test takers a great deal of thought and decision making has taken places but that work is invisible to the test taker. In the same way, once test booklets are in the hands of the students, test items reflect educator-and measurement expert understanding of how to measure successful students' outcomes, and this understanding ultimately is reflected in achievement scores.

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