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Factors affecting students' Academic performance

Factors affecting students' Academic performance.
Some factors have been explained as contributing to the level student’s academic performances in school and colleges. According
to Asuquo (2013), some of the factors affecting students' academic performance are explained below:
(a)    Types of school: The type of school a child attends is very important in influencing educational outcomes, research in the* "US" according to Asuquo (2013) has found that socio economic status influences educational attain more context tends to affect the strength of the relationship between socio-economic status and educational outcomes. Students from independent private schools are more likely to achieve higher end of school scores. Students that attend private schools are academically sound than students from public schools because they have good qualified teachers, good infrastructures and conducive environment in the school although these factors are indirectly linked to the effect of socio-economic status on the academic performance of the students.
(b)    Environment: This is also one of the factors that affect student’s academic performance. The environment in which, students lives or are brought up also influences their academic performance. Ti should be noted however that some students from   low   social-   economic   background   may   be   higher academic achieves while others from higher social-economic background may be low achieves because some of them abuse the opportunities. It is believed that what a child eat, how   and   where   he   lives   greatly   affect   his   physical' development, a child success or failure to a considerable extent depend on the type of environment he/ she lives.
(c)    Educational background of parents: This affect students academic performance in the sense that students whose parent have highly educational standard perform very well because their parents were so concern and conscious about their children academic performance since they have gone through these processes, they also encourage and motivate them to work very hard so that they can emulate them and even have higher educational standard than them; they also create time to check their books and provide additional help them through extra moral lesson while students from low or non- educational background might not know the effect of it, in some instance those with low educational background might, misuse their opportunity during their time and will not want that to happen to their children.
(d)    Truancy: This is related to poor educational performances, it is a high level of unexplained absence among students, and truancy can be seen both as an educational outcome and as casual factor in explaining educational performance.  High level of unexplained absence from school has been found to' be    associated    with    poor   child    upbringing    and    poor performance in schools. Also truancy has been found to be associated   with   students   from   middle   and   high   socio-economic status due to nonchalant attitude on the part of the parents towards the academic performance of their children.
(e)    Parental awareness: this is also one of the factors affecting academic performance of students ins secondary schools, parental psychologists believes that, most modern parents  recognize the importance of education as a preparation for successful living. They therefore willingly make reasonable sacrifice to educate their children because they believes that education is more than any assets and therefore encourage their children to read in order to develop their physical, academic, intellectual and social qualities. In agreement with" the above views, Odimegwu (2013) identifies and explains factors affecting students academic performance as follows:
(a)    Students- Related factors: There are some reasons for poor performance that are specific or related to the students and not related to external factors. For example, bullying: The evolution of technology and social media communication has in some counties if not most, made it easier than ever for young people to be exposed to environments that can make bullying unbearable and even more threatening than ever before. Self motivation, earning disability is students-centered and may create an obstacle to reaching certain academic standards. Motivation also can play a factor in poor performance. A student may be fully capable of earning high, grades but might simply not care enough about education to exert the effort needed for better academic performance. Issues of motivation could be placed upon the parents or even the school, but sometimes a child simply does not enjoy learning.
(b)    Teachers related factors: according to Odimegwu (2013), Africa loses estimated 20,000 skilled personnel a year to developed countries in search of better......

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