Thursday, 4 August 2016

Research Questions on Evaluation of knowledge of Obstetric health problems associated with high parity among mothers in Ebonyi Local Government area of Ebonyi State.

  • What do women know about obstetric risks of high parity? 
  • What is the women’s perception of relationship between high parity and obstetric health problems? 
  • Is there relationship between women’s level of education and knowledge of obstetric risks of high parity? 

Scope of the Study

This study is delimited to the multiparous women that attends ante natal clinic at Ugbodo comprehensive health centre and Odomoke General hospital in Ebonyi local government Area.
Significance of the Study 

The findings from the study will reveal the women’s knowledge of outcomes/complications associated with high parity. An understanding of obstetric risk of high parity and its associated problem will provide clue for obstetric care giver to health educate mothers on the importance of good family planning initiative, ante natal care and good nutrition. These will help in increasing the knowledge horizon of women, enhance reduction in maternal morbidity and mortality rates and other complications associated with high parity. 
It will also provide literature for further researches in the topic or related ones and will eventually add to the growth of nursing profession and the entire health care system in Nigeria and beyond.

Operational Definition of Terms

High Parity:

In this study refers to the number of previous pregnancies greater than four that a woman had or delivered

Knowledge of Obstetric Risk of High Parity:

In this study refers to the level of women’s awareness about obstetric dangers, complications or hazards (such as ante partum haemorrhage, post partumhaemorrhage, pre eclampsiaetc) associated with/or resulting from increasing number of pregnancies. 

Perception of high parity and obstetric health problem: 

The women’s personal exposure and conceived ideas about obstetric dangers resulting from increasing number of pregnancies. 

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