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How to Enjoy Technological Gadgets

Technology evolves everyday and unless you are a geek or technophile, it can be rather challenging to keep up with the new innovations constantly making entry into the

Nevertheless, even with tech addiction, you can still be shrewd or frugal at the same time. To make this feasible,we shares some ideas which will tremendously help you enjoy technology without breaking the bank!

Avoid early adoption

When a device is newly introduced into the market, there is a very high possibility that the price or cost will be very high. You will be spending so much money on the device if you are an early adopter. If you are so keen on buying the device, you can leave a months or two intervals so that the price for the product can crash. You will save a significant amount if you are able to pull this off.

Stop impulse buying

The popularity of e-commerce business in Nigeria and other parts of the world has largely encourages impulse buying. Immediately a product is released, you can buy it immediately online hours after the release or you see a nice tech gadget, you purchase it. In order to save money, stay away from impulse buying.

Buy durable and long lasting device

Many rate price over quality. This is why they prefer to buy cheap devices with little or no quality. As a result of the low quality, they repeatedly buy the same product because it is not durable. Why not simply gather enough money and buy quality, durable and long-lasting devices?

Buy Fairly used devices  

Some may probably not like this because they have a knack to brand new devices. You should ask yourself whether you can afford the brand new device or not? There is nothing wrong with fairly used. The important thing is that you should not buy on the streets. Afterwards, it behooves on you to ensure that the device is in proper condition.   

Fix It Yourself  

It is not compulsory for you to become an overnight technician because you want to repair your device. However, there is nothing wrong with making an attempt to repair your damaged phone. Essentially, if you know that you cannot repair it yourself, you should send to your friends for repair. Do just walk anywhere and deliver your phone to anyone. You may even be lucky, the phone may still on warranty.  

Take advantage of discounts, deals, and coupons

Online stores offer discounts on various devices available on their platforms. So, rather than buying at a physical store, you can buy online where you can get mouthwatering deals, discounts, and coupons.

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Quick ways to transfer files between your PC and smartphone

data-sharingIn time past, transferring files like videos, photos and music could take forever. However, with the advancement in technology, you can move large files within minutes without worrying about how
long it with take. For the technology 'novice' as well as the tech geek, we bring to you the fastest and quickest ways to exchanges files between your personal and your smartphone.


This is the most used way to transfer file between devices including your PC and your phone. It is very simple to use. The user simply turn-on the Bluetooth of both devices, pair them and then select the documents, music, picture or video you want to send.  You can send as many files you want  at the same time. Also, ensure that you turn on the visibility of your Bluetooth to make it discoverable.

Card readers  

When you buy a memory card (8GB, 16GB, 32 GB and 64GB), it is usually accompanied by a card reader. It is in this card reader that you insert your SD card which enables you to move files between your PC and your phone. You save the files you want to transfer in your memory card with your phone. Afterwards, insert the memory card in your card reader, and insert into the memory card space of your PC. Open the card reader on your PC and cut or copy your desired files from the memory card.


It is also possible for you to transfer files through your wireless network also known as Wi-Fi. You can do this if your computer is connected to a network. In addition to this, you must  download WiFi app ShareIt which you can get on Google Play Store. The app makes it easy to setup a wireless network.

NFC connection

Near Field Communication (NFC) is fast catching up with Bluetooth as many smartphones now come with this technology. NFC may not be as fast as Bluetooth but it is very reliable as it provides secure data transfer. To make the transfer possible, both devices have to be touch with  each other.

USB cable

This is even easier to use than Bluetooth. You connect a compatible USB cable with your phone and computer. Allow your computer some few minutes to recognize the cable. When this is  done, you can choose and move any file  you want to transfer 

Top 4 Social media scams to avoid

Top 4 Social media scams to avoid
Social media rules the world. It is the new tech addiction that many young people cannot do without as they spend hours viewing, reading and posting content via the internet. This underscores the importance of social media in today's world. As the use of social media rises, there are others out there who are using it to swindle and scam unsuspecting users.

Fake customer service account

Brands and corporate organizations are now on social media as such, it has become possible to resolve complaints and get a quick response to questions on social media. Some of these accounts representing corporate institutions are verified while others are not. Hence, the possibility of chatting with a parody customer service handle is high. If you are getting an unsatisfactory response, you should  contact their official helpline.

Comments on popular posts or articles

A particular post or article may generate sizeable comments. And among the comments, you will notice some links directing you to other websites. These links lure you to websites that are either unsafe or offering scandalous services so it is better to ignore such links.

False online discounts

The false discounts are too fantastic to be true. It is not surprising because it is coming from a parody customer service account. They are not legitimate and you can lose your personal information if you fall for it because you will be asked to fill out forms that require your personal information.

Online surveys and polls

The rule of thumb is ‘if you do not trust the website, do not visit it’. One of the easiest ways to have your  personal information stolen is via online survey and polls. Most fraudulent hackers often tweet or post a dangerous link urging users to complete forms for a survey. You can fill the forms but do not give out information like credit card details.

Avoid live streaming videos

This is another way of scamming people on social media as more media companies start streaming their shows and movies online. But these links they share on social media lead to fake websites which only ask for data of visitors.

Ways to Avoid Damage to Battery While Charging your Phone

Ways to Avoid Damage to Battery

Ways to Avoid Damage to Battery While Charging your Phone

A battery is the most important component of any smartphone. There are some
phone batteries that take seconds to charge and at the same time, it takes seconds to drain. This can be very annoying because it limits you the things you can do with your phone like taking selfies, listening to music and watching videos. Therefore, it is important to charge your phone properly in order to prevent the damage of your battery or its quick charge.

Always use the charger that comes with your phone

If you bought a new phone, it is better to always use the charger that came with your phone whenever you want to charge. But if you bought  fairly used, do not just buy any charger. Using any charge to charge your phone can damage your gadget or battery.

Keep your phone cool, dry place

The position you place your battery is important. Do not place it in a hot place for example, where the rays of the sun can reach it. Your battery will drain faster when it is hot. As a caveat, it is better you unplug it when it is hot and always disconnect it whenever it is fully charged.

Don't Calibrate your Battery

Calibrating your battery means that you want your android phone to properly report the percentage charge of your of your device. Many phone users calibrate their phones when it moves from nearly full to nearly empty. Notwithstanding, you do not need to calibrate your battery. It is either you replace your battery or use it like that. If you rely on calibration to boost your battery, it can destroy your battery and device.

Intermittent charging

Rather than charging your phone at a go, it is better to charge it intermittently throughout the day. That means charge only charge your phone when it is under 50% and not expressly allowing it to charge.

Keep your device half full

Your phone do not need to charge 100% before you remove it. To make your battery last longer, always keep it charged above 50%.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

NYSC 2016 Batch A Stream II Orientation Course Postponed

NYSC Management regrets to inform you that 2016 Batch 'A' Stream II Orientation Course in all states including
Adamawa, Borno and Yobe in stream I has been postponed due to logistic reasons. A new date will be communicated to you in due course. Pls accept our sincere apologies

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Analysis of Research Questions carried out on Students Attitude towards the Learning of Integrated Science in Secondary School

The research questions of the study was analysed using the simple percentage method.
Item/ question
There are enough teachers teaching integrated science.
The method used in teaching of integrated science affected student’s interest in the subject

Research Methodology in Students Attitude towards the Learning of Integrated Science in Secondary School

3.0. Introduction 
In this chapter, the methods and procedures used in the study is discussed under the following headings:
Research design 
Population of the study 

Methods of Integrated Science Learning

Basically, there are two methods in learning of integrated science, these are: 
i. Expository Method: By expository is meant verbal explanation or discussion. This method is sometimes referred to as lecturing. It is the most frequently used in the teaching, and learning of integrated science. 
ii. Enquiry or discovery method: The enquiry or the discovery method deals with exposing students to actual learning materials in order to find our something about them. Through the enquiry approach, the students acquire basic scientific knowledge, skills and attitudes. 

Concept and Framework for Integrated-Science

Integrated science is a course with merged topics like biology, chemistry, physics, etc. According to Gallagher et al (2008) defined integrated science as a cumulative approach of scientific study
that synthesizes the perspectives of the individual disciplines and integrates them during all phases of the approach to a question or problem, with the results having an influence on policy and management decision.
Integrated science according to Oladimeji in Ene (2009) is defined as amalgamated course designed to show the unit, wholeness and interrelationship of the distinct disciplines of biology, chemistry, physics and so forth, should not be discernible. It is the virtue of its name of bringing together of different branches of science as a unified whole through the concepts and methods which pervade the natural science.

Reviewed related literature in the Students Attitude towards the Learning of Integrated Science in Secondary School

2.1. Introduction 

Inn this chapter, literature pertinent to the study is reviewed. This was done under the following sub-headings:
Concept of attitude
Concept and framework for integrated science

Students Attitude towards the Learning of Integrated Science in Secondary School 2

1.8. Definition of Terms
There are some key terms used repeatedly in the study which needs to be defined. These are:
i. Attitude: Attitude is an expression of favours or disfavours towards a person, place, thing or event.
ii. Instructional Materials: These are materials used to help transfer information and skills to others. Examples of teaching aids are books, films, audio-visual materials etc.
iii. Factors: One that actively contribute to an accomplishment, result or process.
iv. Teacher Factor: These are teacher related factors that affects students interest in learning integrated science such as teachers methodologies  and teachers competence.
v. School Factors: These are school factors that have adverse effect on student’s interest in learning integrated science. Such as the concept and content of the subject.
vi. Student Factors: These are students related factors that negatively affect their interest and aspirations.

Students Attitude towards the Learning of Integrated Science in Secondary School


1.1. Background of the Study 

In recent studies, student’s interest in education have been measured by various scholars in terms of their attitude towards school subjects. A student who has negative attitude towards some subjects has
shown a signal of poor attitude and interest in education. Similarly, some researchers have linked poor academic achievements of students in recent times to the low level of interest they have on school subjects.
Analysing factors that contribute to student’s low level of interest towards school subjects.


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