Thursday, 7 April 2016

Hikes in Petrol Price - speak your mind

The geometrical increase in the price of the Petroleum product in Nigerian for the past 10 months can no longer be considered as a positive change. Yes we advocated for change but never did we no that the change is to this direction.
If the primary source of our livelihood in this country cannot be controlled even when the president is the minister of the said department, how then can we envisage a good and conducive governance.
How can we blame the past administrative for the cause of the problem. and if at all we should lay blame, then for how long shall we continue to blame before taking the bull by the horn. This is 10 Months for crying out loud.
From Electricity to Dollar, Dollar to Fuel and Maybe from Fuel to .............
Fuel Price is Sold at 250 in my Area, there are many cases of fights and Killings reported in many of the filling stations that is selling.

Let me Know your Feeling, Speak your mind. 
How much is Fuel sold at your end and 
How do you see this new government.

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