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How to get Airtel 500MB,2GB OR 8GB all for Free

We bring to all Airtel Users this Latest tweak that can give them 500MB,2GB OR 8GB to browse with all for free.
To Enjoy this Offer, Simply Follow these Steps:

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Use this Infinix Imei that Offers Free
The Imei is: 35842906074...
Add any 3 digits of your choice to it and
get the check sum 15th digit via IMEI
Then Edit the new IMEI using Mobile
uncle tools
Restart Your phone.
Then Send infinix to 131
Believe me you will be given free 2015MB

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Etisalat Unlimited Hourly Plan

With this Tweak, you can browse and download anything with just N15. You don't have limit to what you can download as far as you follow the instructions and you still have a valid time-frame.

To get this Tweak, Simply follow the instruction as listed below:
==>Dial *200#
==> And migrate to easy starter
==> Migrate again to easy life by dialing *620*1#and
==>Opt in by dialing *229*3*7# You will be charged N15... You can opt out with *227*0#..
Note: this is a very Important part
Make sure you opt out immediately after you subscribed to it else it will be auto-renewed.
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How to Chat With Friends on BBM without Sending Request

BlackBerry on Saturday rolled out a new BBM update for the Android and BlackBerry 10 devices that will let users manage their social circles with ease. The update will soon be made available for iOS as well.

The updated BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) will now include new contact categories – Contacts and BBM Contacts.

In Contacts category, you will find out that who all in your device’s contacts list are already using BBM, and can simply start chatting with them without any invite required. But both the users will not be able to see each other’s Display Picture or BBM Status unless they add each other.

BBM Contacts is separate category, and mainly are those who are not in your phone’s contacts list but are added on your BBM.

The importance of Bank Verification Number (BVN)

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) initiative will help to boost retail credit in the banking industry by helping banks to identify and blacklist fraudulent customers.

Managing Director of the Nigeria Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS), Mr. Ade Shonubi, who is responsible for the implementation of the BVN, stated this in a statement, explaining that once banks are able to identify and blacklist fraudulent customers, they would be encouraged to extend  loans  to those customers that are credit worthy and  do not have any record of being delinquent borrowers.

The BVN is an initiative aimed at protecting bank customers and further strengthening the Nigerian banking system. It is an initiative of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), in conjunction with the Bankers’ Committee meant to address the safety of customers’ funds, avoids losses through compromise of personal identification numbers and other criminal activities in the industry.

Shonubi noted that apart from the challenge of identifying customers, a major hindrance to retail credit in the Nigerian environment was the perception that most Nigerians are crooks who would look for ways of failing to repay loans. He pointed out that the BVN would address this problem by helping to identify and distinguishing fraudulent Nigerians from law abiding and honest citizens.

He said, “When the BVN project came up, there were three key things. First and most important of all is for us to identify our customers and to identify them uniquely across banks and across accounts. So, once you have BVN, even if you have 10 bank accounts, it is the same BVN that will be tied to the bank accounts. Now, relating to identifying is the possibility of banks blacklisting people who have committed financial infractions. It could be fraudsters; it could be people who have gone to forge documents because what happens today is that the same guy will go to a bank, commits fraud, then runs to another bank and because there is no way of tying all these activities across. So, we found out that there were quite a lot of losses related to these individuals from one bank to another.

Consequently, he said the BVN would allow lenders begin to build retail credit. He explained: “This is because a concern for bank is, if I lend you money now and you go away, how do I identify you? So, you find that the entire retail consumer lending is to people with formal employment, that is why you see everybody running to the oil companies to say ‘let’s give your staff car loan; let’s give your staff consumer loan; let’s give your staff TV loans.’ But there are a lot of self-employed people working in smaller organisations, who should also benefit. “Nobody wants to take the risk on them because if they resign today and run off, how are you going to get your money? Once they have bank accounts, the BVN allows us to identify them.”

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How to text and walk without Jaming Tree or pole

We all know that texting while driving is dangerous, and in most states, illegal. But walking and texting can be pretty hazardous as well. I have had my fair share of tree limb attacks because I was busy staring at my screen while I was walking. But like most things, there are a few apps that look to prevent incidents like that.

This issue is so prevalent that Apple filed a patent in 2012 for “transparent texting” whereby the iPhone rear-facing camera would capture the surrounds behind the texting field. That way, you could text Lisa about dinner and still see that light pole in front of you. But, if you don’t want to wait for Apple to introduce this feature there are a few applications you can download right now.

How to walk and text without running into a pole
I only wish I wrote this article earlier… I could have saved this poor woman.

If you are jailbroken, CamText probably has the best reviews out of all the applications listed, so that would be my suggestion. If you are not jailbroken, any of the other applications will do, just don’t expect the full functionality of your regular Messages application.
Let us know which app helped you avoid running into people, poles, or trees in the comment section.
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how to configure gmail on ipads

Do you want to be receiving your mails in your mobile phone?
Do you want Email notification to be enabled on your phone?
Are u tired of staying disconnected when you are out of the office?

Then you are in the right place.
We will guide you through configuring Gmail in your Device: Ipad, Iphone etc. Conveniently.
If you use Gmail or Google Apps for email, then there are few ways to access your email account on your iPhone or iPad. Even if you’ve already setup your Gmail account on your iPhone or iPad, I strongly recommend to read this article, as you may be doing it wrong.
So what is the best way to use Gmail or Google Apps on your iPhone or iPad. Before I answer that question, let me first go through the various options. Read the entire post before you start configuring Gmail on your device.

How to setup Gmail using the Google option in the Mail app (FETCH)

  • Launch the Settings app
  • Scroll down and tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendar
  • Tap Add Account
  • Then tap Google from the list of options.

Setup Gmail on iPhone and iPad - Google Fetch

  • Enter the Name, Email, password and a description for your Gmail or Google Apps email address, and tap Next to continue.
Note: If you’ve enabled two-step verification for your Gmail account then you need to use an application-specific password instead of the regular password in the password field. You can generate the application-specific password by going to the Accounts section of your account, and clicking on App Passwords.
  • After your account has been successfully verified, you will get an option to select the Google services you want to sync. Tap on Save when you’re done.

Setup Gmail on iPhone and iPad - Mail
Now launch the Mail app, which will download the mails from your Gmail account.
This is one of the most commonly used options, but it is not the best way to use Gmail on your iPhone or iPad, if you want to get your emails immediately as it uses fetch, rather than Push. Push ensures that the emails are instantly delivered to your device when you get a new email, whereas fetch will check for new email either Manually or after every 15 minutes, 30 minutes or hourly. By default, it is set to manually, you can change the settings by going to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Fetch New Data and select the appropriate option under Fetch.

How use Google Sync via Microsoft Exchange to setup Gmail in the Mail app (PUSH – Google Apps only)

If you want to use Push for your Gmail account then you need to set it up using Google Sync via Microsoft Exchange. But this works with only Google Apps email addresses and does not work with Gmail as Google discontinued support for Google Sync on January 30th, 2013. If you had setup a Gmail account before January 30th, then Google Sync would work fine, but I doubt most of you fall in this category.
If use a Google Apps email address then you can use Google Sync via Microsoft Exchange by following these steps:
Note: Please don’t use this option with a Gmail account as it won’t sync your emails to your device due to discontinued support for Gmail accounts.
  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Scroll down, and tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendar.

Setup Gmail on iPhone and iPad - Microsoft Exchange - Push

  • Tap Exchange from the list of options (not Google).
  • Enter the full Google Apps email address and a password and tap Next.
Note: If you’ve enabled two-step verification for your Google Apps email address then you need to use an application-specific password instead of the regular password in the password field. You can generate the application-specific password by going to the Accounts section of your account, and clicking on App Passwords.
  • In the next screen, enter in the server field.
  • Leave the Domain field blank.
  • Enter the full Google Apps email address in the Username field.
  • The password should be already populated in the Password field.
  • After your Google Apps account is successfully verified, select the Google services you want to sync. Ensure the Mail option is enabled, and tap Save.
Your emails should now get synced automatically to your Mail app.

Use the official Gmail app

If you use Gmail, then the recommended option to instantly receive your mail on your iPhone and iPad is to use the official Gmail app that is available in the App Store.
  • Enter the Name, Email, password and a description for your Gmail or Google Apps email address, and tap on Sign in to login to your account. If you’ve already signed in to your Gmail account then you should ideally see the Gmail and Google Apps account. You can tap on the On/Off toggle against the respective accounts to access them in the Gmail app. You can setup up to 5 Gmail or Google Apps account.

Setup Gmail on iPhone and iPad - Microsoft Exchange - Official Gmail app
Note: If you’ve enabled two-step verification, then you need to use your account password instead of the application specific password. You will be prompted to enter the verification code in the next step.
  • You can either tap on Start Tour to go through a quick visual walkthrough on how to use the Gmail app, or tap on Go to Inbox to access your emails.

Setup Gmail on iPhone and iPad - Official Gmail app intro

  • You should also get an option to allow the Gmail app to send you notifications, tap on Yes to get notifications whenever you get a new email.
  • By default, you will get notifications only for the Important Emails. If you want notifications for all emails then swipe to the right in the Inbox to access the menu, tap on the Gear icon, and then tap on All New Emails.
The other benefits of using the official app is that it allows you to use all the features that Gmail offers such as labels, see Inbox categories like Promotions, Social etc, ability to respond to Google Calendar apps right from the app, add scribbles to your email, edit email signature and vacation responses and more.
There are two things that I don’t like about the Gmail app, the first one is that it takes sometime for the emails to load when you tap on the incoming notifications. I am not sure if it Google needs to fix this or it is a limitation of iOS. The second one is the lack of Universal Inbox.
Battery Life considerations
While Push ensures that you get the email instantly, it can have an impact on your iPhone or iPad’s battery life. If you use multiple email accounts then you may want to use the Fetch option for email accounts where you don’t need to get an instant notification for new email, and switch to Fetch. The higher the fetch interval, the better it is for battery life, so you can set it appropriately based on the importance of the email account.
The best way to use Gmail on your iPhone or iPad is to use the official Gmail app, or use Google Sync via Microsoft Exchange if you’ve a Google Apps email address and prefer to use the Mail app. If you want to use the Mail app for your Gmail account then you should be aware that new mails will be retrieved only when you launch the Mail app, or based on the frequency set by you.
I hope this article gave you the necessary information to configure your Gmail or Google Apps email address correctly. Please feel free to drop me a line in the comments if you’ve any questions.

Top Viral Photos Of President Jonathan That Will Make You Smile

A few weeks to the handover of power from President Goodluck Jonathan to the president- elect, Muhammadu Buhari, it will be admirable for us to see the funny side of the incumbent president.

The president in one way or the other has repeatedly shown traits of a comedian either in his utterances or actions, as has Dame Patience Jonathan, the first lady.

On several occasions, comedians and graphic artists have humoured the duo but they still stand tall with their heads held high at any given opportunity.

Here are some of the funniest pictures of the president that have gone viral.

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When you start a document, there are no section breaks because the entire document consists of one section. A section break is the point at which you end one section and begin another because you want some aspect of page formatting to change.

You can divide a document into any number of sections and format each section the way that you want. Throughout this article, keep in mind that a section break acts as an embedded code that stores or maintains the properties of the section above it.

For tips about using section breaks, refer to the "Section Break Tips" section of this article.

Section and page properties include the following settings:
Page Orientation (Portrait/Landscape)
Line Numbering
Vertical Alignment
Headers & Footers
Page Numbering
Paper Size
Paper Source
It is recommended that when you are working with section breaks you turn on Show/Hide. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the View tab.
  2. Under Formatting Marks, click to select the All check box.
  3. Click OK.

Using section breaks

To create a new section, click the Break command on the Insert menu. In Normal view, Word displays a double dotted line and the words Section Break (Type of Section Break) to indicate a section break and its type. The line is not printed.

The breaks and their purposes are described in the following table.

Type Characteristics
Next Page Word breaks the page at the section break. The new section starts on the next page. Use this section break if you want to apply different page numbers, headers and footers, orientation, vertical alignment, or paper size to the sections in the document.
Continuous Word inserts a section break and begins the new section on the same page. If the two sections have different settings for page size or orientation, the new section begins a new page even if you select Continuous. Use this section break if you want to have different column formatting or margins on the same page. If there are multiple columns in the previous section, Word balances the columns above the section break and then fills out the page with the new section.
Odd Page Word begins the new section on the next odd-numbered page. This section break is often used for chapters that begin on odd-numbered pages.

NOTE: If the section break falls on an odd-numbered page, Word leaves the intervening even-numbered page blank.
Even Page Similar to Odd Page, but Word begins the new section on the next even-numbered page.

To insert a section break

  1. Click where you want to start a new section.
  2. On the Insert menu, click Break.
  3. Under Section Breaks, select the option that describes the section break that you want.
  4. Click OK.

Determining the type of section break

In Word, the type of section break is shown on your screen, in parentheses, after the words Section Break. This is not where the properties of that section break are stored. The properties for the type of section break indicated on the screen are stored in the next section break (which may have a different type of section break indicated). If there is no additional section break in your document, the properties for that section break are stored in the last paragraph mark of the document. The section breaks act as an embedded code that stores or maintains the properties of the section above it.

For example, suppose you have a one-page document and half-way down the page you insert an Odd Page section break, and farther into your document, on Page 1, you insert a Next Page section break. In Normal view, you see the following:
::::::::::::::::::::::Section Break (Odd Page):::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

::::::::::::::::::::::Section Break (Next Page)::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
If you place your insertion point above Section Break (Odd Page), the status bar shows Page 1 Sec 1.

Under Section start, it indicates that the section is New Page. (See note below.)

If you place your insertion point between Section Break (Odd Page) and Section Break (Next Page), the status bar shows Page 3 Sec 2.

If you place your insertion point below Section Break (Next Page), the status bar shows Page 4 Sec 3. The settings for this section break are stored in the last paragraph mark of the document (because there are no more section breaks in the document).

Note To see the actual properties for any of the sections in this example, follow these steps:
  1. Click above the section break for which you want to view the properties.
  2. On the File menu, click Page Setup, and then click the Layout tab.

    Section Start indicates the type of section break, for example, Odd Page.

    The settings for the section break are stored in the section break below where your insertion point is located or as shown on the screen.

    Note A section break indicated on your screen as Next Page is defined as New Page on the Layout tab of the Properties dialog box.

To delete a section break

For more information about deleting and troubleshooting section breaks, click Microsoft Word Help on the Help menu, type Section Break in the Office Assistant or the Answer Wizard, and then click Search to view the topics returned.

Section break tips

  • You can save a section break and the formatting it contains as an AutoText entry for future use.
  • You can copy section formatting by copying the section break in normal view. When you paste a section break into a new location, the text above the section break takes on the formatting contained in the section break.

    When you copy a selection that contains a section break and paste it into a Word document, the text above the section break assumes the section level formatting of the pasted section break.

    This behavior also occurs if you copy the last paragraph mark and paste it into a document, because the last paragraph mark is an implied section break.

    For example, if you insert a continuous section break in a document, the section above the inserted section break is Continuous, and the section below is New Page.

    Similarly, when you delete a section break, the text that preceded the section break becomes part of the section that follows, and it assumes the formatting of that section. The following example, using a two-section document, illustrates this concept:
    Section 1 is formatted for three columns and contains no headers or footers. Section 2 is formatted for two columns and contains a footer. If you delete the section break between the two sections, Word formats the entire document for two columns and places a footer on each page.

    Section level formatting includes headers and footers, columns, section start setting, line numbers, margins, paper size, paper source and orientation, and vertical alignment.

    When you select text to copy and paste, remember that you are copying section level formatting when you include a section break or the last paragraph mark in your selection. If you copy a selection that does not contain a section break or the last paragraph mark, section layout formatting is not affected when you paste the selection.
  • You can change the type of section break without deleting the current section break by doing the following:
    1. Place the insertion point into the section that you want to change.
    2. On the File menu, click Page Setup.
    3. Click the Layout tab.
    4. Under Section Start, select the type of section you want and then click OK.
For additional information about section breaks, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
238124 Continuous section break becomes next-page break in Landscape

Collapse imageProperties

Article ID: 291184 - Last Review: January 31, 2007 - Revision: 3.2
  • Microsoft Office Word 2003
  • Microsoft Word 2002 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Word 2000 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Word 97 Standard Edition
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President Jonathan Orders Removal Of His Campaign Posters, Billboards Nationwide

President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday directed the Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Organisation and other bodies that campaigned for his re-election to start removing the posters, billboards, banners, signs and other campaign materials they erected nationwide.

In a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati, the President said with the 2015 general elections over, it was appropriate that steps be taken to restore the environment in Nigerian cities, towns and villages to their pre-elections campaign state.

Jonathan urged Nigerians to put the recent political campaigns behind them and join hands with the incoming administration in working for a more united, peaceful, stable and progressive nation.

The statement read, “With the 2015 presidential elections now concluded and the country preparing for the inauguration of a new administration on May 29, President Goodluck Jonathan believes that it is appropriate that steps be taken to restore the environment in Nigerian cities, towns and villages to their pre-elections campaign state.

“Accordingly, President Jonathan directs that the PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation and the various associations that coalesced into the Jonathan/Sambo Support Group immediately begin the process of removing the posters, billboards, banners, signs and other campaign materials in support of his re-election bid which still adorn the landscape in major cities across the country.

“The President thanks all individuals and organisations who made sincere contributions and worked with immense dedication for the Jonathan/ Sambo Campaign.

“He applauds his supporters and other Nigerians for the disciplined, patriotic and democratic manner in which they comported themselves before, during and after the elections.

“Now that the elections are over except for re-runs in a few states, President Jonathan urges Nigerians to put the recent political campaigns behind them and join hands with the incoming administration in working for a more united, peaceful, stable and progressive nation.”

Monday, 20 April 2015

Nigerian Immigration Service Computer Based Tst Expo- General Knowledge

Question 1: Numerically state the aims, objective and goals of the Nigeria immigration service?


  1. Issuance and administration of Nigeria travel documents of persons arriving Nigeria and departing Nigeria.
  2. Endorsement of all categories of travel documents of persons arriving Nigeria and departing Nigeria.
  3. Visa issuance and interpretation of such visas and issuance of residence permit to foreign investors and other expatriates who wish to reside in Nigeria.

Question 2: State the rank in the officer’s cadre in Nigeria immigration services.


  1. Comptroller General (C.G.I)
  2. Deputy Comptroller General (DCGI)
  3. Assistant Comptroller General (ACGI)
  4. Comptroller (C.I)
  5. Deputy Comptroller (DCI)
  6. Assistant Comptroller (ACI)
  7. Chief Superintendent (CSI)
  8. Superintendent (SI)
  9. Deputy Superintendent (DS)
  10. Assistant Superintendent I (ASI)
  11. Assistant Superintendent II (ASII)

Question 3: Mention six directorates in the Nigeria Immigration Service.


  1. Finance and Administration directorate
  2. Investigation and aliens control directorate
  3. Operations directorate
  4. Passport administration and control directorate
  5. Border patrol and surveillance directorate
  6. Projects and logistics directorate

Question 4: Which ministry determines the tariffs on the passport issuance or re issuance and residence permit?

Federal Ministry of Interior 

Question 4B:
 What is passport?

Passport is a valid information document of a person for the purpose of travelling outside the shore of his country. 
Copied from:

Question 5: Name the types of passports we have in Nigeria?

  1. Nigeria Diplomatic or official passport
  2. Nigeria Standard passport
  3. Nigeria Pilgrims passport
  4. Seaman's passport or Seaman’s Card Identification

Question 6: Name the offences an alien may commit under the Immigration Act that lead to the deportation of offender?


  • Forged/Fake travel or residence document.
  • Prostitution/brothel keeping and human trafficking
  • Illegal entry into Nigeria
  • Conviction of criminal offence
  • Act of terrorism
  • Importation of illegal arms

Question 7: Mention the kinds of visa known to you?


  • Diplomatic Visa
  • Ordinary Visa

Question 8: Name the types of ordinary visa


  1. Temporary work permit
  2. Possessiveness visa
  3. Tourist visa
  4. Visitor visa
  5. Residence visa

Question 9: Mention 5 statutory responsibilities of the Nigeria immigration service.


  1. Investigation, apprehension, detention, repatriation and deportation of foreigner who violates relevant laws.
  2. Manning of Nigeria’s border posts.
  3. The implementation of Nigeria’s extort Visa regimes.
  4. Control and monitoring of Immigration, Emigration of persons into and from Nigeria respectively.
  5. Execution of deportation/repatriation orders on erring foreigners. Copied from:
Question 10: List 8 changes that occurred in NIS since May 1999?


  1. German Embassy and British Deputy High Commission trained officers in detecting fraudulent travel documents.
  2. The United States Immigration and Naturalisation Service sent in their instructors to train officers in border patrol technique, investigation technique, human dignity, relations to the public and detection of fraudulent documents as well as tactics to reduce human trafficking to the various post.
  3. NIS in-house training, there is a lot of training on going in Abuja, NIS training schools, staff college in Sokoto, immigration training school in Kano, Owerri and Ahoda, Rivers State.
  4. Seminars like the Nigeria Stakeholders Seminar that the NIS had at the Golden Gate Restaurant in November, 2001.
  5. Reshuffling of officers in very sensitive areas like the Murtala Mohammed Airport.
  6. Reduced number of officers at the Airport, Seme border and Sea ports for effective control.
  7. Re-training of officers at passports offices and setting up of a monitoring group to make sure that touts are driven away from the passport area.
  8. Issuance of e-passport. Copied from:

Question 11: What is the meaning of the Acronym CERPAC by NIS?


  • CERPAC is the Acronym for Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card.

Question 12: Who is qualified to be issued CERPAC?


  • Expatriates resident or working in Nigeria.

Question 13: What is CERPAC GREEN CARD?


  • Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens card (CERPAC). It is an authentic document that allows a non Nigeria to reside in Nigeria to carry out an approved activity as specified in the permit or to accompany a resident or citizen of Nigeria. CERPAC GREEN CARD does not exempt the holder from having a valid entry or re-entry permit/visa. Copied from:

Nigerian Immigration Service Computer Based Tst Expo- Maths

tn 1: What is the probability of having an odd number in a single toss of a fair die?

(a) 1/6
(b) 1/3
(c) ½ 
(d) 2/3

Answer: C

Use the following information for question 2 and 3
The surname of 40 children in a class were arranged in alphabetical order,16 of the surnames begin with O and 9 of the surnames begins with A. 14 letters of the alphabet do not appear as the first letter of a surname.

Qtn 2: What is the probability that the surname of a child picked at random from the class begins with either O and A?

(a) 5/8 

Answer: A

Qtn 3: If more than one surname begins with a letter besides A and O, how many surnames begin with the

(a) 2 
(b) 3 
(c) 4 
(d) 6

Answer: B

The table gives the score of a group of students in an English language test.

No. of Students

Qtn 4: If a student is chosen at random from the group, what is the probability that he scored at least 6

(a) 3/20 
(b) 1/5 
(c) ¼ 
(d) 3/10

Answer: C

Qtn 5: What is the probability that three customers waiting in a bank will be served in the Sequence of their
arrival at the bank?

(a) 1/6 
(b) 1/3
(c) ½ 
(d) 2/3

Answer: C

Qtn 6: The probability that Kodjo and Adoga pass an examination are ¾ and 3/5 respectively. Find the probability of both boys failing the examination.

(a) 1/10 
(b) 3/10 
(c) ½ 
(d) 2/3

Answer: A

Qtn 7: The mean of 20 observations in an experiment is 4. If the observed largest value is 23, Find the mean of the remaining observations.

(a) 4 
(b) 3
(c) 2.85 
(d) 2.60

Answer: A

Qtn 8: A group of eleven people can speak either English or French or both. Seven can speak English and six can speak French. What is the probability that a person chosen at random can speak both English and French?

(a) 2/11 
(b) 4/11 
(c) 5/11 
(d) 11/13

Answer: B

If events X and Y are mutually exclusive, P(X) = 1/3 and P(Y) = 2/5, Use the information to answer
questions 9 & 10.

Qtn 9: P (X n Y) is

(a) 0 
(b) 2/15 
(c) 4/15 
(d) 11/15

Answer: A

Qtn 10: P (X u Y) is

(a) 0 
(b) 2/15 
(c) 4/15 
(d) 11/15

Answer: A

Qtn 11: A box contains 2 white and 3 blue identical marbles. If two marbles are picked at Random, one after the other, without replacement, What is the probability of picking two marbles of different colours?

(a) 2/3 
(b) 3/5 
(c) 2/5 
(d) 7/20


Qtn 12: Mrs. Jones is expecting a baby. The probability that it will be a boy is ½ and the Probability that the baby will have blue eyes is ¼. What is the probability that she will have a Blue-eyed boy?


(a) 1/8 
(b) ¼ 
(c) 3/8 
(d) 1/2

Answer: B

Qtn 13: Convert the speed 90 km per hour of a car to metres per second

(a) 1.5 ms-1
(b) 2.5 ms-1
(c) 25 ms-1
(d) 1.5 x 103ms-1

Answer: C

Qtn 14: Uche and Chidi shared a sum of money on the ratio m:n. If Chidi's share was N4,200.00, what was Uche's share?

(a) N4,200n/m 
(b) N4,200/mn 
(c) N4,200m/n 
(d) N4,200/n


Qtn 15: A husband contributes 7% of his income into a fund and his wife contributes 4% of her income. If the husband earns N5,500 per annum (p.a) and his wife earns N4,000 p.a, find the sum of their contribution
to the fund.

(a) N1,045 
(b) N605 
(c) N545 
(d) N490

Answer: C

Qtn 16: A car is traveling at an average speed of 80kmh-1. Its speed in metres per second (m/s) Is


(a) 13.3m/s
(b) 22.2m/s 
(c) 133.3m/s 
(d) 222.2m/s


Qtn 17: If the children share N10.50K among themselves in the ratio 6:7:8, How much is the largest share?

(a) N3.00 
(b) N3.50 
(c) N4.00 
(d) N4.50


Qtn 18: A trader makes a loss of 15% when selling an article. Find the ratio, selling price: cost price.

(a) 3:20 
(b) 3:17 
(c) 17:20 
(d) 20:23


Qtn 19: A car travels at xkm per hour for 1 hour at ykm per hour for 2 hours. Find its average speed.


(a) 2x+2ykmh-1/3 
(b) x+ ykmh-1/3 
(c) x+2 ykmh-1
(d) 2x+ ykmh-1/3


Qtn 20
: The ages of three men are in the ratio 3:4:5. If the difference between the ages of the oldest and youngest is 18 years, find the sum of the ages of the three men.

(a) 45 years 
(b) 72 years 
(c) 108 years 
(d) 216 years


Qtn 21: A bicycle wheel of radius 42cm is rolled over a distance of 66m. How many revolutions does it make?
[Take π=22/7]


(a) 2.5 
(b) 5 
(c) 25 
(d) 50

Answer: C

Qtn 22: In a bag of oranges, the ratio of the good ones to the bad ones is 5:4. If the number of bad ones in the bag is 36, how many oranges are there altogether?

(a) 81 
(b) 72 
(c) 54 
(d) 45


Qtn 23: A man is four times as old as his son. The difference between their ages is 36. Find the sum of their ages.


(a) 45 years`
(b) 48 years 
(c) 60 years 
(d) 74 years

Answer: C

Qtn 24: If 4m+3n = 5, find the ratio m:n 4m-3n 3


(a) 7:4 
(b) 4:3 
(c) 3:4 
(d) 4:7


Qtn 25: If 2x : (x+1) =3:2, what is the value of x?


(a) ½
(b) 1 
(c) 1½ 
(d) 3


Qtn 26: The ratio of the number of men to the number of women in a 20 member committee is 3:1. How many women must be added to the 20 member committee so as to make the ratio of men to women
3:2 ?

(a) 2 
(b) 5 
(c) 7 
(d) 9

Answer: B

Qtn 7: Three men, Bedu, Bakare and Kofi shared N500 in the ratio 3:2:x respectively. If Bedu's share is N150, find the value of x.

(a) 1
(b) 3
(c) 5 
(d) 6

Answer: C

Qtn 28: The sides of two cubes are in the ratio 2:5, what is the ratio of their volumes?


(a) 4:5 
(b) 8:15 
(c) 6:125 
(d) 8:125


Qtn 29: Lena bought 400 Alpha Company shares at N1.50 each and sold them at N2.05 each. What was her gain?

(a) N0.55 
(b) N20.00 
(c) N220.00 
(d) N330.00


Qtn 30: Amma buys 100 oranges at 20 for C 30.00 and another 200 oranges at 4 for C 10.00. If she sells all her oranges at C3.00 each, what was her profit?


(a) C150.00 
(b) C250.00 
(c) C500.00 
(d) C650.00


Qtn 31: The price of a litre of petrol is increased from C30.00 to C 39.00 . What is the percentage increase in the cost of a litre of petrol ?


(a) 90% 
(b) 30% 
(c) 34% 
(d) 39%

Answer: B

Qtn 32: A trader sold a pair of shoes for C 2,800.00 making a loss of 20% on his cost price. Find his loss as a percentage of his selling price.


(a) 162/3% 
(b) 2% 
(c) 25% 
(d) 75%


Qtn 33: An article bought for D5,000.00 depreciate by 15% of its value during the first year. Find its value after a year.

(a) D425.00
(b) D750.00 
(c) D4,250.00 
(d) D4,985.00


Qtn 34: A house bought for N100,000 was later auctioned for N80,000, Find the loss percent.


(a) 20%
(b) 30% 
(c) 40% 
(d) 50%


Qtn 35: The side of a square is increased from 20cm to 21cm. Calculate the percentage increase in its area.

(a) 2.5% 
(b) 9.3%
(c) 10.0%
(d) 10.25%

Answer: D

Qtn 36: A man bought 2220 mangoes at N5x. He sold each for 3x kobo and made gain of N8. Find the value
of x.


(a) 2 
(b) 5 
(c) 6 
(d) 10


Qtn 37: A car moves at an average speed of 30kmh-1, how long does it take to cover 200 metres?


(a) 2.4sec 
(b) 24sec 
(c) 144sec 
(d) 240sec


Qtn 38: A man bought a television set on hire purchase for N25, 000 out of which he paid N10,000. If he is allowed to pay the balance in eight equal installments, find the value of each Installment.

(a) N1250
(b) N1578 
(c) N1875 
(d) N3125


Qtn 39: If the simple interest on N2, 000 after 9 months is N6, at what rate per annum is the interest

(a) 21/4% 
(b) 4% 
(c) 5% 
(d) 6%


Qtn 40: A student bought 3 notebooks and 1 pen for N35. After misplacing these items, she again bought 2 note books and 2 pens, all of the same type for N30. What is the cost of a pen?

(a) N5.00 
(b) N7.50 
(c) N10.00
(d) N15.00

Answer: C


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