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2014 Bonanza. How to get MTN 7GB for just N100.

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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Strength of Category 5 hurricane

"Even in the best case scenario, we're going to have very heavy winds and rain" that bring the risk of flooding, said Renee Lambert, the head of the Catholic Relief Services office in Tacloban.
The sense of unease among residents was palpable, she said, with some stores closing and roads appearing quieter.

"I certainly see the city hunkering down," Lambert said.
Out over the ocean, the storm was displaying its formidable force, generating maximum sustained winds of around 287 kilometers per hour (178 mph), the equivalent of a strong Category 5 hurricane, according to the U.S. military's Joint Typhoon Warning Center.
With Hagupit's precise path still uncertain, Philippine authorities issued storm warnings for 56 of the country's 81 provinces, covering around 70% of the country's population of 100 million, CNN affiliate 9news reported.
Agujero said he hoped that the Tacloban region would be spared this time around.
His biggest concern, he said, was for his family. He was less concerned about their unfinished home.
"If the house gets destroyed again, we can still rebuild it," he said.
CNN's Judy Kwon, Paul Armstrong and Ward Taylor contributed to this report.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014



There  is  a  strong  relationship  between  volatility  and  market  performance. Volatility tends to decline as the stock market rises and increase as the stock market falls. When volatility increase, risk increase and returns decrease. Risk is represented by the dispersion of returns around the means the greater the dispersion of returns around the means, the larger the drop in the compound return.



Many investors realize that the stock market is a volatile place to invest their money. The daily quarterly and annual moves can be dramatic, but it is this volatility that also generates the market returns investors experience.

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There is no doubt a theoretical link exist between interest rates and the financial structure of firms. Interest rate operate through their influence on the cost of capital to the investors as well as a returns to various groups of savers. A change in the interest rate affects the debt-equity choice of a firm, the overall cost of capital and real interest rates,


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Interest Rate Volatility and Investment Determination in Nigeria.




2.1.1  Interest Rate Volatility and Investment Determination in Nigeria.

The variation of short-term and long-term interest rate is a prominent feature of the economic events such as changes in Federal Policy. Crises in domestic and international financial market in the prospects for long-term economic growth and inflation. However, economic event such as these, tends to be irregular (Keith


There is a very close connection between bond prices and interest rates. We will focus on interest rate calculated from prices of traded US government securities


The variability short-term and long-term interest rate is a prominent feature of the economy. Interest rates change in response to a variety of economic events, such as changes in federal policy, crises in domestic and international financial markets, and changes in the prospects for long term economics growth and inflation. However, economic events such as these tend to be irregular.


1.1      Background of the Study
Investment is the change in capital stock during a period. Consequently, unlike capital, investment is a flow term and not a stock term. This means that capital is measured at a point in time, while investment can only be measure over a period of time.

Monday, 24 November 2014


Development of human capital in most developing countries of the world is a state policy matter pursued vigorously in many countries. Indeed, in most modern nation-state’s constitutions, including that of Nigeria, education, healthcare, and other ingredients of human capital development are rights of the citizens which the state is obliged to provide for them. However, some states show greater commitment to this noble task than others. The most important aspects of investment in human capital development are education/training and healthcare delivery. According to Ovenseri-Ogbomo (2006),


In the traditional neo-classical growth model, developed by Robert Solow and Trevor Swan in the 1950s, the output of an economy grows in response to larger inputs of capital and labor (all physical inputs). To the neo-classical growth models, non-economic variables, such as human health, skills, knowledge, etc., have no function in the growth process of an economy. This line of thought was described as the Exogenous growth theory and it does not explain why countries with little capital and labor grow more than countries with abundance of these resources. 
A new theory described as the endogenous growth theory emerged in the 1980s, particularly

Sunday, 23 November 2014


The Nigerian government is known for rolling out good development plans and programs over the years. Apart from the first, second, and third national development plans, there was also the vision 2010 development program, all of which were not implemented to the latter so as to achieve the desired result. With the relative political stability in the country following the sustainable democratic order and the acceptance of the country by the international committee, the nation envisions a great future ahead.
Furthermore, Goldman Sachs’ classification of countries identified Nigeria to be one of the N-11 countries, which are countries that have the potential for attaining global competitiveness based on their economic and


To understand the concept of human capital development, we must first examine the term human capital and move on to its development. The human being is the most important asset anywhere in the world. Natural scientists opined that the human being is very unique among living things. This is because of the high level of reasoning human beings demonstrate in their relationships within their environments. This reasonableness has made men to rapidly change their living conditions and their societies; hence, many scholars view human beings as capital to organizations and nations, though this view is not without criticism. In this sense, human capital refers to the stock of productive skills and technical knowledge embodied in labor.  Lev and Schwartz (1971) fall short of proffering a formal definition to the concept of human capital, but stated that it is, “…


This article examined the centrality of human capital development as a way of achieving Nigeria’s vision 202020 development program. The paper argued that human beings are the greatest wealth and resources of a nation, which will coordinate all other resources to achieve development, therefore any country, which fails to lay the foundation of its development on its human resources, will also fail to achieve development. The author described human capital development as the totality of efforts aimed at developing and grooming of human beings so as to present them fit and qualified to be productive to themselves, in particular, and the society, in general.  The study also looked at the concept of vision 202020, which is aimed at making Nigeria one of the 20 largest economies in the world by the year 2020.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


The information below contains the first year tuition fees applicable to various tertiary institutions in the country.

The Fees below have been carefully and precisely gathered by Earlyface Group Correspondents in the institution concerned, but is still open to corrections, should there be any change in the tuition fees of these institutions.

YABATECH => N35000
OAU => N37,000
UNIZIK => N67,000
FUNAAB => N48,000
AAU => N80,000
OOU => N135,000
RSUST => N40,000
FUTO => N40,000
DELSU => N38000
TSUJ => N32,000

FUOYE => N75,000
UNIBEN => N50,000 —-All sciences/Engeneering/ =N49500
Aceptance fee N45000
—-All social/management/education=N46000
Acceptance fee N45000
— Acceptance fee for college of medicine is
NASARAWA => N21,000
UNIPORT => N36000
ABU => N41,000
MINNA => N30,000
LASU => N190,000 – 250,000
UI => N29,000
AAUA => N50,000
UNN => N39,000
BUK => N42,000
UNILAG => N40,000
ILORIN => N35,000
UNIOSUN => N85,000
TASUED => N60,000
LAUTECH => N95,000
UNAD => N105,000
BOWEN => N550,000
ABUJA => N40,000
UNIJOS => 39,000
ABU => N35,000
ANSU => N46,000
KSUSTA => N35,000
LEAD => N1.5 mill
FUTA => N47,000
ABSU => N90,000
YOLA => N34,000
BAYERO => 31,000
UNICAL =N38,5000
AKSU => N30,000
KSU indigene- 35,600, Non-indigenes- 53,500
OSUN POLY => N28000
IBADAN POLY => N 45000
FED POLY ADO => N29000
OWO POLY => N32000
FEDERAL POLY BIDA => N23000 (it varies with department)
ABIA POLY => N28000
ENUGU POLY => N26500
KWARA POLY => N21000

Please, Help Us Keep This Page Updated, Correct any Errors or Irregularities, We might have made with your Institution, or add your fees, if its not listed, using the comment box below.

Thank You to all who has contributed in this list!

Yet Again! Angry Mob of Kenyan Men Strip Another Woman Naked


Just hours after nearly 1,000 people marched through downtown Nairobi to protest the rising wave of assaults on women allegedly due to improper dressing, AFP is reporting that a mob of Kenyan men attacked and stripped another woman, claiming she was inappropriately dressed.

The woman was at a bus stop at Mihango area, Monday evening when she was attacked by a group of men who accused her of dressing indecently. She was beaten up and stripped naked however, the police was quick and it arrested scores of youth at the stage.

Nairobi police criminal investigations chief Nicholas Kamwende said Tuesday that about 80 of the men arrested were conductors on mini-buses, known as matatus, where a lot of the recent sexual harassment has taken place. The woman is currently admitted at the hospital with injuries.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

List of 2016 JAMB Registration Centers

The 2016 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination registration will not be done in Cyber Cafes like we are used to. ICT/CBT centers will be used for application and registration. From all indications, mainly big and credible institutions will be used as registration centers. At the time of writing this post, ICT and CBT centers of Universities have been accredited as official JAMB registration centers for 2016 UTME. We are trying to compile a list of accredited centers, their addresses and contact persons here. The aim of doing this?
List of JAMB 2015 UTME Registration Centers

List of Accredited JAMB UTME 2016 Registration Centers (Addresses)

We are making this list to help candidates to get centers located around them. We also know that fake centers looking to defraud candidates will spring up, hence, we aim to help guide candidates who want to register for the exam to choose only accredited centers. We know we cannot lay our hands on all center but we will try as much as possible to get most of them.
We will list centers that have been approved for 2016 JAMB below and if there is a procedure on how to register at any of these centers, we will link to the procedure. Just click on the applicable link:
Below every list is a link for candidates to meet and discuss about these registration centers and how registration is going there. How much they are charging and what to take a long. Just click on the “Go to Discussion thread” link after every list in a state.
IMPORTANT:  2016 JAMB Registration Fee Is N700.
Based on popular demand, we have compiled the list of JAMB 2016 registration centres in each of the 36 states in Nigeria.

Candidates can access the registration centres by clicking on any of the links below according to their state of preference;
Abia State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in ABIA STATE.

1 Abia State Polytechnic, Aba, Aba-Owerri Road, Aba, Abia State
Engr.C.M.Ndukwe, 08034448850

2 Abia State University Uturu, Uturu, Abia State
Joshua Uzoma Ogbonna, 08057432261

3 Academic Insight Model Sch, Alaoji Beside Odozi Obodo Church Mbutu Alaoji,Abia Ugwunagbo,
Ogba Darlington Agu, 08033890958

4 Akasi Computer Institute & Info Services, No. 4, Umule Road, Aba, Abia State
Professor Ifere Okirike, 08075704487

Success/Secret Tips, How To Score 300+ in 2015 Jamb Exam and Gain Direct Admission

5 Bright Ict Centre, 224, Faulks Road By Mothercare International Secondary School, Aba, Abia State
Nwagha Emeka Bright, 07039289646

6 Brighth Stars International, 10/12, Ikpemaeze Street, Umuikpo, Ariaria, Aba, Abia State
Engr.Nwankpa Kelechi.N, 07035685063

7 Citizens' International College, 286/294, Clifford Road, Aba, Abia State
Mba Ogburubi, 08131347436

8 Covenant Polythecnic, Aba, No 321 Aba-Owerri Road,Aba , Abia ,Osisioma
Ben Ohaeri, 08037241451

9 Ekcela International Secondary School, 23, Egbelu Road, Umuehilegbu Osisioma-Ngwa, Aba, Abia State
Adighibenma Tochukwu, 08094693350

10 Ene's Comph.Sec,Sch. 10 Aba-Owerri Rd,Isialangwa South, Abia State
Omenihu Samuel, 07035373198

JAMB: List Of All Courses And Their Required 4 Subjects During JAMB Registratio

11 Ene's Comprehensive Secondary School, 10 Aba-Owerri Rd., Owwerrinta, Abia State
Omenihu Samuel, 07035373198

12 Freedom World Academy Int'l, 12 Okpomubo Street, Osisioma Aba, Abia State
Ugochukwu S .Akwaranda, 08035524264

13 Giant Immaculate School Ict Centre Aba, 48 Dikenafai Road Off Ngwa Road By East, Aba, Abia State
Engr.Ezigbo Fidelis, 08057473358

14 Golden Foundations Int'l School, No. 1, Gfi Close, Off Ovurukwu Road, Umuobeke By 352 Portharcourt Road, Aba, Abia State
Okoye Nicholas, 08037175253

15 Gregory University,Uturu, Amaokwe Achara, Uturu, Abia State
Efetobor O.Elijah, 08032941977

16 Heritage And Infinity Ict Centre Aba, 4 Ezenwagbara Avenue Off 279 Faulks Road, Aba, Abia State
Okike Ifeanyi Casmiresixtus, 08034703144

17 Jamb State Office, Ubakala, Near Ubakala Junction, Enugu - Port Harcourt Express Way, Umuahia, Abia State
Mrs. Amina O. Adaji, 08061103634

18 Jet Age Private Sch,Amapu, Obingwa,Abia Obingwa
Onwunali Jap Nnamdi, 08063455020
19 Jp Flinct Int'l School, 279/281 Umueze Road/Udeagbala Rd, Osisioma, Aba, Abia State
Okwuosa Anselem Chikezie, 08033443165

20 Makac Global Intergrated Services Nig Ltd, 63/64 Asa Road,Aba, Abia State, Abia State Abia South
Engr. Ugochukwu Kan Chukwu, 08067991993

21 Mascot Academy ,No 128 Faulks Road, Aba, Abia North
Anuonye Gilbert, 08037731712
22 Mchief Communication Limited, Ict Centre, 2 Ikenna St., Off Faulks Rd, By Nwala, Aba, Abia State
Duruibe Emeka, 08037120338

23 Michael Okpara University Of Agriculture Umudike, Ict Resource Centre, Umudike, Abia State
Dr. Machester Odoh, 08166277041

24 Okwyzil Computer Institute Aba, Km 4 Ph/Aba Express Way, Off Ariaria Junction By Fulk Rd. Abia
Nsiadu Okundili, 08037907019

25 Pius Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuigwe-Amakama, Umuahia South L.G.A., Abia State Ctr1
Ekeleme John Obisike, 08039574265

26 Stardom Ict Centre,K/M 17 Aba/Ph Express Way Osisioma, Aba, Abia State
Nwanjuobi Stanley Ugoh, 08107104624

27 Unique Unibright Int'l Sch, No 152 Faulks Road , Aba , Abia- North
Engr. Thompson Iheanyi Ehumadu, 07033207856

28 Xyz Technologies Ltd, Azikwe By Finbarrs Road, Umuahia, Abia State
Eng. Emeka Udokporo, 08036767480
Adamawa State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in ADAMAWA STATE.

1.Aliyu Mustafa Academy, Ict Centre, 19-21 Babose Street, Upper Luggere Ward, Jimeta-Yola
Amanda I. Pam, 08037875919

2 American University Of Nigeria, Ict Centre, 226, Modibbo Adama Way, Yola
Priscilla Abdul, 08075200195

3 Federal Polytechnic, Mubi
Ahmed Musa Aliyu, 08069240774

4 Jamb Zonal Office Yola, Adamawa State
Mr. Buba M.D. Gashua, 08035895815

5 Modibbo Adama University Of Technology, Along Mubi Road, Gerei Lga, Yola
Ahmad Aliyu Maidamisa, 08174190535
Anambra State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in ANAMBRA STATE.

1 Anambra State University (Coou) Afrihub International, Ict Centre, Igbariam
Peter Eterng .O, 07030995742

2 B.B.O. Emeh Education Foundation, 1, Ugbaga Close, Umudinya Village, (Awuda Qtrs), Nnobi, Anambra State
Ifeatu Emeh, 08037200263

3 Bintels Global Services Ltd.(Centre For Computer Education), Fr. Joseph Memorial High Sch. Aguleri, Anambra State
Uzoebo Blessius Nwabueze, 08035756870

4 Borec Services Ltd., No. 35, New Market Road (Yellow House) Nwagbara, Nnewi
Ikelie Stephen Chimfumnanya, 07036279204

5 Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, E-Library, Former Anambra State University, Uli Ctr Ii
Engr Onyia Emeka, 08030921405

6 Community Education Resource Centre, Adjacent To Community School, Okpuno, Anambra State
Ofor Raymond Ozoemena, 08035004810

7 Deacons Digital Solution Ltd, Basilica Of The Most Holy Trinity, Onitsha
Ejeziem Joseph Chukwuemeka, 08138184403

8 Eastern Academy, Upper Iweka, Onitsha
Umunna Stella, 08023304413

9 Federal Polytechnic, Auditorium, Oko Ctr Ii
Orisa, 07068085588

10 Federal Polytechnic, Mass Communication, Oko Ctr I
Orisa C. Ijebuonnwu Jr, 07068085588

11 Jamb State Office, Awka, Anambra State
Mrs. Lind Ani Ajanwachukwu, 07065041957

12 Kings Computer College, Along St. Silas Cathedral Church, Mbarakpaka, Ihiala
Akaolisa Samuel, 08034082740

13 Mega Data View Computers Austica Memorial College, Nanka, Anambra State
Valentine Chnedu Ezenwabachili, 08034310293

14 Newage Computer Services Ltd., No. 7, Nnobi Road, Nnewi
Ajunwa Kingsley, 08034049362

15 Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Digital Library, Awka
Umedum Maxwell Chijioke, 08180152506

16 Noble & Shuaib Ict Ltd, Girls Secondary Sch Alor, Anambra State
Noble Chinonso Ugwumba, 07069278017

17 Nwafor Orizu College Of Education, 3-3 Junction, Nsugbe
Joe-Obasi Adauzoh, 08035754544

18 St. Rita Innovative Institute, Plot C8/C9 Niger Bridge Head Layout, Housing Estate Fegge, Onitsha
Dr. F.C. Olikeze, 08067624270

19 Thomas Chidoka Centre For Human Development(Tcchd), Mike Ajaegbu Road By Afadike Market, Obosi, Anambra State
Nkembuofor Onyeka, 08039530625
Akwa Ibom State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in AKWA IBOM STATE.

1 Akwa Ibom State University, Mkpat Enin, Main Campus, Mkpat Enin, Akwa Ibom State
Etebong Bassey Isong, 08030555482

2 Akwa Ibom State University, Obio Akpa, Ikot Okoro Road, Obio Akpa, Akwa Ibom State
Kenneth Jumbo Udoh, 08027681855

3 College Of Education, Afaha Nsit, College E-Library, Afaha Nsit, Akwa Ibom State
Anthony Etukudo Sampson, 08033733912

4 Gateway S. Academy, Ikot Akpa, Ukanafun, Akwa Ibom State
Okon Friday Akpan, 08023829154

5 Gestric Infortech & Management Institute, No. 2 Umo Obotroad, Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State
Samuel Sunday Udoh, 08036700489

6 Gestric Infortech & Management Institute, No. 74 Oron Road, Uyo Akwa Ibom State
Ineniesit Okon Nta, 08035519971

7 Ibbil Ict Academy, Uyo, 180, Aka Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State
Ita Udoh, 08074316085

8 Ibom E-Library Compex, Ibrahim Babangida Way, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State
Nsikan Ntia, 08087180279

9 Jamb State Office, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State
Mrs. Ville Dachi Pius, 08037881477

10 Jimiel Computer And Management Institute, 15 Lutheran Road, Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State
Engr. Eshiet Isaiah Akpan, 08037903037

11 Knowledge Partners Ltd, Uyo, 30, Udosen Uko Street, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State
Eteobong Udoaka, 08036723102

12 Office Of The Accountant General Of The State, Secretariat, Ict Complex, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State
Sunday Ukpong Udioko, 08023839849

13 Rolins King Technology And Management Institute, Ikot-Ekpene, No. 15, Library Avenue, Ikot-Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State
Agbo Noah, 08037909612

14 University Of Uyo, Ikpa Road, Uyo
Emmanuel Allen, 08094454046
Bauchi State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in BAUCHI STATE.

1 Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Yelwa Campus, Bauchi
G.A. Bakare, 08031909104

2 Abubakar Tatari Polythecnic, Along Jos Road, Bauchi
Mohammed Bulama, 08068464450

3 Federal Polytechnic,Along Dass Road, Gwallameji, Bauchi
Idrissa Djibo, 08069693403

4 Giwo Science Academy, Along Ningi-Kano Road, Bauchi
Raliya Umar Alkaleri, 08054447312

5 Jamb State Office, Bauchi, Bauchi State
Mr. Usman Zage, 08034865258

6 Presentation Brothers Secondary School, Tafawa Balewa
Kirwe Mattias Yelkopba, 07066782553
Bayelsa State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in BAYELSA STATE.

1 Federal University, Tetfund Building, Otuoke bayelsa State Ctr1
Olatunji Ogunsakin, 08032166525

2 Jamb State Office, Yenegoa, Bayelsa State
Mr. Oboh Joseph, 08079054965

3 Linnet Paul Innovative Institute, No 1. Niit Road Off Isaac Boro Express Way, Etegwe-Yenegoa Bayelsa
Chief Okilo Lasbury Akpi, 08039220831

4 New King And Queens Mantesorri, New Road Opposite Nut Off Azikoro Rd Yenagoa ,Bayelsa
Doutua Inieseinie Stanley, 08037316183

5 Niger Delta University , Wilberforce Island, Centre 1, Bayelsa State
Kingsley J.S Amabie, 08037059499

6 Niger Delta University , Wilberforce Island, Centre 2, Bayelsa State
Okutuate Benson-Ayah, 08037719889
Benue State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in BENUE STATE.

1 Cbt Center, Opp Beco Filling Station, Markurdi Rd., Otukpo, Benue State
Chris Onah, 08039329731

2 College Of Education Oju, Cbt Center, Oju, Benue State
Okwoche Jonah, 07066109876

3 College Of Education, Katsina-Ala, Benue State
Ageh Jonah Timbir, 08068693981

4 Excellent International College, Gboko, Benue State
Amah Gideon Gbaden, 08036588550

5 Federal Univeristy Of Agriculture Makurdi., Etc Centre, Makurdi, Benue State
Olusola Okunoye, 08094747181

6 Gboko College Of Education, Rice Mill Road, Gboko, Benue State
Ofonmah Francis, 08057611100

7 Jamb Zonal Office, Makurdi, Abu King Shuluwa Road Near Makurdi Intl Market, Makurdi, Benue State
Mr. Sale Samuel Umoru, 08036414090

8 Universal Cybernet Ltd, 3, Ochidoma Rd, Otukpo, Benue State
Stephen Idoko, 08064946474
Borno State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in BORNO STATE.

1 College Of Education, Waka-Biu, Maiduguri Road, Biu
Garba Asugu Ayuba, 08062441168

2 Jamb Zonal Office, Maiduguri, Borno State
Mr. Ahmed A. Alli, 08023531934

3 Kashim Ibrahim College Of Education, Jos/Kano Road, Maiduguri, Borno State
Alhaji Modu Mustafa, 08062586102

4 University Of Maiduguri, Etc Centre 1, Bama Road, Maiduguri, Borno State
Paul Joseph Shirimai, 07036551710

5 University Of Maiduguri, Ict Centre, Bama Road, Maiduguri, Borno State
Sulieman Umar, 08038861637
Cross River State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in CROSS RIVER STATE.

1 Beeps Technology Limited, Sch. Of Nursing, Hospital Rd., Igoli, Ogoja
Umejesi Emeka, 08038982070

2 Federal College Of Education Obudu, Obudu, Cross River State
Oluropo Awe, 08058015459

3 Jamb Zonal Office, Calabar, Cross River State
Mr. Umudu H. Nnaedozie, 08033513354

4 Nogak Polytechnic, Ikom, Cross River State
Sarumi Olawale Wasiu, 07038890766

5 University Of Calabar, Calabar, E-Library, Cross River State
Dr Rufus C. Okoro, 08035082532
Delta State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in DELTA STATE.

1 Adamu Igbudu Christian Institute,Ughelli-Ozoro Road,Emevor Delta
Venerabie Dr. Bernard O,Itebiye, 08036456095

2 Benchill Schools, No. 1, Dn Dudu Close, Off Emiko Close,Warri
Mr.Shaw .E.Fregene, 08025575404

3 Classical International School,Plot 8 Atie-Arube Street Off Deco, Delta State Warri South
Dr.Ochuko Akpeme, 08038821717

4 College Of Education, Warri
Inyama ,O.A Chukwunweike, 08037943490

5 Delta State University, Digital Centre, Abraka
Dr.E.A.Atakpo, 08023380322

6 Edwin Clark University, Kiagbodo
Samuel Babatope Omotosho, 08034710699

7 Icon Training And Consultancy, Umunede
Dr(Mrs)Patricia Ukamaka A, 07033269338

8 Jamb State Office, Asaba, Okpanam Road, Asaba, Delta State
Mr. Cyril Chukwuemeka Mozie, 08037044937

9 James Welch Grammar School.,Ughelli Road , Emevoe Delta
Odioko Ariakpor, 07037585635

10 Mcf College Of Education, Ibru Village, Agbarha-Otor Ctr 1
Akinsola Jet, 08171861859

11 Mcf College Of Education, Ibru Village, Agbarha-Otor Ctr 2
Akinsola Jet, 08171861859

12 Mcf College Of Education, Ibru Village, Agbarha-Otor Ctr 3
Akinsola Jet, 08171861859

13 Micheal And Cecilia Ibru University(Mciu), Ibru Village Agbarha-Otor Ughelli,Delta State
Akinsola Jet, 08171861859

14 Prime Vocational Institute, Kwale-Asaba Express Way, Delta State
Mr. Ayeni Ayotade, 08038340836
Ebonyi State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in EBONYI STATE.

1 Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, Ict Complex Uwana, Afikpo
Ezekiel Uchechi Ezeorah, 08059881367

2 Bishop Megettricks Girls Secondary School Ngodo, Afikpo
Joseph Azubuike, 07038835373

3 College Of Health Technology, 135, Ezzangbo Ohaukwu Lga, Ezzango
Chris Eze Omukwu, 08035824120

4 Ebonyi State College Of Education, Ikwo
Odii Ndubuisi Chukwu, 08110105775

5 Evangel University, Km 48 Enugu - Abakaliki Expressway, (Evangel Camp) Okpoto
Julius Michael Sunday, 08061679810

6 Jamb State Office, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State
Mr. Chidebe A. Achunini, 08037108507

7 Stella Maris College Ogbaga Road, Oguzoronweya-Ozibo, Abakaliki
Frank Nwaka Onwe, 08035402947

8 Twelve Apostles College Ndiaboishiagu, Sharon Abakaliki
Gabriel Enogu, 08035483064
Edo State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in EDO STATE.

1 Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, E-Library Hall A And B, Ekpoma, Edo State
Prof. Felix Moibi Okoro, 08034683821

2 Complete Computers & Technology Institute, 11, Adesuwa Grammar School Gra, Benin City
Mrs. Galit Adeyosoye, 08035746200

3 Cyberlink Digital World Holy Trinity Secondary School, (Ict Centre), Uromi
Emmanuel Okoduwa, 08034271073

4 Da Civic Centre, 79 Airport Road By Benoni Juction , Benin City
Philip Ehigie, 08062121960

5 Edo State Ict Agency, 1St Floor Block D, Edo State Secreteriat Sapele Rd., Benin City
Kenny Ablona, 08034145094

6 Edo State Polythecnic, Usen Via Benin
Kenny Ablona, 08034145094

7 Gateway Edutech & Multiconcept, (Former Savannah Bank Building, 177, 1St East Circular Road, By Sapele Road, Opp. Mrs Filing Station, Benin City, Edo State
Edosa Carlson Ohenhen, 08028036275

8 Ideal Secondary Schools, Abokhae Quarters, Irrua, Edo State
Emmanuel Q.Asemota, 08035073758

9 Igbinedion University, Okada, Okada, Edo State
Mr.O.Jegede, 08056527836

10 Jamb Zonal Office, Benin, Edo State
Mrs. Pricillia A. Ogunsola, 08034522681

11 Lighthouse Polytechnic, Km 32, Benin-Asaba Expressway, Abudu, Orhionmwon Lga, Edo State
Lanrence Emonton, 08025777258

12 Mikon Institute Of Information Technology, No. 34A, Boundary Road, G.R.A. Bening City, Edo State
Ediae Friday, 08023380632

13 Mj & Eshoiza Ict Centre, Behind Opoze P/S Off Secretariat Road, Ugbogbo Igarra, Edo State
Mrs Catherine Dimowo Obende, 08038661433

14 Mount Carmel Secondary School, Along Ambrose Ali University Part Time Campus Road Emaudo, Ekpoma, Edo State
Omoniyi Yomi, 08030854359

15 Nigeria Advanced School Of Theology, Ewu, Edo State
Engr. Oyewole Dokun, 07031185325

16 Oseni Elamah Ict Institute , 39, Poly Road, Auchi, Edo State
Imoudu Momodu, 08054455765

17 Samuel Adegboyega University, No 1, Ogwa-Ehor Road, Ogwa, Edo State
Babatope Taiwo, 08034687634

18 Seminary Of All Saints, Opoji Road, Uhiele Quarters, Ekpoma, Edo State
Joseph I.K. Martins, 08062207220

19 University Of Benin International Ict Centre, Iyayi Computer Building, Benin
Mrs.Stella Onyebueke, 08023410864
Ekiti State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in EKITI STATE.

1 College Of Education, Computer Resource Centre (Ccrc) , Ikere-Ekiti
Dr. Olojo Oludare Jethro, 08034915507

2 College Of Health Sciences & Technology, Ijero Ekiti
Bayo Ojo (Dr), 08035070566

3 Ekiti Anglican Dioceasan High School, Ile Abiye Premises, Ilawe Road, Ado Ekiti
Ven E.K. Abe, 08066775015

4 Ekiti State University, Ict Centre, Iworoko Road, Ado Ekiti
Prof. F.M. Aderibigbe, 08034962552

5 Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti, Digital Library, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State
Adesola Ayoade, 08035779239

6 Federal University, Mayegun Street, Ayede Junction, Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State
Dr Ken Egbo, 08163003468

7 Jamb State Office, Ado Ekiti, Beside Cbn, New Iyin Road, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State
Mrs. Elizabeth Temilola Adeyemo, 08033871105

8 Mater Christi Girls High Sch, Igede Ekiti, Cbt Center
Sr Mary Anselm Nwachukwu(Dr), 08032292333
Enugu State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in ENUGU STATE.

1 Afrihub Ict Centre, Institute Of Management Of Technology, Campus 1, Independence Layout, Enugu, Enugu State
Ezenwugo Chiedozie, 08068535737

2 Afrihub Ict Centre, Institute Of Management Of Technology, Campus 2, Independence Layout, Enugu, Enugu State
Ezenwugo Chiedozie, 08068535737

3 Bellsoft Technologies Limited , University Of Nigeria Nsukka, Department Of Economics, Nsukka, Enugu State
Nnalue Bernard C., 08038990901

4 Jamb Zonal Office, Enugu, Enugu State
Mr. Charles Nwaogaraku, 08034474376

5 Prince Computer Sch Ltd,Ofulonu Road Nsukka,Nsukka, Enugu
Prince Geoge Ehizonaga, 08032621920

6 St. Augustine Computer, Ndiuno Uwani-Akpugo, Nkanu West L.G.A., Enugu State Ctr I
Ozo Nwodo, 08034359294

7 St. Augustine Computer, Ndiuno Uwani-Akpugo, Nkanu West L.G.A., Enugu State Ctr Ii
Ozo Nwodo, 08034359294

8 The Leapscope Monotechnic For Computer & Ict Studies, 88 Aku Road, Nsukka, Enugu State
Mr. Attah Ikechukwu, 08036116064

9 Uni Of Nigeria ,Enugu Campus, Cbt Tetfund Center,Enugu, Enugu State
Dr.Olisa Okeke, 08060029850

10 University Of Nigeria, Mtn Library, Nsukka
Dr.Olisa Okeke, 08060029850

11 Viznet Ict Resource Centre, No. 2, Ukamaka Lodge Umueze Akwunanu, Opp. Malam Joe Bus Stop, Nkanu West Lga
Ogbodo Ugochukwu Victor, 07030350065

12 Zeetech System And Comm. Ltd, Zee Inst. Of Info Tech Network House Opp Unn Maingate
Ezeokeke Arinze Christian, 08035791798
FCT Abuja State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in FCT ABUJA STATE.

1 Anglican Girls Grammer School, Gudu District, Apo, Abuja
Mrs Kate A. Bello, 08067831717

2 Blueocean Technology / Abuja Capital Intl College, 35 Road Off 3Rd Avenue Gwarinpa, Fct
Uche Newton, 08166260337

3 Chamscity, Plot 1288, Ahmadu Bello Way, Area 11, Beside Gtbank, Junction Garki, Abuja Ctr 2
Mr. Elijah Ayotunde, 08065642094

4 Christ The King College (C.K.C.) Gwagwalada, Abuja
Onyeka Arinze Justin, 08068752616

5 Comprehensive Institute Of Management &Tech., Arab Road Byazhim,Close To Water Board Behind Mountain Of Fire Church, Kubwa, Fct
Engr. Victor Oche Amanyi, 08036788196

6 Digital Bridge Institute, 8, P.O.W Nafem Crescent, Off Solomon Lar Way, Utako, Abuja, Fct
Afam Agbo, 08034511402

7 Glomus Global Service Center, University Of Abuja Study Centre, Plot 497 Beside Naf Conference Centre Kado, Abuja
Ms Silva Blessing, 08068584551

8 Jamb Fct Office Federal Secretariat Central Area Abuja, Fct
Mr. Babatope .S. Ademiloye, 08035769697

9 Jamb Model Cbt Centre Kogo Bwari Abuja
Ugbe R. Shanpepe, 07059125780

10 Naowa Institute Of Management And Technology, Gwagwalada Annex, Gwagwalada, Abuja-Fct
Dada Tolulope Adeboye, 08031304328

11 Nigeria-Ghana Int'l College, Km 10, Kuje-Gwagwalada Road, Kuje, Abuja, Fct
Dauda Mohammed Iya, 08039677605

12 Nspire School Of Management & Technology 2Rd Floor, Oyo House, 4 Ralph Sodehinde Street, Garki Abuja
Olatomijogun Dosekun, 08132784004

13 Victory International Institute Of Theology & Education, Km 70, Abuja-Lokoja Expessway, Kwali, Abuja, Fct
Prof. Sam O. Ale, 08036642237
Gombe State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in GOMBE STATE.

1 Community Education Resource Centre Gombe Tashar Dukku Behind Musaba Hospital
Idris Hamma'adama, 08036279003

2 Dukku Community Science Secondary Computer Lab, Darazo Road, Opp. Dukku Gra, Dukku Lga, Gombe State
Disu Usman, 08105015453

3 Federal College Of Education (Technical), Gombe, Virtual E-Library, Gombe, Gombe
Al-Amin Adamu, 08036013501

4 Gofcecon-Computer Lab, Federal College Of Education Tech., Gombe
Mr. Wallace O., 08158591817

5 Gombe State College Of Health Sciences And Technology, Kaltuwgo Near Gen-Hospital Kaltungo
Ngalaku Ishaku Latebo, 07066067059

6 Gombe State University, Gombe, Ncc E-Library, Along Emir's Drive, Gombe, Gombe State
Attahir Abubakar, 08130728089

7 Gombe State University, Gombe, Ndic Computer Lab, Gombe, Gombe State
Engr(Tech) Abdulkadir Abubakar, 08027767707

8 Government Comprehensive Day Secondary School, Near Emir Palace, Bajoga, Gombe State
Gambo Uba .M, 08086064684

9 Government Girls Science Secondary School, Kumo, Ptdf Computer Lab, Gombe - Yola Road, Kumo, Gombe State
Abdulrazaq Yusuf Olayanju, 08135119420

10 Government Science And Technical College, Idi Quarters, Gombe, Gombe State
Usman Mohammed Shehu, 08027913322

11 Government Science Secondary School, Behind Specialist Hospital, Jekadafari, Gombe
Ibrahim Mohammed, 08064198818

12 Government Science Secondary School, Billiri
Enoch Luka, 08038561543

13 Jamb State Office, Gombe, Gombe State
Mr. Muritala Abdul, 08125191480

14 Model Sch Cbt Centre ,Karargu Yola Road, Kaltungo, Gombe State
Hassan A. Maikollos, 08120550705

15 Model School Cbt Centre Kaltungo, Kalargu-Yola Road, Kaltungo, Gombe State
Hassan A. Maikollos, 08120550705

16 Yamaltu-Deba Institute Of Technology Deba, Opposite Roundabout, Off Izala Central Mosque, Deba Lga, Gombe State
Ayuba M. Mohammed, 08025238689
Imo State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in IMO STATE.

1 Alvan Ikoku Federal College Of Education Orlu Road, Owerri Imo State
Dr Ngozi Olehi, 08033364735

2 Benchmark Educational Centre, 101, Ihioma Road By Banana Junction, Orlu
Alagbaoso Rita, 07062730737

3 Data Tech. West African Ltd, 38, Law Nwankwo Street, Control Post, Owerri
Chief Larry Osuagwu, 08033318047

4 Executive One Consulting Ltd, Enka Building 28 Egbu Road Owerri, (By Icaps)
Dr Jude Nzeako, 08099776666

5 Federal College Of Land Resource Technology, Oforola/Obosima, Owerri West Lga, Imo State
Dr.Oluyemi Akande, 08033290471

6 Federal Polytechnic, Ptdf Ict Centre, Nekede, Owerri, Imo State Ctr 1
Okunlola Adekunle Kayode, 07032188686

7 Federal University Of Technology, Owerri, Imo State
Dr A.C Onyeka, 08037103677

8 Felicia & Barnabas School, Ngor-Okpala
Okeke Chiskwuemeka Casmir, 08037293933

9 Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwo, Imo State
Obinna Chukwuma, 08037762902

10 Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwo, Imo State Ctr 2
Obinna Chukwuma, 08037762902

11 Imo State University, Cbt Centre, Ict Directorate, Owerri, Imo State
Rev.Fr.Dr.Edmund Igboanusi, 08033061371

12 Integrated Business School Limited, Akabo, Flourmill Junction, Owerri - Okigwe Expressway, Akabo, Ikeduru Lga, Imo State
Barr. Emeka Ikenga, 08064587796

13 Jamb State Office, Owerri, Imo State
Mrs. Patricia Chiago Arukwe, 08023554474
14 Prestige World Computer, Urualla Civic Centre, Ideato
Nnanna Ifeanyi Ejike, 08063011372

15 Prince Of Peace Computer Institute , Beside Saint Benedicts Catholic Church, Amaraku Village, Isiala Mbano, Imo State
Onuoha Joseph .I., 08029699378

16 Rapid Comprehensive Secondary School, Umuneke, Ngor Okpala Lga, Imo State
Chimaobi Uhara, 08032613117

17 School Of Health Technology, Okporo, Orlu
Sr. Stellamaris Okoroha, 08033479013

18 Spotlite Integrated Services Centre For Basic Computer Education, Km 30, Okigwe - Umuahia Road, Umuelemai Village, Isiala Mbano
Aligwekwe David .C., 08033815880

19 Swintec Computer Institute, No. 5/6 Hospital /Orlu Road, Owerri, Imo State
Felix Parsley Nnanwobu, 08033315602

20 Unique Computer Institute, 3 Hospital/Orlu Rd., Owerri
Tom Oreva Okwa, 08036693413

21 Young Stars Computer Training College, Umuopia - Akokwa, Ideato North, Imo State
Comr. Egboh Chidiebere .E., 08035003550
Jigawa State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in JIGAWA STATE.

1 B.H.T Intersystem Ltd, Takur, Opposite Galaxy Ict, Dutse
Muhammad Isa Ahmad, 08031803073

2 Binyaminu Usman College Of Agriculture, Hadejia
Muhammad Auwal Hussaini, 08023737902

3 Hussaini Adamu Federal Polytechnic., Daura Road, Kazaure, Jigawa State
Inusa Sani Maijama'a, 08038077807

4 Jamb State Office, Dutse, Plot 269/270, Mechanic Village, Dutse Bye-Pass, Dutse, Jigawa State
Mr. Iliyasu Labaran Daneji, 08033769758

5 Jigawa State College Of Education, Gumel
Baffa Alhaji Dodo, 08065848886

6 Jigawa State Institute Of Information Technology, Km 3, Daura Road, Kazaure, Jigawa State
Yunusa Ibrahim Hadejia, 08036519673
Kaduna State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in KADUNA STATE.

1 Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Iya Abubakar Computer Centre, Zaria, Kaduna State
Abdul-Rahman Abdul, 08037033128

2 Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Multi-Purpose Hall, Zaria, Kaduna State
Abdul-Rahman Abdul, 08037033128

3 Dagamas Legacy Schools, No 1 Road E, Chikaji Rd, Zaria, Kaduna State
Dagama Michael, 08060061932

4 El-Khalil (Ict) Limited, 17A Attaihiru Road, Malali, Kaduna
Ahmed Mohammed Ibrahim, 08033373095

5 Golden Height Comprehensive School, Jushin Waje, Sabon Gari, Zaria, Kaduna State
Mark Eleojo, 08039090714

6 Govt. Sec. School, Ict Centre, Opp. Police Headquarters, Hunkuyi Kudan Lga, Kaduna State
Sunusi Saidu, 08122222260

7 Kaduna State University, Kaduna, Tafawa Balewa Way, Kaduna, Kaduna State
Muazu Idris A, 08033491518

8 Madalla Secondary School 74 Dikko Road Tudun Wada Zaria, Kaduna State
Ibrahim Abubakar Umar, 08031308164

9 Nigeria Defence Academy, Kaduna, Directorate Of Ict, Old Site, Airport Road, Afaka, Kaduna, Kaduna State
U S Udosen, 08096616666

10 Nuhu Bamali Polytechnic, Zaria-Kaduna Road, Zaria
Abdu Salisu Balarabe, 08034508319

11 Shimen Global Concept Ltd, Cbt Centre, L.E.A. Samaru Pri School Makera Kaduna
Solomon Katuka, 07039291999

12 Uthman Bin Affan School, No. 7, Gwamna Road, Badikko Kaduna South, Kaduna State
Murtala Muhammad Rabiu, 08034580872
Kano State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in KANO STATE.

1 Amnet Institute Information Technology, No. 2, Shy Plaza, Buk Road, Kano
Yusuf Shuaibu Alujo, 08033957986

2 Audu Bako College Of Agriculture, Along Daura Road, Danbatta, Kano State
Muhd. Nuraddeen Abbas, 08066014474

3 Bayero University, Kano, Newsite Gwarzo Road E-Learning Centre, Kano, Kano State
Umar Sani Hanga, 08060307316

4 Federal College Of Education, Kano, Kabuga, Kofar Famfo, Kano, Kano State
Sani Muhammad Kwalli, 08038868792

5 Jamb Zonal Office, Kano, Kano State
Mrs. Karimatu Abubakar, 08070619766

6 Kano University Of Science And Technology, Wudil, Aee Resource Centre, Gaya Road, Wudil, Kano State
Maitama Abubakar Yusuf, 08036953665

7 Ms World Ict Computer Technology Limited, 26, Audu Bako Way, Kano
Abbia Adamu Abdullah, 08053011316

8 Msk Communication And Wireless Limited, Kano, 13A Airport Road, Kano, Kano State
Mohammad Sulieman, 08035942942

9 Pioneers Ict Nigeria Limited, 3-4 Gidan Saude, Beside First Bank, Zoo Road, Kano, Kano State
Hassan Dankura, 08062557677

10 Pretentious Ict Investment Ltd, Torey Home Junction (Gidan Kurame) Along Sheka Kasuwa, Kano
Shamsu Shehu Soda, 08161508927

11 Rainbow Digital Technology, No. 2 Gwarzo Road, Beside A.S Maro, Ungogo Lga, Kano State
Mohammad Salisu Uba, 08160827740

12 Sms Ict Institute Of Training Ltb., No. 84 Nomansland By Airport Road, Opposite Chediya Uku Kano, Kano State
Adamu Abba, 08064822899

13 Vitae Computer Institute, Kings Garden By Airport Road, Opposite Total Filling Station, Brigade, Kano
Emmanuel Ifeanyi, 08030904487
Katsina State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in KATSINA STATE.

1 Al-Qalan University Katsina, Dutsinma Road Katsina
Armaya'u Zango Umar, 08161882848

2 Barda International School Off Hassan Usman Katsina Road, Near Gra General Mosque, Katsina
Hadiza Shuiabu, 08033793932

3 Cbt Centre Zonal Education Quality Assurance Office, Malumfashi Zonal Education Quality Assurance Office, Malumfashi, Katsina State
Dahiru Ahmadu, 07036269481

4 Computer Based Test Centre Dutsinma Along Funtua Road, Zonal Education Quality Assurance Office, Dutsinma.
Ibrahim Bature, 08039677480

5 Dialogue Computer Institute, Katsina 14 Baya Jidda Road Off Old Govt. House Gra, Katsina
Mustapha Shehu, 08034312876

6 Fed. College Of Education Katsina, Dutsinma Road Katsina
Babangida Zubair, 07032367096

7 Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic Dutsinma Road, Katsina.
Aliyu Usman, 08029152930

8 Jamb State Office, Katsina, Katsina State
Mr. Kabo U. Maitambiri, 08033832671

9 Umaru Musa Yaradua University, Faculty Of Natural & Applied Sciences, Dutsinma Rd.
Bashir Ibrahim, 08069141997

10 Zonal Education Quality Assurance Office Daura. Cbt Centre Assurance Office, Along Katsina Road, Daura
Sabiu Ibrahim Zango, 08022671810
Kwara State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in KWARA STATE.

1 Jamb Zonal Office, Oyun Bridge, Old Jebba Road, Ilorin, Kwara State
Mr. Olusola Taiwo Kuye, 08036064840

2 Kindle E-Learning Services, Opposite Tuyil Pharmaceutical, Yidi Road, Ilorin, Kwara State
Ajulo Aaron Oluwayomi, 08036506552

3 Kwara State College Of Education (Technical), Lafiagi
Ajibade Lanre Samuel, 08038570946

4 Kwara State College Of Education, Oke-Iroko, Oro, Kwara State
Alabi Oluwatoyin Samuel, 08034358730

5 Socrates College, Aromaradu, Adetai, Ilorin, Kwara State
Abdulganiy Abdullahi, 08033902049

6 University Of Ilorin, Etc Centre, Ilorin, Kwara State Ctr 2
E. O Odebunmi, 08035951353

7 University Of Ilorin, Cbt Centre, Ilorin, Kwara State Ctr 1
Adebayo Olalekan Femi, 08030618517

8 University Of Ilorin, Etc Centre 3, Ilorin, Kwara State
E. O Odebunmi, 08035951353
Kogi State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in KOGI STATE.

1 College Of Agriculture, Km 6, Kabba-Ilorin Road, Kabba
Mohammed Surajudeen Ayobami, 08069074994

2 Federal University, Adankolo Campus, Lokoja
Akintokumbo Peter R, 08037011452

3 Jamb State Office, Lokoja, Kogi State
Mr. Daniel O. Agbo, 07039803092

4 Kogi State Polytechnic, Ptdf/Ict, Okene-Abuja Road, Lokoja
Ali Abubakar, 08035992557

5 Kogi State University, Digital Centre, Anyigba
Dr. (Mrs) Pauline.A.Baba, 08037011452

6 S & J El-Lateef And Hassy Computer Institute, Ihima Community Science Secondary School, (Icsss), Ihima
Ojo Lateef, 08039118177

7 Seagate Computer Academy, Idah Secondary Commercial College, Idah-Ogbgbo Road By Inachalo River, Idah, Kogi State
Olushola Ojuola, 08030405335

8 Yabma International Science Academy, Hon. Yakubu Yunusa Avenue, 500 Housing Units, Ganaja Road, Lokoja
Toba Olalekan James, 08036037507
Kebbi State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in KEBBI STATE.

1 Jamb State Office, Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi State
Mr. Attahiru Ahmad, 08033334678

2 Kebbi State University Of Science And Technology, Along Sokoto-Jega Road, Aliero, Kebbi State
Salihu Umar Suru, 07065143178

3 Ml-Tech Nigeria Limited, Nagari College, Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi State
David Owonuoko, 07034117799

4 Waziri Umaru Federal Polytechnic, Ict Centre, Gesse Campus, Birnin Kebbi Ctr1
Engr. John Bala Alabi, 07036200337

5 Waziri Umaru Federal Polytechnic, Ict Centre, Gesse Campus, Birnin Kebbi Ctr2
Engr. John Bala Alabi, 07036200337
Lagos State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in LAGOS STATE.

1 Adeniran Ogunsanya College Of Education, Km 30, Lagos-Badagry Expressway, Otto Ijanikin, Lagos State
Victor Olsegun Akinoja, 08034546199

2 Audax Solutions, Plot 24 ,Blk 113, Adebisi Ogunniyi Crescent, Ikate, 3Rd Roundabout, Lekki Phase I Lagos State
Ubochi Vivian Ezinne, 08078942642

3 Bachel Model College, No. 3/5 Gardol Street, 7 Fako Ijaiye Ogba, Lagos State
Adeleke Adkunle Raymond, 08036721541

4 Bafuto Computer And Secretarial School Egbe, No. 62 Ikotu/Isolo Road, Ile-Iwe Bus Stop Egbe, Lagos State
Engr Adekunle B. Banjo, 08023624940

5 Brainpoint College 98 Ondo Street By Okobaba Ebute-Metta East, Lagos
Mr. Austin C. Ohaekelem, 08060217706

6 Career Builders Academy 47 Iwaya Road,Career B/Stop,Onike Yaba Lagos
Umunna Kingsley Umeji, 08033053375

7 Classic International School, 29, Afolabi Obe Street, Ori Oke Bus Stop, Ejigbo, Lagos State
Oriyomi Esther, 08033796816

8 Connection Computer Training Institute, 1 Connection Street By Cele Bus Stop, Okokomaiko, Ojo, Lagos
Oluwasegun Oshikoya, 08037124541

9 Difas College, Akeeb Adewunmi Street, Behind Farm Settlement Community, Primary School, Odogunyan, Ikorodu, Lagos State
Jojolola Taiwo Feyisayo, 08023379699

10 Digital Bridge Institute, Old Nitel Training School , Agege Motor Road, Cappa Oshodi, Lagos State
Paulinus Okey Ugwoke, 08034804197

11 Electronic Test Centre (Etc) Centre, Faculty Of Socia Science University Of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos State
Olabode Idowu, 08026822855

12 Elihans College, Igbo Olomu Road, Isawo-Owutu, Lagos State
Oduwole Gbemisola Aduke, 08037203439

13 Etc Nigeria Limited, 229 Ikorodu Road, Ilupeju, Centre 1, Lagos State
Olabode Idowu, 08063126712

14 Febmex Tutorial And Computer Academy Iyana Ejigbo, No. 63 Egbe Road By Powerline Bus Stop, Iyana-Ejigbo, Ejigbo, Lagos State
Mrs. Blessing Ogechi Nkwsha, 07034899625

15 Federal College Of Education (Technical), St. Finbarrs College Road, Akoka, Lagos State
Lawal Sadik Ishola, 08023404155

16 Gods Power International College, Oke-Aro, No. 10 Ajayi Crescent By Ajayi Busstop, Oke-Aro, Lagos State
Augustina Ekpe, 08023228567

17 Grace Polytechnic, No. 9, Joseph Shyngle Close, Surulere, Lagos State
Adeosun Olayiwola, 08023225962

18 Ha-Shem Network Services Limited, 9 Ibikunle St., Off University Rd, Herbert Macualy Way, Yaba, Lagos
Mojisola Sodunke, 08033016156

19 High Tree College 2-8 Ekundayo Str. Off Command Road Ipaja Lagos State
Ikupolati Olatunji, 08185733515

20 Hontaville Technology Limited, 4 Ayanboye Str. Faramobi Ajike By Gtbank Anthony Lagos
Jimoh Akansiibrahim, 08103236491

21 Ikotun Comprehenisve College, 20, Idowu Anisere Street, Ikotun, Lagos State
Mr Ganiyu O. Ajao, 08077932254

22 Institute Of Criminal Justice And Criminology Administration, 7Th Avenue, Opposite K Close, Festac Town Lagos
Emenuga Primus Enyeribe, 08034737767

23 Island Computer College, 99, Meiran Road, Otapo B/Stop, Meiran, Lagos.
Micheal Okon, 07031110617

24 Jamb National Headquaters Anex, Ikoyi, Lagos State
Dr. (Mrs) Beatrice N. Okorie, 08033051253

25 Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu Campus, Shagamu Road, Ikorodu, Lagos State
Apenna Giyas Olalekan, 08035660750

26 Lagos State Polytechnic, Isolo Campus, Beside Sos Village, Isolo, Lagos State
Tiamiyu Olalekan, 08184200848

27 Lufemi Systems Ltd,64 Oko Oba Road Agege Lagos, Lagos State
Odusami Agbolade .O., 08055339313

28 Merit Land Group Of Schools, 20, Meritland Road, Igborosun, Badagry, Lagos State
Mr Akintola I. Bolaji, 08080992299

29 Michael Otedola College Of Primary Education, Epe, Epe, Lagos State
Green Oluwole Olakunle, 07059898693

30 Mti College, No 8, Onasanya Street, Off Ishaga Road, Surulere, Lagos State
Mrs. Adenike Olujembola, 08037140275

31 New Ocean Comprehensive High School, 70/72, Alaja Road, Megida, Ayobo, Lagos State
Olawale Olaniyi, 08102496459

32 Noble Stars College, Along Ikorodu Club Avenue Road, Aga Ikorodu, Lagos State
Ogbu Patrick Nnaedozie, 08097278945

33 Oduduwa College Of Proffessional Studies, Egbeda/Idimu Rd., Idimu
Rauf Taoheed, 08030756687

34 Prime Innovation Institute Of Technology,Plot 13, Ogombo St, Off Alfa Bus Stop,Sangotedo, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Ajah, Lagos State
Osiyelu Adeolu, 08060355988

35 Reliance S & T Limited, No. 127, Ogunlana Drive, Surulere, Lagos State
Dr. Yussuf Adegbite, 08038497000

36 Richytorch Computer Inst.& Training Center, 35 Igbo- Elerin Road, Beside Mobil Okoko, Ojo, Lagos State
Obasa Tadfeek Adekunle, 08036244205

37 Risk Global Risk Global Business Cons Limited, Olatunde Ayoola Avenue, Beside Green Spring Sch. Anthony Village, Lagos
Emeka Kalu Ukpai, 08033053703

38 Shoms International Schools, No. 2, Odutayo Street, Ikate-Aguda, Lagos State
Mr.Olowu Oluwaseyi, 08177133184

39 The Certified Institute Of Shipping, Magbon Bus Stop, Badagry Expressway, Lagos, Lagos State
Prof. Alex Okwuashi, 08033733237

40 Timeon Kairos Educational & Vacational Institute, 326, Abeokuta Expressway, Super/Cele Bus Stop, Oko Oba Via Abule Egba, Lagos
Femi Ibetokun, 07066557700

41 Top Ville College, Ikorodu, Ikorodu, Lagos State
Mr Oladimeji Abdul, 08179711256

42 Universal White Hall College, No. 32/34 Daddy Salvage Street, Fagba Bus Stop, Iju Road, Ifako Ijaiye,Lagos State
Mrs Adliyi Temilola, 08184113001

43 West African Examination Council, International Office, Plot 6, Lateef Jakande Rd., Agidingbi, Lagos
Mr. A.A. Maliki, 08033051713

44 West-Midland Communication Limited, Etc Centre, 1, Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State
Olorunshola Abe, 08052791050

45 Wisdom Cbt Centre (St. Timothy's College) , Onike, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos State
Mr. Dr. Patrick I. Okpah, 08125451333

46 Yaba College Of Technology, Yaba, Lagos State
Dr. Ayannuga Olaurewaju, 08037180095

47 Zeekay Schools 2 Home Of Grace Street Agbede Ikorodu, Lagos State
Oyeyemi Ezekiel Oluwagbemiga, 08023009540
Nasrawa State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in NASARAWA STATE.

1 Anti-Corruption Academy (Icpc Academy), Km 47, Abuja-Keffi Expressway, Lafia, Nasarawa State
Muhammad Abubakar Baba'abu, 07036024024

2 Baptist Academy Ict Oldchief Palace Karu Fct Abuja
Nwosu Ernest, 08064814845

3 Bingham University, Along Keffi-Abuja Expressway, Auta-Balefi, New Karu, Nasarawa State
Mrs.Diane Stephen Fabrel, 08033328045

4 God's Own Scholars Academy,Angwansoja ,Area1 Masaka , Nasarawa State
Pastor Paul Okafor Okeibunor, 08036538911

5 Jamb State Office, Lafia, Nasarawa State
Mr. Labaran Tanko, 08033335358

6 Kada Model Ict Centre By Akwanga Junction, Area 1, Masaka
Benjamin Shaibu, 08035749517

7 Lizdav Academy Nursery, Primary & Secondary School, Along Calvary Road, Ruga Junction, Mararaba, Nasarawa State
Mrs. Maria Mayowa Warebebe, 08027359191

8 Risewise Cbt,Triton Internation Sch, Km 21, Keffi-Abuja Express Rd,Kuchika ,Karu Lga Nasarawa
Akinloye Idris Babatunde, 07034641749
Niger State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in NIGER STATE.

1 Air-Max Computer Institute,Beisde St. Theresa Catholic Church, Madala
Engr. Emmanuel O. Ehikwe, 08035958664

2 Bishop James Yisa Memorial School, Bjy Road, Kwamba, Suleja, Niger State
Odubanjo Olusola, 08067319033

3 Federal Polytechnic, Ict Hall, Bida, Doko Road, Bida, Niger State
Engr.Dr.Sani Man-Yahaya, 07034883322

4 Federal University Of Tech., Electronic Test Centre, Gidan Kwano Campus, Minna, Niger State
Eitomhen Sunday Ehikhoria, 08035165475

5 Jamb Zonal Office, Minna, Plot 2, 3 Arms Zone, Eastern Bye - Pass, Maitumbi Road, Minna, Niger State
Mr. Babatunde B. Bamisaye, 08034947169

6 Wanzab E-Learning Centre 1 Morris Fertilizer Road, Minna, Niger State
Umar Aliyu Babadoko, 08035771980

Ogun State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in OGUN STATE.

1 Bab**** University, Cit Computer Laboratory, Ilisan-Remo, Ogun State
Mr.Wumi Ariyo, 07063861828

2 Covenant University, Km 10, Idiroko Road, Ota, Ogun State
Adeboye Yinka, 08030508636

3 Crawford University, Igbesa, Ict Centre, Kilometre 8, Atan-Agbara Road, Faith City, Igbesa, Ogun State
Fiewor Henry Etakpobunah, 08023003436

4 Dof Cbt Centre, Opposite Rock City Radio, Goshen Estate, Asero, Abeokuta, Ogun State
Tititola Ero, 08033832725

5 Ds Adegbenro Ict Polytechnic, Itori, Lagos - Abeokuta Expressway, Itori-Ewekoro, Ogun State
Laniyan Abiodun, 07031205620

6 Federal College Of Education, Abeokuta, E-Library, Osiele, Abeokuta, Ogun State
Dr.Godwin Olusegun Oyewole, 08033513155

7 Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, Papalanto/Obele High Way, Ilaro, Ogun State
Ajayi Adewale, 08056976180

8 Federal University Of Agriculture, Abeokuta, 500 Seater Cbt Centre Alabata, Abeokuta, Ogun State
Dr. O.B. Ajayi, 08033545659

9 Gateway Ict Ltd,Southwest Resource Centre Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta South
Mrs.Irene Enitan Ayorinde, 08153492510

10 Huntsville Technology Ltd., Christower Int'l School,
14/16, Agboola Street, Off Lagos-Ibadan Expressway (Oremeji Bus Stop) Ibafo, Ogun State
Jimoh A.Ibrahim, 08023130727

11 Ifo College Of Management Technology, Ifo Km 50, Lagos - Abeokuta Expressway, Techno Bus Stop, Ifo, Ogun State
Mr.D.O.A Onifade, 08034448572

12 International College, Ibefun, Km 12, Lagos/Ijebu Ode Road, Ibefun, Odogboulu
Mrs. Ijioma P. Obiyor, 08033070121

13 Jamb State Office, Abeokuta, Ogun State
Mr. Hakeem Abdulhameed, 08037261078

14 Kindle E-Learning Centre, Opp Taidob College, Asero Goshen Estate, Asero, Abeokuta, Ogun State
Odeleye Tosin Emmanuel, 08062581655

15 Life Baker International Schools, 2/10, Wasiu Abiodun Close, Opp. Suru B/Stop, Along Ijoko-Agbado Road, Ijoko
Adeniyi Olusegun, 08052574614

16 Malicomp Computers, Access Int'l Sch., Behind Mfm Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Magboro, Ogun State
Malik Oluwole Adesina, 07036595265

17 Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Ojere Oba Raod, Abeokuta, Abeokuta, Ogun State
Babajide Samuel Oluwole, 08037142063

18 National Open University Of Nigeria, Awa - Ijebu Study Centre, Awa - Ijebu, Ogun State
Dr.(Mrs)Rosemary Fehintoluwa Saidu, 08034138580

19 National Open University Of Nigeria, Opposite Nnpc Mega Station, Oke Mosan, Ogun State
Temi Moses Idowu, 08037014472

20 Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State
Dr. Ferdinand Abayomi Oguntoye, 07036438383

21 Tai Solarin University Of Education, Ijagun, Ogun State
Adenubi Ademola, 08058684616

22 Tai Solarin University Of Education, Ososa Campus, Ososa, Ogun State
Ogunsanwo Gbenga Oyewole, 08169696945
Ondo State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in ONDO STATE.

1 Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, Ondo State
Babalola Abayomi Danlami, 08037922368

2 Adeyemi College Of Education, Off Ondo-Ore Road, Ondo State
Dr. Samuel Olagunju, 08034654976

3 Elizade University, Ict Centre, Ilara-Mokin Via Akure
Abaye Andrew, 08036979516

4 Federal University Of Technology, Etc Centre, Obakekere, Akure
Yusuf Abdulmajeed Dayo, 08129124350

5 Jamb State Office, Akure, Ondo State
Mr. Olaolu Adeniyi, 08039711272

6 Ondo State University Of Science And Technology, Km 6, Okitipupa-Igbokada Road, Okitipupa
Opeyemi Akinluyi Tosin, 07032270305

7 Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Ict Directorate,Km 4, Akure- Benine Express Way, Ono, Ondo State
Olaseni Olatunde Emmanuel, 08034730783

8 The Federal University Of Technology, Digital Resource &Research, Centre 1, Obanla, Akure
Dr.B.K.Aluse, 08034540465
Osun State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in OSUN STATE.

1 Adeleke University, Ede, Cbt Centre, Ede Osun State
Prof. Longe Olumide, 08160900893

2 Aitech-Atman Ict Center, Block Y Commercial Ospdc, Oroki Estate, Ilobu Road, Osogbo, Osun State
Taiwo Gbenga, 08063186454

3 Bowen University,Compuer Science And Informatin Technology Department, Iwo, Osun State
Dr.Akinwunmi Akinwale Olusegu, 08034237441

4 Christ The King Academy Sch Ltd (C.K.C.) Ilesa,Bml 1 Ayeni Crescent Omi Asoro,Ilesa
Abimbola Eniola George, 07086768264

5 College Of Education, Foreign-Links Campus, Moro, Ife-North Lga, Osun State
Dr.Fola Akinosun, 08032201546

6 Federal Polytechnic Ede, South Campus, Cbt Centre, Ede, Osun State
Rev.Emmanuel O.Faleye, 08033843810

7 Igbajo Polytechnic, Imesi-Ile Road, Igbajo
Adeniji O Israel, 08066648793

8 Jamb State Office, Osogbo, Osun State
Mr. Johnson Adebiyi, 08033070759

9 Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji-Arakeji
Mr. Abiodun Alabi, 08133347441

10 Kemade Highflyers Academy, Aduralere Close, Off Ondo Road, Opposite Con Oil, Ile - Ife, Osun State
Mrs. J O. Elugbaju, 08109934521

11 National Open University Of Nigeria, Study Centre, Old Sdp Building, Beside St. Charles Grammar School, Ilesa Road, Osogbo
Oluyemisi Olubunmi Pitan, 08030689935

12 Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Cloud Computing Auditorium Ile - Ife, Osun State
Engr.O.A.Adewara, 08033517445

13 Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Ict Hall A, Ile - Ife, Osun State
Engr.O.A.Adewara, 08033517445

14 Obafemi Awolowo University, Ict Hall B, Ile-Ife
Engr.O.A.Adewara, 08033517445

15 Osun State College Of Education, Along Ibodi-Ife Road, Ilesa
Mrs.Yetunde Esther Ogunwale, 08033787722

16 Osun State College Of Education, E-Library, Ila-Orangun
Ajayi Olufunke Dorcas, 08069076097

17 Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, Osun State
Engr.Ola Bunmi Oluseyi, 08036152007

18 Osun State University, Iwo Road, Ikire
Dr.Amos Pooola, 08035794352

19 Unique Paula Infotech, Obeta Along Oun State College, Ilesa, Osun State
Ojakorotu Williams, 08038424145

20 Wolex Polytechnic, Km 2, Iwo-Ejigbo Road, Iwo, Osun State
Sorunke Olukayode, 08038883322

Oyo State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in OYO STATE.

1 Educational Advancement Centre, 45 Awolowo Avenue, Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State
Olumuyiwa Bamabose, 08031231234

2 Emmanuel Alayande College Of Education, Oyo, Oyo State
Mrs. S.M. Asiru, 08033956666

3 Etc Nigeria Limited, University Of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State
Yusuf Safar, 08169600460

4 Federal College Of Education (Special) Oyo, E-Library, Centre 1, Oyo State
Dr. Theo Ajoburo, 08033884486

5 Jamb Zonal Office, Ibadan, Quarter 845, Opposite Ikolaba Grammar School, Agodi G.R.A; Ibadan , Oyo State
Mrs. Bola A. Elushade, 08037016020

6 Kindle E-Learning Services, Iseyin, Oyo State
Moronfola Funso Segun, 08076605727

7 Ladoke Akintola University Of Technology, Ogbomoso Cbt Centre 1, Ogbomosho, Oyo State
Dr O.T Arulogun, 08033643606

8 Ladoke Akintola University Of Technology, Ogbomoso Cbt Centre 2, Ogbomosho, Oyo State
Dr O.T Arulogun, 08033643606

9 Olajumoke Akinjide Foundation Ict Centre, Alagba Village, Akaran, Oyo State
Benjamin Olutekunbi, 08056674951

10 Otumba Olawuwo Oni E-Learning Center, Near Doyin Hotel, Behind Umca Church, Akitipa, Igboho, Oyo State
Kayode Oluwatoyin Biodun, 08036288320

11 Oyo State College Of Agriculture, Igbo-Ora, Oyo State
Adeagbo Oluwatoyin, 08055532823

12 The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Ict Centre, Ibadan, Oyo State
Fasiku Adeotun, 08038145411

13 University Of Ibadan, 1500 Seater, Cbt Centre, Ibadan Ctr 2
Prof Adebayo Okunade, 08033857035

14 West-Midland Communication Limited, Adebayo Akande Hall, Ajibode, Ibadan, Oyo State
Mr. Akinade Olatunji, 08054770935
Plateau State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in PLATEAU STATE.

1 Al-Iman School,No. 3, Dogon Dutse, Jos
Muhammad Munir Ilyas, 08035905376

2 Biodira Multi Biz Concept, 54, Murtala Muhammed Way, Jos
Basirat Adenuga, 08035870844

3 Buken Academy, Dwei, Du District, Jos, Plateau State (Seven Days Adventist No Saturday)
Bub Ishiaku Davou, 08160382028

4 College Of Education, Gindiri
Prof S.I Binda, 07057521922

5 Ecwa International College Of Technology, 7, Joseph Gomwalk Road, Opp. Dstv Office, Jos
Isaac Tanam, 08037020637

6 Fadatkan Enterprise, All Nations Academy, Bokkos, Plateau State
Danladi Ayuba Makwin, 08036154082

7 Federal College Of Education, Jos-Panshin Road, Pankshin
Mrs. Tarini Luka Dalok, 08036556075

8 Federal College Of Forestry, Bauchi Road, Opposite Bauchi Motor Park, Jos, Plateau State
Oladunmoye Yemi, 08036147515

9 Glinks Communication & Solid Trust Computer World Ltd., Rochas Foundation College, Old Airport Road, Jos
Sunday Udeh, 08033497096

10 Government Secondary School Pangna Langtang, Lantang North Lga, Plateau State
Isaac Ayeni, 07035510249

11 Government Secondary School, Along Panyam-Shendam Road, Plateau State
Mr. Ishaya Cletus, 07034385382

12 Jamb State Office, Jos, Plateau State
Mr. Yakubu A. Jekada, 08036200819

13 Joktong Nigeria Limited, Ict Consultants, Former Jos Business School, Naf Round About, Rayfield, Jos, Plateau State
Tong David, 08163447250

14 Our Lady Of Fatima, Off Turkus Road, Along Prisons Office, Shendam, Plateau State
Sr. Rhoda Enna, 08035902433

15 Plateau State Polytechnic, Heipang, Barkin Ladi, Plateau State
Gau Damulak Patrick, 08035864421

16 Plateau State Polytechnic, Jos Campus, Jos, Plateau State
Alex Duah, 08036520310

17 Rajib Computer Academy, 22, Ahmadu Bello Way, Jos
Alh Bala Jibril, 08033063077

18 Saint Lois College, Joseph Gomwalk Road, Jos, Plateau State
John Anzaku, 08068330221

19 Solid Trust Computer World, Pyem Community Secondary School, Anguwan Galadima, Gindiri, Mangu Lga, Plateau State
Mr. Sunday O. Udeh, 08033497096

20 University Of Jos Consultancy Limited, Murtala Mohammed Way, Jos North, Plateau State
Binta Nenfori Rotshak, 08037200674
Rivers State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in RIVERS STATE.

1 Edtrix Frontier Technology, No. 8 Aba Road, By Umuchokota Farm Road Junction, Chokota, Rivers State
Port Harcourt
Edward Akowe, 08035547543

2 Evinok Connection Nig Ltd Elelenwo, Rivers State
Vincent A. Okuku, 08033104363

3 Fast Five Computers, No. 11, Palace Road, Oyigbo
Eze Mike Nwaji, 08033167746

4 Federal College Of Education (Technical)Omoku, Omoku, Rivers State
Achakoro Ikechukwu Azubuike, 07030522022

5 Ignatius Ajuru University Of Education, Rumuolumeni, Port Harcourt, Rivers State
Thom Manuel Osaki Miller, 08037470044

6 Immaculate High School, Ict Centre, No. 4, Immaculate Road, Off Afam Road, Obeama, Oyigbo
Ezigbo Fidelis, 08097407371

7 Jamb Zonal Office, Port Harcourt, Rivers State
Mrs. Beatrice Etta Nyiam, 08182658204

8 River State University Of Science & Tech., Nkpolu, Port Harcourt
Solomon A. Braide, 07035325884

9 University Of Port Harcourt, Choba Ctr I
Bola Lawal, 08010268233

Sokoto State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in SOKOTO STATE.

1 Jamb Zonal Office, Sokoto, Sokoto State
Mr. Malami Salihu, 08136228915

2 Shehu Shagari College Of Education, Along Birnin Kebbi Road, Farfaru Area Sokoto
Mikailu Muhammad Yabo, 08032315293

3 Sokoto State Polytechnic, Sokoto, Sokoto State
Salihu Abdulgani, 08035043445

4 Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, Ict Centre, Main Campus, Sokoto, Sokoto State
Aliyu Aminu Ladan, 08068991933
Taraba State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in TARABA STATE.

1 College Of Agriculture, Permanent Site, Bali Road, Jalingo, Taraba State
Alh. Bayo Bhadmus, 08034626311

2 College Of Education, Mayo-Belwa-Yola Road, Zing, Taraba State
Mike Dio Jen, 07066947884

3 Federal University, Katsina Ala Road, Wukari, Taraba State
Maduagwu Udoawujo, 08037029435

4 Jamb State Office, Old Teachers College, Jalingo, Taraba State
Ms. Veronica Ayuba, 08033149722

5 Winners Comprehensive High School, Beside Jolly Nyame Stadium, Jalingo, Taraba State
Danlami Shamaki, 08022074700
Yobe State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in YOBE STATE.

1 Federal College Of Education (Technical) Potiskum, Virtual Library Mohammed Idrissa Way, Potiskum, Yobe State
Abubakar Hassan, 08037894171

2 Jamb State Office, Damaturu, Yobe State
Mr. Sanusi M. Atose, 08065682139
Zamfara State: JAMB 2016 Registration Centres
Below is the List of Accredited JAMB CBT Available Registration Centres/Cafe(s) in ZAMFARA STATE.

1 Abdu Gusau Polytechnic, Talata Mafara
Lawal Usman Mafara, 08096962017

2 College Of Education, Along Sokoto Road, Maru
Mohammed Ali Kawo, 08037192599

3 Federal College Of Education (Technical), Along Zaria Road, Gusau
Omole Alfred Sunday, 08064914498

4 Federal Polytechnic, Kaura Namoda
Ahmed Lawal, 08127476845

5 Jamb State Office, Gusau, Zamfara State
Mr. Ibrahim Abdulkadir Maska, 07037479116

6 Zamfara College Of Arts And Science (Zaca), Along Sokoto Road,Gusau
Ibrahim D.Yusuf, 08167222510

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