Tuesday, 29 November 2016

How to Add my account number on Npower

How to Add my account number on Npower

How to Add my account number on Npower

The Npower program is the Federal Government of Nigerian's initiative to empower the youth in different areas of specialization in order to enhance their human capacity
development of the country.

And since the release of the 1st batch of 200,000 participants, accessing the portal has become an issue as many people are trying to update their information the same time.

I tried to update my sister's account number but was faced with a very serious challenge and having overcome the challenge, i had to share my experiencce with you here.

How to Add my account number on Npower

  • You must have a facebook account
  • Login to your facebook account with the same browser that you want to use and update your account
  • Login to http://npvn.npower.gov.ng/    depending on internet connection and the time of accessing this portal, it might be slow so i suggest you do this at night
  • your username is your phone number and
  • your password is your surname.
  • The first page that will open will have "Connect to facebook"  and "Connect to twitter"
  • Click on connect to facebook and share the information with facebook.
  • As soon as you connect, you account will be activated and you will see "Proceed" botton
  • Proceed to fill other information..
I hope this have been very informative.
Kindly share with your friends.

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How to Add my account number to Npower 

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