Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Philosophy, Politics and Education

Philosophy, as a social and political enterprise, can be viewed in two important perspective (Cohen, 2003). Firstly, it is conceived in terms of practice. Philosophy is thus a group of activities and this further conveys that philosophy is interpersonal and not solitary. Philosophy as a group of activities, requires rules to function and the question of what is proper philosophical methodology.

Appraisal of politics and democracy in the nigeria philosophy of education

          The mutual and cherished relationship between politics and democracy cannot be overstated. But the Nigerian people would have been happier had the same been extended to education and Nigerian philosophy of Education. Politics, education and indeed some form of democracy have been with us for a longtime.

Impact of Agricultural Extension services on cassava production, processing and utilization in Ebonyi Sate. 2

Cassava is highly demanded and used for food and Industrial purpose. For human consumption, it can be fermented, sieved or cooked as “foo-foo” (fufu) or it can be grated and fried into flour and eaten as garri. It can also be boiled, sliced soaked in water and dried. In this form, it called “Abacha and when wet, it is called “Tapioca”. The leaves are very important source of vitamins.

Political Democracy and National Development.

Historically, the ancient Athenians regarded and viewed democracy as the involvement of all free-born citizens of the polis as the rulers over their joint affairs. This goes to substantiate the primordial definition of democracy as the government of the people for the people by the people. According to Entwistle (1971), in the chapter

Monday, 19 January 2015

Impact of Agricultural Extension services on cassava production, processing and utilization in Ebonyi Sate.

Background to the Study
Agriculture occupies a key position in the Nigeria economy judging by its critical role of providing food security, provision of employment, revenue generation and provision of raw materials for industrial development. Cassava,


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