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Features of iPhone over other Phones

There is no doubt other phones like android and window phones have some compelling features that keep their users coming over and over again. But in every fight, there is a winner.
iPhone has gained their users confidence and trust with these under listed features.

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are especially compelling for those who want the

Ways To Save Your Phone When It Falls In Water

Ways To Save Your Phone When It Falls In Water
Your smartphone dropping in water doesn’t mean the end of it. Although smartphones are not waterproofed, you can still rescue it. The most important thing is that you should apply these tips shared. It is no gainsaying that water and phones are enemies. Mr. Water is always happy to destroy your phone.

Don’t press anything after taking it out of water

The first thing you should do is to remove your

Smart Tips To Help You Sleep Faster and Better

Smart Tips To Help You Sleep Faster and Better
Adults need at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily. But, due to circumstances that is usually within their control, they don’t get this recommended amount of sleep. Even when they do, they wake up tired and with a headache. This means they didn’t sleep well and as a result, their eyes are always begging and pleading for sleep. When they can’t control it,

Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Emotions can be very fickle. One moment you are feeling this way and the next you aren’t. They can also be extremely powerful and forceful, to the point that you feel you have no choice but to cave in. Emotions of embarrassment, anger, anxiety and fear are some of the most difficult to control. 


One of the ways to deal with these emotions is to

Economic Importance of Banana Peel

Banana peels aren’t useless once the fruit enclosed in them is consumed. You thus shouldn’t be quick to dispose of them. we shares 5 economic importance of Banana Peel

It’s a teeth whitener

Rubbing the inner part of a piece of the peel gently over your teeth for a few minutes can help to whiten your teeth. Be sure to do this

7 Signs you are drinking too much alcohol

Signs you are drinking too much alcohol
Some might find it interesting to know that moderate alcohol consumption actually has some benefits, but the problem, however, is when you fail to keep this consumption moderate. Chances are you consider yourself a moderate drinker, believing you are responsible for your alcohol consumption, without knowing  that your ‘simple’ one or two or three glasses of drink has slipped into something harmful. 


The human body makes something known as an anti-diuretic hormone to regulate the amount of urine in our bodies. At night, more of this hormone

Monday, 6 March 2017


Alcohol as a chemical substance has many negative effects in the body. These effects are explained below; Alcohol as a Depressant

Alcohol is a drug, classified as a depressant which means that alcohol slows down vital functions, resulting in slurred speech, unsteady movement, disturbed perceptions and an ability to react quickly. As for how it affects the mind, it is best understood as a drug that reduces a person’s ability to think rationally and distorts his or her judgement (Raupp et al., 2001).


Blood fractionation is the process of fractionating whole blood or separating it into its component parts. This is usually done through the process of centrifugation in a centrifuge (Machlus et al., 2014).
The resulting components are:
A clear solution of blood plasma in the upper phase (which can be separated into its fractions), 
The buffy coat, which is the thin layer of leucocytes mixed with platelets in the middle, and
Erythrocytes at the bottom of the centrifuge tube (Yip et al., 2005).

What is Polycythaemia

Polycythaemia is a condition in which there is high concentration of red blood cells in the blood. This means that the blood volume that is occupied by the red blood cell increases. The common symptoms of polycythaemia are blurred vision, chest pain, headaches, itching, muscle pain, dizziness, ruddy complexion, high blood pressure, and tinnitus or ringing in the ear (Ang et al., 2002).


             Haemoglobin carries oxygen to the t


Typically, toothaches have two main causes: when cavity damages the inside of the tooth and exposes a nerve ending before it is dead, and when fibers holding down your tooth at the socket become infected. Other causes of toothaches are the growth of a wisdom tooth or decay or gum recession. It’s safe to say a toothache is one of the most uncomfortable and sometimes, one of the most painful feelings you will ever experience.  
You should know that though remedies exist to help ease a toothache, the best thing you can do is go see a dentist to fix the problem. The following remedies can only alleviate the pain, but the problem still remains without proper treatment.


           Haematological assays seldom provide an etiological diagnosis but they remain, nevertheless indispensable diagnostic tools to evaluate health and disease conditions in patients for monitoring the response and progress of patients to therapeutic regime and to offer prognosis. The routine collection and processing of blood samples allows the evaluation of haematological responses to diseases (Howlett and Jaime, 2008).
The full blood count sometimes referred to as a full blood examination or complete blood count is one of the most commonly performed blood tests, as it can tell us so much about the status of our health. It is important for diagnosing conditions in which the number of blood cells abnormally high or abnormally low or the cells themselves are abnormal (Fleming and De silva, 2008).

What is wistar rats

What is wistar rats
What is wistar rats:
Wistar rats are laboratory rats which have red eyes and white fur that are used for scientific research in various fields of human endeavour. They are of the species Rattus norvegicus which is bred and kept for scientific research. Wistar rats have served as important animal model for research in biotechnology, biochemistry, psychology, medicine and other fields (Ben-Ami Bartal et al., 2011). The Wistar rats are outbred stocks used in all fields of medicine and biological researches. Its longevity and high rate of spontaneous tumours make it an ideal choice for ageing studies. Wistar rat is an albino strain, easy-to-handle, it is however slower than Long Evans rat (Pettitt et al., 2009).


This study shows the "ECONOMIC VALUE OF PIPER GUINEENSE" and more.
The importance of herbal plants cannot be over-emphasized, as they play some roles in our day-to-day activities. There are too many leaves that cure and which are used as vegetables we can use in our daily cooking or diet making. The first among the leaves to be introduced is ‘uziza’ which is the native name with the botanical name as Piper guineense (Amusan and Okorie, 2002).

The effect of methanol extract of Piper guineense


Plants which are medicinal and used by animals as foods have contributed immensely to health care (Chineke et al., 2006). These medicinal plants include Piper guineense, Gnetum gnemon, Congrema latifolium, Azadirachta indica, Moringa orifera, and so on have been used in biological researches for aims of analysis or otherwise. Piper guineenseis of the plant family Piperaceae and contains over 700 species all over the globe. It is a medicinal plant known to provide both medicinal, insecticidal, culinary and dietary benefits to human beings. According to Dada et al., (2013)


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