Monday, 8 February 2016


Are you having Issues completing your online registration into the Nigerian youth service corp portal, listed bellow are some of the issues that is commonly noticed and how to go about it.

I have not received E-mail from NYSC to complete my Registration?.

To Signup with the NYSC portal for the online registration, you need to receive an e-mail from them with which you follow the link in the mail to complete your registration (Step two), You have to make sure that the email you use is a functional email. Make sure you can login to the e-mail before using the email to sign up else, create another email fast. Either G-mail or YahooMail.
If you are sure that the E-mail you used to signup is correct and you still haven't gotten a mail from them, i advise you to be patient and keep checking on your mail, You will soon get.

Why are there not accepting my passport?

For your passport to be accepted, 
  1. It must be on a white background
  2. your face must be showing very well. Not side ways. make sure its portrait.
  3. Your passport must not be more than 15kb. Use Microsoft Picture manager to re-size your passport or paint if you know your way around it.

How many document should i upload as a married woman?

If your choose Mrs as the tittle for your name i.e if you are married, you are requested to upload documents that will indicate truly that you are married (Evidence). The include:
  1. Marriage Certificate
  2. Newspaper Change of Name
  3. Husbands Driver's Licence
  4. Husbands Utility Bill (NEPA BILL)

How do i Append Signature 

To deal with this, you need to options,
  1. Upload your signed signature. If you are choosing this option, make sure the size is not more than 7kb, else it will not be accepted. (Recommended option)
  2. Using a digital Sign. This allows you to sign your signature with the mouse. Only very few will get this correctly signing with the mouse.
I highly recommend that you sign your signature, scan it and upload.

I hope this have been very informative. For complains or equiry, please use the comment session or call us on:
 07034538881 or e-mail


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