Thursday, 25 February 2016

2016 GLO 3GB BIS Subscription Code and New Price

Don't be surprised when you are trying to renew your Glo Conmonth plan and you received a message that you do not have enough credit to perform the operation. Glo Comonth of 3GB for 1k has been
the cheapest plan ever and it has been a lifesaver plan for Android device users.

With deep regret in our heart to tell you that Glo has recently increased the Comonth plan of 3GB from N1000 to N1400. The reason for this increment remained unknown and Glo has not officially issued any official statement to this development.

If you still want to continue using this same Glo bis plan on your Android device, load your Glo sim with N1400 or N1500, then dial *777# and follow the instruction on the screen.

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