Friday, 21 August 2015

The Foundation of Women organizations

Women organizations are also community based organizations which are informal organizations, and are more pronounced in the rural areas.
          They contribute in cash, labour and materials like cement, sand corrugated iron sheets, woods etc.

          They equally help in buying farm machines, for example, cassava processing machines, palm oil processing machines etc.
          They also encourage their members to pay tax, settle dispute, instill discipline and social control in behaviours like beating of wife, stealing, fighting and so on.
          Njoku (1974) observed that the members of the women organizations were dynamic, powerful and were well respected by their communities.  They were at times regarded by some as guardians of the village traditions.
          Socialization in many developing countries, farm festivals are common.  Women organizations play active part in such festivals such as cooking of food, traditional dancing etc.
          Women organizations are to diffuse innovation and implement programmes.  They are served as agents of social mobilization for economic ventures.
2.2     Youth Associations in Agricultural and Rural development
          The concept of youth has been defined by some scholars as the period in an individual’s life, which comes between the end of childhood and entry into adulthood.
          In agricultural development through and effective extension system, the youth constitute a potent force.  This is because the youths have a number of characteristics which when nurtured and utilized are invaluable assets to agricultural and rural development.
          Jibowo (1996) enumerated these characteristics to include;

          innovations proneness,

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