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Teaching Attitudes in Business Studies

According to Okwuanaso and Nwazo, (2000) attitudes are important in business studies because whether people (students, teacher, workers) succeed or not, depend on their attitudes some of the attitudes that are important in business are punctuality, enthusiasm, industry honesty, co-operation tolerance diligence, meekness,
hard work, obedience, commitment, courage dedication, gratefulness, faithfulness and discipline.
Oyedepo, (1998) calls them success habits that is, as said earlier they are manners, thoughts, words habits disposition of the person feelings by which someone is known. There are also called failure habits such as suspicion, superstition, hatred, fear lying, stealing, dishonest, disrespect, un-cooperation, disloyalty, liars, harshness, indifference, violence and laziness. The list of both types can be longer but these are enough for this work.
Right attitudes are very important in homes and business. The attitude in a person is often an indicator to his character. They are habits emanating from his feelings or lack of his thoughts and decision about others and what they are to him.
The need to teach attitudes arises in schools because youths can still be helped to better future through learning success habits or attitudes. Good attitudes lead to success and progress. Bad attitudes lead to backwardness, stagnation and rejection by others. People don’t want to employ those with bad attitudes enumerated above. Only those with good attitudes build enduring friendship, homes and work.
2.5. Teaching Ideas in Business Studies
Ideas are condition of perfectness or correctness attainment of expected standards and achievement of objectives in business studies the classroom and laboratories are places to produce employees who can display expected standards such as “ability to type at 50 words per minute” are recognized in the understanding that this is a speed expected to facilitate a student ability to type various tasks in a typical office with efficiency, without mental breakdown is suggested that the student can hold her responsibilities and also effectively supervise subordinates is her responsibilities.
The student can also take dictated passages 120 words a minute and transcribe accurately, that is another standard. It shows a second degree of proficiency which can be translated to office work, it suggest an ability to equally take effective change of other secretarial duties. (Ndinechi, 1983).
The duty of teachers with regard to ideas include an insistence on high degree of accuracy for any final copy. We refer to this standard of typed documents “mail able” no material should be field for evaluation unless it has been proofread, displayed the way the student feel is best, without noticeable done is through adherence to give instruction on it, and students is also expected to critically examine her work and to particularly ask herself whether her employer would permit that output to be sent though augur well for her and earn her a rise way. These questions are among others that stress ideals in secretarial studies similar emphasis are also laid in accounting, marketing, economics, management and official practice.
In summary, the following conditions are often referred to as ideas to attain in business studies laboratories.
-     Quality of work, mail able not many mistakes
-     Amount of work done, much for a given time not sluggish
-     Knowledge needed/employed for work excellent, no required title or no help.
-     Reliability, very high, carries out instructions, no need re-visiting work.
-     Attitude, humorous, team-spirit worker, welcomes new ideals
-     Timelessness is cost conscious and start work without prodding with best and enthusiasm.
-     Qualification, is confident able to defend certificate holds head high through capabilities achievements.
-     Disposition; is unruffled, objective, able to weigh facts from all sides.
-     Decision making skill, very sound gathers relevant data before taking decision displays responsibilities.
Prospects, is loyal, possible assets as inputs (to management).

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