Monday, 24 November 2014


Development of human capital in most developing countries of the world is a state policy matter pursued vigorously in many countries. Indeed, in most modern nation-state’s constitutions, including that of Nigeria, education, healthcare, and other ingredients of human capital development are rights of the citizens which the state is obliged to provide for them. However, some states show greater commitment to this noble task than others. The most important aspects of investment in human capital development are education/training and healthcare delivery. According to Ovenseri-Ogbomo (2006),
education and training have become the most important investments towards national growth and development. Nonetheless, Nigeria, since her independence in 1960, has not shown sincere commitment towards the education and training of her citizens.
According to Ojo (1986), up until the 1960s, little attention was paid to nationally planned manpower development in Nigeria, despite its importance in the overall national development. As a result, the nation has been suffering from an acute shortage of well-trained manpower. The Third National Development Plan clearly expressed this concern in the following way:
Hence, the plan expressly emphasized the urgent need to train an increasing number of skilled personnel to ensure
smooth development of the country. However, this plan was never executed to the later. To Ojo, the pattern of manpower
development in Nigeria has failed to achieve desirable levels of manpower mixes, not only in terms of categories, but
also in terms of quality. Similar views were expressed by Gbosi (2003) when he posited that Nigeria’s educational
structure depicts the dominance of formal education and places less emphasis on vocational and other training that would
impact skills in Nigeria.

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