Saturday, 20 July 2013

Educators’ Perceptions of Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES)

According to Oguniyi (1979) a person who teaches a course must have some industrial experience, business educators should be adequately equipped with business skills, pedagogy for teaching various business courses and adequate industrial experience this is because educators must have a firm grasp of the subject matter of the subjects they are teaching. Business educators owe this nation the role for proper, diligent and dedicated teaching proficiency and also willingness to produce well trained and competent personnel for various specific jobs on the market.

        Many educators (Balmer, 1988; Iverson and Jor Grensen, 1977) remarked that SIWES is a meaningful work experience scheme combined with formal education to enable students to acquire knowledge, skills and appropriate attitudes in order to remove the artificial barrier which separate work and education and by involving educators with employers, will create interaction whereby the needs and problems or both are made known, such interaction makes it possible for occupational curricula to be revised to reflect current needs in various occupations.
        Ahmed (1990) stated that educators perceive Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) as a skill development programme that complement, supplement, enrich and strengthen the instructional process our educational institutions. As I.T.F. (1991) rightly stated, the programme (SIWES) is designed to expose our future graduates and indeed our future generation of graduates to actualization of work situation they will meet after graduation, to produce graduates qualified to meet the manpower needs of employers of labour in all the section of the economy producing workable graduates.
        Educators perceive that SIWES is a skill development programme that leads to the development of the right attitudes towards work and habit of mind conducive to the proper use of resources. This will further spur in the students appropriate social values thereby facilitating the realization of the philosophy of vocational education, self-realization and efficiency as well as respect for the dignity of labour.

        Educators also perceived that SIWES is to expose the instructors and lecturers to new development in the industrial sectors.

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