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Before now I was showing people how to print recharge card from the comfort of their room and make money from it. But over time, I have discovered that it is difficult to break through and make profit from this business due to the following reasons:
  • Cost of computer, printer and UPS
  • Lack of constant power supply. If you have a generator, you have to fuel it which is costly
  • Cost of generator. The cheapest generator (I pass my neighbor) goes for N15,000; maintaining it could be between N700 – N1,500 monthly
  • Cost of printing paper
  • Cost of ink for the printer
  • Cost of browsing to download the bulk pins sent to your mailbox by the bulk pin dealer
  • Cost of transportation to make payment for the bulk pins
  • In some cases, you need to make phone calls to bulk pins company
If you add up all these expenses you will discover that it is difficult to make profit even when you invest huge capital in the business.
But recharge card printing has now been made simple with the POS (Point Of Sale) machine. With this you are not a direct dealer with the network subscribers but a sub dealer. You sell directly to the end users. 
The POS recharge card machine is a handy device that allows you to print out recharge cards at the point of sales. It means you will only print out the recharge cards on demand. You don’t have to stock your recharge cards in a bag like everybody does. The technology used in POS machines ensures a speedy and secure transaction.
  • No risk of theft because vouchers are not stored
  • No need to order and hold stock
  • No minimum order quantities
  •  Instant delivery
  •  Continuous availability of voucher
  • User friendly
  • Sell airtime on demand 24 hours a day
  • Daily and monthly management sales and profitability reports
  • It alerts you when the balance in your account is getting low and advises you to go to the bank and replenish your account
  • All the data of your transactions are stored in the server for a period of 7 years. After 7 years you can no longer access the records
The POS machine has the network of Glo, MTN, Zain, Etisalat, Multilinks, Starcomms, Visafone and Zoom Mobile. If anyone approaches you and wants to buy an MTN recharge card of N100, all you do is take up your POS, press the MTN button and then press 100 and send. Pronto, it prints out your N100 MTN card. If someone wants to buy N500 Starcomms recharge card, you click the starcomms button, press N500 and send. And it prints it out. It has a sharp edge which you use to detach the paper from the machine. When it prints out the recharge card, the pin can only be seen by you seller and the buyer when print out. 
You Can Buy the Machine from Some designated banks likke Zenith, GTB and Ecobanks across Nigeria but most especially Around Lagos.
We Have an E-book that is carefully put together to help you operate the machine with ease. It costs only N....... 
We do not sell the Machine but we can help you to secure the machine and configure it for you for just N.......
You can pay into our GTBank account
Acount name:        Obeji Ibeabuchi E.
Account Number:  0128591164

Before and after payment, call me on +2347034538881,
send an sms to me indicating what you payed for either the E-book or the machine or both.
If you are paying for the Machine, We guaranty you a 24 Hrs delivery within Nigeria.

See you at the top.

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