Monday, 27 May 2013

An E-business Platform For Suppermarkets



            Computers are extremely important in the modern world of today. In the fast moving life of the modern world of today, computer holds tremendous significance. Many of us will feel crippled without a computer, as we have gotten so used to this machine. The importance of computers cannot be denied in the corporate or business world, at the work place and even in one’s personal life. In the modern work place, pen and paper are becoming extinct. It will not be long, before pen and paper stop to exist altogether.
            In the current business around the world, most of organizations tend to expand their market channels towards online market, aiming for increasing income, awareness and reliability with capability of worldwide connection. At present, E-commerce is fast gaining ground as an accepted and used business paradigm. More and more business houses are implementing web sites providing functionality for performing commercial transactions over the web. It is reasonable to say that the process of shopping on the web is becoming common place.

The objective of this project is to develop a general purpose e-commerce store where any product (such as books, CDs, computers, mobile phones, electronic items, and home appliances) can be bought from the comfort of home through the Internet.
An online store is a virtual store on the Internet where customers can browse the catalog and select products of interest. The selected items may be collected in a shopping cart. At checkout time, the items in the shopping cart will be presented as an order. At that time, more information will be needed to complete the transaction. Usually, the customer will be asked to fill or select a billing address, a shipping address, a shipping option, and payment information such as credit card number. An e- mail notification is sent to the customer as soon as the order is placed.
Designing information system for such an organization online will convert data from internal and external source into information and to communicate that information in an appropriate form for manager at all levels in all function to enable them make timely and effective decision for planning, directing and controlling the activities which they are responsible.


            Sales and services in CY supermarket are manually driven. As a result, these following shortfalls were indentified. This includes giving poor services to customers as a result of increased customer base, improper keeping of records, Records are written on paper making it unreliable for a trace of customer records. People have to come to CY supermarket in person to buy goods. With all these problems, online software needs to be developed to enhance the manual system of operation


Advertising, buying and selling are today gradually evolving. This is done effectively by means of computer and communication with integration to the internet. An online supermarket when implemented is to correct the shortfalls identified in the manual system which includes:
a.         provision for an effective means of marketing goods and services, ordering of goods and services from any location
b.         It can offer database entry and reaction forms interactively online to assist product development.
c.         It influences customer’s opinion, carries out public relations, direct sales and online shopping.

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