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To enjoy cost effective internet, you need to activate an internet bundle for your internet browsing. If not you will be browsing at pay as you go, which is billed at per kb or per minute bases. Internet browsing on pay as you go is very expensive, so going for bundled internet access is recommended. Here we have provided information on Internet browsing activation codes for various internet bundles offered by networks in Nigeria. The aim is to provide easy access to activation codes for internet browsing bundles across networks in Nigeria. To make it more useful, we also included the cost and data limit of the internet browsing bundles. You will also find info on checking your data balance.
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Networks in Nigeria offer two forms of activation for their internet browsing bundles. One is the USSD method, where you dial a code ended with the hash key (#). Once you dial the code, you will receive a response if successful or unsuccessful. The second method involves sending a code to a number via SMS. You will receive an SMS if activation is successful. When using a modem, some come with software that makes it possible to activate browsing packages without any code, just click the button for the internet browsing bundle you are interested in on the software interface and it will be activated automatically.
Activation codes for Internet browsing bundles in Nigeria

Here are activation codes for different internet browsing bundles in Nigeria. We focus on GSM networks as those are the ones that have made their browsing activation codes public. If your CDMA network uses activation codes, you can share it via a comment
Activation codes for Glo Internet bundles
Here are activation codes for Glo internet browsing bundles. Glo Internet activation codes involves sending an SMS containing a two-digit number to 127. Glo also has USSD commands, but here we has provided code for only the SMS codes, except when unavailable.

  • Glo 200MB Internet Browsing Plan - Always Micro (30 days) – N1,000 SMS 53 to 127

  • Glo 6GB Internet Browsing Plan - Always Max (30 days) – N7,500 SMS 12 to 127

  • Glo 1GB Internet Browsing Plan - Always Macro (30 days) – N3,000 SMS 54 to 127

  • Glo 3GB Internet Browsing Plan - Always Min (30 days) – N5,000 SMS 11 to 127

  • Glo 10GB Internet Browsing - Silver Plan (30 days) – N10,000 dial *127*11#

  • Glo 15GB Internet Browsing - Gold Plan (30 days) – N15,000 dial *127*12#

  • Glo 20GB Internet Browsing - Platinium (30 days) – N18,000 dial *127*13#

  • Glo G300 (300 hours internet bundle) – N15,000 (4GB data limit) SMS 21 to 127

  • Glo G100 (100 hours internet bundle) – N6,000 (3GB data limit) send 20 to 127

  • Glo G Work (8am – 9pm) – N6,000 (3GB limit) send 31 to 127

  • Glo G Leisure (8pm – 9am + all day weekend) – N5,000 (3GB limit) SMS 30 to 127

  • Glo Always Day (24 hours) – N500 (150MB data limit) send 10 to 127

To check your data balance, SMS info to 127.
Activation codes for MTN Internet browsing bundles
 Here are activation codes for MTN internet browsing bundles. Like Glo, MTN activation code is done via SMS. However, in the case of MTN a three-digit number is used and 131 is the number to send the SMS to.

  • MTN 250MB mobile browsing (24/7, 30 days) - N1300 (text 109 to 131)

  • MTN 500MB mobile browsing (24/7, 30 days) - N2,000 (SMS 110 to 131)

  • MTN 1GB mobile browsing (24/7, 30 days) - N3,500 (text 111 to 131)

  • MTN Monthly for mobile, 100MB (24/7 30 days) - N1000 (text 106 to 131)

  • MTN Daily for mobile, 10MB (24 hours) - N100 (SMS 104 to 131)

  • MTN Weekly for mobile, 25MB (24/7, 7 days) - N500 (text 105 to 131)

  • MTN Daily Internet, 150MB (24 hours) - N500 (text 103 to 131)

  • MTN Monthly Internet, 5GB (24/7, 30 days) - N8,000 (text 101 to 131)

  • MTN Day Time Internet, 3GB (9am - 9pm, 30 days) - N6,000 (text 107 to 131)

  • MTN Night Internet, 3GB (9pm - 6am, 30 days) - N2,500 (text 102 to 131)

  • MTN Weekend, 3GB (9am Fri - 9pm Mon, 30 days) - N3,000 (text 108 to 131)

To check your data balance, SMS 2 to 131.
Activation codes for Airtel Internet Browsing bundles

Here are activation codes for Airtel internet browsing bundles. Activation for Airtel internet is done via USSD.

  • Airtel Smartphone Internet Bundle (1GB, 30 day,24/7) - *141*11*7# - N3,000

  • Airtel Plus Internet Browsing (3GB, 30 day,24/7) - *141*12*1# - N5,000

  • Airtel Max Internet Browsing (5GB, 30 day,24/7) - *141*12*2# - N8,000

  • Airtel Premium Internet Bundle (10GB, 30 day,24/7) - *141*12*3# - N15,000

  • Airtel Lite Internet Bundle (200MB, 30 day,24/7) - *141*11*4# - N1,000

  • Airtel Midi Internet Bundle (250MB, 30 day,24/7) - *141*11*5# - N1,300

  • Airtel Surf Internet Browsing (500MB, 30 day) - *141*11*6# - N2,000

  • Airtel Night Internet Browsing (3GB, 30 day) - *141*712*7# - N2,500

  • Airtel Weekend Internet Browsing (3GB, weekends) - *141*712*8# - N3,000

  • Airtel Weekly Internet Browsing Plan (25MB, 7 day,24/7) - *141*712*9# - N400

  • Airtel Daily Internet Browsing Plan (10MB, 24 hours) - *141*712*11# - N100

  • Airtel Day Internet Browsing Plan (150MB, 24 hours) - *141*712*3# - N500

To check your data balance, dial *141*712*0#.

Activation codes for Etisalat Internet browsing bundles

Here are activation codes for Etisalat broadband internet browsing bundles. Like Airtel, Etisalat's activation code is done via USSD.

  • Etisalat Daily Internet Bundle (10MB/24 hours) - *229*3*1# - N100

  • Etisalat Weekly Internet Browsing Bundle (50MB/7 days) - *229*3*4# - N500

  • Etisalat 200MB Internet Browsing Bundle (30 days) - *229*2*1# - N1,000

  • Etisalat 500MB Internet Browsing Bundle (30 days) - *229*2*2# - N2,000

  • Etisalat 1.5GB Internet Browsing Bundle (30 days) - *229*2*4# - N4,000

  • Etisalat 3GB Internet Browsing Bundle (30 days) - *229*2*3# - N6,500

  • Etisalat 6GB Internet Browsing Bundle (30 days) - *229*2*5# - N8,000

  • Etisalat 10GB Internet Browsing Bundle (30 days) - *229*4*1# - N10,000

  • Etisalat 15GB Internet Browsing Bundle (30 days) - *229*4*2# - N15,000

  • Etisalat 20GB Internet Browsing Bundle (30 days) - *229*4*3# - N18,000

  • Etisalat Night & Weekends Browsing (30 days) - *229*3*3# - N4,000

To check your data balance, dial *228#.

That is the activation codes for internet browsing bundles in Nigeria. Hope you find it useful. Feel free to notify us of errors via comments. You can also notify us of activation codes for internet browsing bundles for other networks not included here.
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Ask any question about Internet and Internet opportunities at our Internet forum or share your insight and knowledge.

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